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February 2, 2020

If you go to Hanoi right now you’ll know that the weather is really cold. I don’t know the degree exactly, but to mention about the cold degree it will be around 5cm That’s why i have to put my gloves on So today I will give you a tip on how to touch your camera screen while wearing gloves, that’s turn on your camera Place your hand like this, and then use your nose to touch your screen JK. Today we are not going to talk about that LOL We are going around Hanoi to make hyperlapse Hello. After awhile we are here. Today will have a new cameraman. Where are you? What Hi there Today Ha Beo is not a model anymore Ha Beo will go shoot video for me We are going to try to make a few hyperlapses around Sword Lake You can apply this way of making hyperlapse anywhere you want But here are some basics I want to show you Ok? Are you recording Ha Beo? Ok. Today I will show you how to make hyperlapse What is Hyperlapse? It’s a timelapse but with motions I want leave a few footages here as samples In order to make those videos I don’t record those, but I take photos actually and then do it in postproduction. Today we are taking photos for hyperlapse here There I will show you how to make a hyperlapse as you are moving straight forward There are many kinds of hyperlapses, but this one is the easiest And moreover, I know that many of you are just like me when you are travelling you just don’t want to carry along too many gears therefore, all we need to make hyperlapse is … A camera and a lens. That’s all. We dont need too many accessories like Tripod, Gimbal Obviously without tripod or gimbal, postproduction can be harder. However let’s try This is the easiest way to make hyperlapse Oh i forgot. Before we start taking photos I should talk about the camera and lens that you should use In order to make Hyperlapse, I have tried so many lenses but I always find the wide angle lens the best option You can come closer to your subject and zoom wider, get more shots in your frame The more you take, the more advantages you have during postproduction phase Okay about setting up your camera I will use mode M – fully manual I will adjust everything by myself, speed, aperture, ISO Moreover, you should turn on a function in your camera call Gridline When this function is on, it makes it easier for use to adjust your frame and this one is the most important in hyperlapse. Later i will tell you why Next is your white balance you should change it to mode M too For example when I’m shooting outdoors like this, I will set my white balance at around 5600K i think it’s correct You can see here Show the audiences For Hyperlapse, i recommend everyone to pick a crowded location or a location having lots of motions Because your main subject, in this case, that statue overthere will remain the same and surrounding people will move. They will add more dynamic elements to your hyperlapse of course no one wants a hyperlapse that just go straight without seeing anything moving And now, let’s go Hello Hello Hellooooo Let’s go. Damn this camera is crazily heavy But I’m pretty, am I? Where’s Tung? Here is your Tung Focus on recording la Got scold for nothing OMG, someone asks him to take a photo Who’s there who’s there? If you bring your camera out then 100% someone will ask you to take a photo So when you make hyperlapse, you must think of the length of your hyperlapse For instance, you want a 10-second-hyperlapse, the calculation is the same with Timelapse If you want a 10-second-hyperlapse, you will need to take … hmm let’s see 24 or 25 multiplies with 10, because you need 24 or 25 frame per second To me, my video is normally recorded at 25fps Therefore if i need 10 seconds of hyperlapse, then I must take hmm 25 x 10 is … 250 photos Try to set up properly because you have to move backward like this, you have to see your way if it is enough for you to take 250 photos or not For every step you need to take one photo If it is not enough for 250 steps, then take small steps instead Let’s do this Like i told you above, turn on gridline choose a point in that gridline for example i will frame all my photos around the hat of that statue Ok let’s take some photos While setting up, I realize that If you don’t have gridline in your camera, there’s another easy way to frame your photos Change your focus setting to one-point AF, and let that point stay still just focus on that point therefore framing can be easier One more thing, there’s a tip Look at this This line Here here. This line will help you while you are moving backward, just stick with the line then later it can be easier to adjust in postproduction 10s of hyperlapse 250 photos, start now That’s all, I will show you Damn good That’s how you do it. That’s how you take photos for it I just took around 1xx-200 photos Now i will show you how to edit it Import into lightroom, color grade all these raw photos brightness as you want … and then export it remember to export it in one folder only Open your video editing software. Here i will show you how to do it in Adobe Premiere Pro Choose Import, it will open a window for you to import whatever you want Choose the folder that has all the photos exported At this point, click on the first photo there an option down here called Image sequence press import. Premiere will import all the photos that you just took according to the name of the photos after importing, you have a sequence like this it looks like a video with some microshake. It stills need something Therefore my advice Go to effect there’s a stablizing effect called warp stabilizer Use Warp stabilizer and drop it on your footage Next step after imported, stabilized, everything nest your hyperlapse footage right click, choose speed/duration Time Interpolation choose Frame blending That’s all. We have a hyperlapse That’s all. Super easy right? This is not the best way to make a hyperlapse, the best way may require a tripod gimbal. Install your camera on your tripod or gimbal and adjust here i only have a camera and a lens, therefore You might need to edit a lot Why don’t you just record a video stepping backward My advice is that if you take photos, you may have more editing options, for example: zoom in and out or even while taking photos with this wide angle lens you might have more space to stabilize afterwards That’s all Let’s go home It’s such a privilege to have Ha Beo come and shoot my video today, but all she wants is going home Go first Hold with 2 hands or it will be shaky Ha Beo is such a terrible videographer no no no no Earlier I showed you how to make the easiest timelapse is without tripod, gimbal, anything, all you need is go backward. However this backward timelapse can transform to a timelapse where you move around your subject for example if I go from left to right of the statue I can make a timelapse too But the rules are the same Just frame your photo on one point only in the middle of the frame or 1/3 and remain the same even if i go from left to right i still chose the head of the statue in the middle of my frame at this point i will have a timelapse, less shaky, less work to deal with in postprocessing My bad. A hyperlapse less shaky less work to deal with later It may take us half an hour for this and what we get is a few seconds a few more hours for postproduction So please be grateful for those who make videos for you to watch be grateful for cameramen too the cameraman wants to go eat something now And now that’s it. Hyperlapse is done If you have any questions, plase comment below and let me know Before closing this youtube tab, remember that we have a Like, share, and subscribe button Bye byee


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