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BSVP On-Site: What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

October 9, 2019

Hi, this is Bruce were here at NAB talking with Jason from Adobe Jason, there’s been some confusion by
this concept called Creative Cloud people think that is comes from the
cloud you gotta work in the cloud what is Creative Cloud in reality? What is Creative Cloud? Well Creative Cloud, first and foremost is all the tools that we have. All the
tools you know and love. It’s everything Premier Pro, After Effects, Photoshop,
Illustrator Muse, Edge, Dreamweaver, Acrobat Lightroom
its everything and more including services. Services
like Adobe Story which is our online collaborative screenwriting application we’ve also got desktop storage, Sync and
Share so you can share media, share files you
can allow clients to comment download shared media you’ve got publishing capabilities. So if
you ever want to publish an iPad app you can publish unlimited iPad apps with Digital Publishing Suite, single
addition. You’ve got website hosting as a Creative Cloud member. So up to 5 sites automatically whether you use them or
not, you get them with your membership. And then of course there’s this concept
of always staying a step ahead, always being
current, always having the most current version and whether it comes out today or
tomorrow it’ll be there for you waiting for you to be current on the
latest version of our products. And online, what is the price? Our regular price is $49.99 a
month, but the idea is that it significantly less in the box. You’re
always current and your membership your license
for Creative Cloud entitles you to work on both operating systems Mac and Windows.
So where’s the box, you bought a box of Design Premium, Production Premium and you’re limited to this box is for
Mac this box for Windows. with Creative Cloud you still get the same two installs that you
had before, but we don’t care what operating system you put them on. So it’s
much more flexible its easier to get in and it also allows
you to step outside the box perhaps you some applications and things
that you may not otherwise have used in the past And let me get this straight this is not
just Premiere, It’s not just After Effects and it not just Photoshop. This is everything. This is everything.
And to your earlier point you’re still downloading the
applications to your desktop, you’re accessing them from the cloud in a much
more eloquent way we have something new called the Adobe Application Manager. You literally can see the applications
available to you. You can download them there’s no downloading EXE or DMG
files and unpacking and double clicking in putting in serial numbers and waiting
and unclicking and unchecking. That all goes away. It’s a very seamless process but you’re still downloading
applications to your desktop. So there’s no fear that it’s running in your
browser nothing like that and that’s as whether
the misconceptions or the myth that we hear a lot and it’s understandable because people hear cloud, they think
cloud computing and it’s not that. Its it’s different and
it’s much more. You said two installs.
So just like with the box product you buy the box of any of our products, you can use it on
two machines. But again you were you were confined to
one operating system. You bought the Windows version of… Photoshop or the Windows version of
Premiere Pro. With a Creative Cloud membership the one license entitles you to the same
two installs but you can put it on a Mac and PC, two
Macs, two PC’s. It’s the same one works for both So it’s a lot more flexible.
And it not two downloads, It’s just two installs. If I run out of room. Let’s say I’ve got 3
applications and all of a sudden I just downloaded a big file and I had to store it on my
drive and I didn’t have room and I had to delete my After Effects for a week.
Can you go back and redownload it? So here’s the other amazing thing. The answer
is yes, but also one at the issues that this eliminates. A lot of
times, and this is as recently as today but I can I can harking back to several years ago
where few he had two machines and you had your two installs used and your hard drive dies and its the weekend and you can’t get a hold
of support and now you’ve used your two installs. So if you try and
installed again from the disk it tries to validate it can’t, it says are
both used. You’re stuck. Well with Creative Cloud you can virtually disable, enable, deauthorize
and authorize or reauthorize your licenses if you’re
in that situation. So that goes away and it’s just that much more flexible
and when you go into our Creative Cloud for teams and enterprise offerings you actually have centralized
administration deployments, license configuration
control so literally people can come and go from
your organization. You can have authorize deauthorize as necessary. You can bring
freelancers into your organization. It’s very easy to to authorize, deauthorize
remotely. It’s just amazingly flexible. You
know it it sounds salesy to say all that, but it’s true. And the great point that I picked
up was you’re always current. If I bought CS5
and of a sudden CS6 comes out, but I don’t have the money right now. So I
can wait for CS7, because I know that there will be a bigger upgrade. I’m always up to date.
You’re always up to date and as long as you have your membership you’re just going to get these updates
as they come to you. Great. So how do we find out more? You can also sign up for a free membership as well. So while we have our individual team in enterprise plans, get a free
Adobe ID. If you’ve ever been on our forums are done sort of online tech
support you probably already have one. If not
it’s free. You can start downloading 30-day trials. We give you two gigs of
storage for free just because and you can start playing
with it and really start experiencing what the Creative Cloud is all about. Excellent. Thank you very much.

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