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Canon M5 First Thoughts and Photos From a M50 User’s Perspective

October 24, 2019

Today we’re looking at my first photos
and my initial thoughts on the Canon EOS M5. I actually have to M50s that have
been using a lot for photos and videos, but wanted something with more buttons,
more control, and really the M5 is it in this lineup. In the EF-M system. It is
an older camera. There are some differences with the M50, but so far so
good. Gonna look at the photos and all that.
Let’s get started! Shutter, of course, is in the same spot as
the M50 for the most part as far as I can tell and that works nicely. I’m used to
pressing this button here for the video recording, but they moved it on the M50.
On the M5 it’s back here, so that’s a little different.
It’s not something you can easily press. But this is more photography geared than
the M50 so… We are going back in time with the M5 a little bit. It has the Digic 7 processor so it’s not as advanced as the 8. With the autofocus area it is
larger even at the small setting than the M50. That’s something to consider with
this camera. Autofocus won’t be quite as good, but it is still dual pixel
autofocus. While I was out there using it in the field just trying out for the
first time it seemed pretty decent. I do think there is a difference, but it’s not
a huge amount. Definitely in time I’m going to learn more about it and get a
better feel for it. It is definitely similar to the M100
in the AF area, the smallest AF area is not the smallest compared to the M50.
It’s a little bigger. And interface has that kind of animation to it that the
M100 has, but the M50 does not have. The biggest benefit for me on the M5
are all of the buttons all the controls that are direct. You just change them and
that’s it. The funny thing with entry-level cameras is that sometimes
the manufacturers remove features that make easier modes like aperture priority
better, but with Canon especially they remove the minimum shutter speed. So I
haven’t been using aperture priority… With M5 it works really nicely because
you have those direct controls for adjusting aperture, adjusting shutter
speed, and ISO. Now, with the ISO it’s a little quirky in here. But I need to
figure out if I can adjust things slightly better with the
controls so I get those three direct settings. But it definitely has enough
buttons and dials to make it work. With the custom settings saved modes. I did
notice you can’t push video settings into one of those, which is kind of
inconvenient for me. But I really don’t expect to use this specific camera for a
lot of video stuff. Has the flip down screen to face the lens. That’s a little
weird and quirky. So actually this back screen is a little better for
photography in some situations. If you’re doing it like this, that works nicely. But
something like this and that so much. Because with the M50 you can pop it up to the side. This downward thing I could see that working Nicely… Not too bad! I’m gonna definitely use this more for photo stuff. It’ll be in the videos as the main
camera to take photos. Because it has that nice direct control on it. One of
the biggest quirks for me already is the batteries. This uses the LP-E17 battery
and the M50 uses LP-E12. Camera Craft actually helped me out with this. I got a
second LP-E17 official battery, which is very nice to have thanks to them. And
also just have to balance that. Of course with photos I won’t need batteries
nearly as much with this camera than the video one. Having two batteries I think
is probably sufficient. Seems decent so far. Using the M5 for the first photo
outing it worked pretty nicely. I didn’t have anything setup well, but there is a little bit of transition
between the M5 and the M50, of course, in the settings in the way
things work. One thing I was super curious about was the build quality of the
M5 versus the M50. The plastics are different. I think the plastics on the M5
are pretty much exactly the same as the lenses with the 32 millimeter and 22
millimeters. It’s that gray plastic. It looks exactly the same color wise and just the
feel of it is very very similar. Actual structure of the M5 and the M50 feels
very similar even if the plastics are different on the exterior. With the grip
area it does creak a little bit. This is a used M5, but even so one of my M50s creaks a little bit down there too… So it’s probably just some slight
variations with the plastics, the interior pieces, and all that. It is
heavier definitely… So there must be some extra
metal or something in there. And probably the oddest thing is this back screen. So
I didn’t get into the EF-M system between the original that I had and the M50. So
it is interesting to see some of the middle stuff like this M5. That is
different. Let’s take a look at all the photos! I love the grasses at this a low angle.
You can see with a different look it actually is quite a bit less interesting
in my opinion. So definitely that lower angle, getting it together, shooting
through the grasses whatever you want to call them. I think that works out nicely.
I don’t know if this is some type of wild wheat or whatever it is, but
beautiful light tan color. Trying to find a good angle for this. Good perspective…
But I just couldn’t find it’s anything that really fits the feel of it when I
was looking at it. I did definitely try. So you don’t need a perfect flower to take
a photo of. If it has some interest to it, in this case, I really like how it looked.
Definitely want to take a photo of it. Of course, if you’ve seen any of my recent
videos I am super enthusiastic about bees. Like ’em! Definitely a good spot for
them in this area. Butterflies are also ones I really love taking photos of. I
didn’t have a lens that worked out well with the bees or these butterflies, but
definitely tried! This photo turned out super interesting. The butterfly is doing
some type of flip maneuver. Here we’ve got the layers of interest.
I love doing that style photography. A different butterfly this time. I really tried to get some photos of that one as well. Now, with the focus on the M5 is was a little
challenging, but I think I got one or two out of it. Here we’ve got some beautiful
orange flowers… One other thing that I should mention with the
M5 is that it uses the CR2 RAW format, which is more compatible with the Acdsee software that I use. It
works perfectly and that’s super convenient for me because that does not
currently support CR3, the version that I have at least. Those are my first
impressions on the Canon EOS M5 with that first outing. So far so good, but
definitely gonna use this a lot more. Get more used to it and see how it goes.
Definitely a step up from what I was using as my third camera, which was the
M100. I did consign that so don’t have that anymore. But definitely an
improvement with photographer stuff on this camera. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the video.
If you did please consider subscribing. That helps me out a lot.
Likes and shares about a lot as well. thanks again! Scott from Photography Banzai.

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  • Reply Alun Bridges October 19, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    Have you got the 55-200 ?, Not enough range for birds really, but good for closer wild life.

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