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February 3, 2020

Good morning everyonee!! Why i said Good Morning Because it’s 5 am now. I was sleeping when I had a dream of making a video. I suddenly woke up and now I’m here, making video for you Today i want to talk about how to edit video faster Here are a few tips that I want to share especially to those who are lazy since editing videos takes lots of time including me sounds interesting right? Let’s do this Need to make this quick so that I can go back to sleep Intro Ok. First tip to edit video faster that is No playback your video No playback No playback here means it’s not that you are not allowed to watch your video again No playback here means while editing Don’t watch over your entire video too many times I used to have a bad habit while still using Adobe Premiere Pro When I finished editing, there was a footage that I need to render I would press enter Adobe Premiere will render that footage for me After finished rendering, that cursor will go back to the beginning of the whole video Therefore for multiple of times, after rendering 10s of video, I pressed enter, that cursor went back to the beginning, and I had to watch all my videos all over and then another 10s I did it again, and I had to watch all over again that 20s and then another 10s, enter and I watched another 30s Watching all over your video might take only a few seconds just a few seconds, but when you have to edit a really long video and you keep watching all over it will take lots of your time. Moreover, when you watch your video again and again you will find it boring. When it is boring? You will find it tiring to edit it, and leave it behind myself for example, will go to sleep which will result in the time you have to put in to edit the video Therefore my tip is that try not to watch your video all over again too many times, because to be honest, this one takes lots of time If you are still using Premiere Pro my advice is that after rendering, try to keep on editing from the rendered footage Don’t playback If you have switched to another editing software Congratulations! You are one step closer to edit video faster my second tip on how to edit video faster, it relates to music I just had a video on how to pick music, download music edit music for your video. If you haven’t watched that video You can find it here, or here one of these sides. Today i will give you one tip on how to work with music faster I used to tell you that before If it took me 3-4 days to edit video, then it would had taken me the first 2-3 days to find music because this is a really tiring part right? However there’s one tip that helps me escape from this situation that is when I have free time, I ofter go to those music sites and download all my favourite tracks Or even when I finish editing a video and upload it on Youtube I will go to that video’s project copy all the songs I use and put them into one single folder Later when I’m editing video and I need a song a background song for example i don’t have to go all over every music site I have and seek for a background music I can go straight to my music folder from previous projects Or even musics that I download in my free time I can easily find my music because I’m trying to find just one suitable song among all my favourite tracks not one in thousands of tracks on music sites and I believe that among thousands of songs I only like 10% of them This is a way to find your music faster, however this tip is not always true, because there’s a time when you’re bored with your downloaded tracks so that my advice is immediately head to music sites try to download and listen to more tracks from your favourite artists That’s the only way you can have a music library that you can find it comfortable to work with My next tip will be about using effects in your video editing software Today I will show you in Adobe Premiere Pro first But I think that you can do the same with other softwares Before everytime I edited a video on Premiere Pro whenever I need to use a certain effect, stablizer for instance I had to go to effect tab, typed in there warp stabilizer, then dragged that effect to my footage This process, typing, remembering names of effects is quite tiring So that if you are just like me, I have one advice create a new bin in effect tab press this file icon, create a bin name it frequently-use effect because you will frequently use these effects then go to search, type in there all of your most used effects forexample, I often use Warp Stabilizer, Cross Dissolve Fade to Black, Fade to White, Constant gain I will drag all of them to the bin then after that, everytime I edit a video, I don’t have to go to search box and type in every single effect. I can just go to the bin and just drag the effect when I need on timeline Done My final tip is make a preset for your video You might think I’m wrong because obviously Presets are in Lightroom Why do we have Preset in Premiere? Wait Preset is like this For example, I want to show my photos in my videos Showing photos by putting a keyframe at the beginning of the photo another keyframe at the end of the photo So that when I show the photos, it will start zooming in This one repeats a lot within a video a lot a lot every time I make video If I work without presets everytime I show a photo, I have to a keyframe at the beginning of the photo another keyframe at the end of the photo, over and over again within a video However once you have a preset with normal steps, put keyframes so that It zooms your photo closer you can click on that footage, go to Effect control Motion, right click on it, choose save preset At this point you can name your preset as Show photo for example After that, that preset will be displayed on effect tab So that in the future everytime you need to show a photo, you can drag that preset to your photo, adjust the keyframe a little bit Saving preset doesn’t just apply with saving keyframe in Premiere It will apply to many other actions that you take premiere for example when we have edited a video and applied colors I really like this colors but i don’t want to export it as LUTs to use afterward What i can do now is go to effect control tab choose Lumetri color Right click and save presets so now I can use that preset to apply colors to a video I don’t have to find LUTs from anywhere and then import etc,… That’s all, this is the end of this video it’s quite fast since I’m sleepy now i need to go to sleep now I wonder if anyone has any tips to edit your video faster, please comment below These are just simple and basic tips I have a few more, but I think I should save it for the next video and now too sleepy already, I need to go to sleep or else I will get older, uglier Before closing this Youtube tab, remember that you have a Like, Share, and Subscribe buttons below. And now Bye Bye See you next week


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