October 6, 2019

you have a passion and a talent and you
know it can help other people and you want to help other people with it but
you’re just not quite sure how to get that out there into the market so that
you can help other people with it and make an incredible living for yourself
in the process along with having a great feeling of helping others to achieve
their dreams and successes well stick around for this video the whole video
because I’m going to show you how to take care of that in one of two ways
either free or paid stick around we’ll be right back in just a few seconds alrighty guys welcome back to the video
like I said before an intro I’m going to show you how you can get your passion
and talent out on the market in one of two ways either doing it free or doing
it to a paid subscription alright so first of all my name is Kevin laner with
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in today’s video now what we’re doing this video is a I’m going to sort of do
a breakdown of Kevin David’s digital course secrets
and he will learn a little bit about who he is and about his his program that he
has and how you can get involved in a webinar which will show you how to do
what he’s talking about both a free way and a paid way as I mentioned before
okay all right so let’s go ahead and get started on this and get this broken down
so you can see what it’s all about first of all we’re gonna learn a little bit
about Kevin David here Kevin David is a well-known person on the internet he
does have a YouTube channel and he had created a course himself called digital
course secrets as you see right up here at the left right here and so a little a
little bit about him he’s a a internet marketer internet entrepreneur or
affiliate marketer who has been in the marketing space online now for only
about two years he’s had some great success just in the two years that he’s
been involved in it he was apparently he’s a former a former Facebook employee
and worked in I think it was their accounting department and he left that
to start his own online business on his own now as you see here he says here in
a very short period of time I’ve built a following of hundreds of thousands
inspired of inspired entrepreneurs I says I quickly became a seven plus
figure ecommerce seller utilizing the power of Amazon FBA Shopify and Facebook
Ads after mastering the process of again
pursuing my passion teaching thousands of like-minded individuals to leave
their nine-to-five jobs and behind and freeing them from the corporate slavery
and his training continues to create some six success stories all over the
world for thousands of his students alright so it comes down here and then
tells you a little bit about there’s a little video there talk to him because
he he’s got a lot of people I guess that are kind
against him or whatever it’s a little video I won’t play it but so on and so
forth and he says and he says why am I telling you this is how can how can this
course benefit you digital course secrets is his course that I’m that I’m
going to review on for you here and you can actually do what you’ll learn
there’s going to be a link for a webinar for his course a free webinar down in
the description below and you can click on that sign up to watch the free
webinar where you will learn to basically you can do it front just by
what he’s teaching you you can do create your own course with your passion or
talent put it into a course and that way you can get it out there in the market
and teach other people right so you can do it either the freeway or the pay
plate like I said and the freeway is is because he tells you the details that he
gives you in the webinar is enough information if you take notes while
you’re watching it is enough information where you can go out and start and build
your own course out there online and with places to do it and so on and so
forth so now then he also at the end of that webinar I’ll just tell you he’s
offering the digital course secrets or a price okay
so I won’t tell you what it is I’ll just let you guys click that link and watch
and watch the webinar and then he’ll explain it to you at the end of the
webinar but there’s enough information if you’ll pay attention in the webinar
it’s about an hour long I’ve already taken it and there’s enough information
in there that he tells you where you can actually go out and do it yourself for
free where you don’t have to pay for his course or you can buy his course and get
it done quicker the difference between the two is you can do it for free where
it might take you six to eight months to get it all together and get it out on
the market if you buy his course of course it’s going to make it happen even
quicker for you you’ll get it done in anywhere from one to two months okay
according to what his his students are saying that who have purchased his
course now I have not purchased it yet but I have watched the webinar myself
I’m thinking about purchasing it myself here in the near future but anyways
let’s get back to what the review here on it Kevin David he says how how can
this course benefit you learn the process of creating a valuable digital
course that gives you the opportunity to help others and create a name for
yourself all around the globe of course it’s all based online on the Internet
right not that you couldn’t take it offline which you probably could then
use your passion or unique skill set to make a passive income after your course
is finished the plan is to sell it for months and even years to come that means
your course could be generating money from you from six months to a year from
now while putting minimal effort into marketing
yes marketing you’ll learn my unique strategy strategies for marketing
courses that have generated him over ten million dollars in course sales over the
past year and a half use these strategies to market your course so you
can see an immediate return on your investment the plan is to 10x your
investment in minimal not only will my marketing strategy sell your course it
will do it in a way that creates a population of diehard fans that beg you
to buy it don’t blame me you must not you must not be a member of the largest
Facebook group in the world created by him and that is the digital course
secrets Facebook group which you can look up on Facebook and he also has one
that’s private for people to who have bought his course here ok now but just
remember pay attention if you you watch the webinar which the links down there
in the description right at the top of the description there I have it if you
watch that webinar you get enough if you pay close attention you get enough
information if you can do this on your own without purchasing its course okay
now we’ll be validating your proof of concept and learning and how to quickly
build an audience of passionate followers who will bake to buy your
course and how to leverage underutilized social media platforms to find customers
quick and cheap who will love consuming all of your content and so
basically he’s obviously trying to sell you his course here in this sales page
here and then it comes down he says I’ve cracked the digital course secrets code
after yours and file an official II unlock the secret to build an audience
of passionate followers I put it all inside this breakthrough course to
fast-track your success see he’s telling me right there to fast-track your
successes this is why I say if you pay attention in that webinar it’s a free
webinar you just sign up for the time you want to watch it and if you pay
attention and take notes in there you’ll get enough information where you can
actually go and do this on your own without buying this course however it
will take you a lot longer than if you did buy this course that’s just the way
it is okay his course gives you all the details and marketing on how to get it
done much quicker if you’re just doing it on your own you’re in it you haven’t
done such a thing like this yet so it’s create your own course or try to market
it on the Internet it’s obviously gonna take you a little bit longer to do that
but hey if you’re fine with that then that’s all matters if you want to you
want to get the information on how to do it and he does give that to you for free
in his webinar okay alright so he’s telling you fast-track your path to
create digital course success learning from someone who’s already done it great
and grow your audience and make more money and then it says introducing
digital course secrets it’s a step by step do this do that type of course
where you I take you under my wing and reveal in a no frills web powerful
method to create a successful digital course and quickly build an audience of
passionate followers and jam-packed with massive value now here are some of the
things that you’re going to learn in the modules or the chapters in his course he
says number one is choosing your niche discovered the evergreen course niche
that never goes out of style which he will also show you in the webinar you do
get to see that that’s all free and then chapter two is building your tribe
identify and understand what it takes to become a creator and he does go a little
bit into that in the webinar to all these chapters he does touch on in the
webinar for free all right and chapter three validating your course idea learn
to deeply understand customers and validate your idea using MVP and I’m not
real sure what MVP stands for not Most Valuable Player or how don’t take so you
know like we’re like we know in sports and stuff but anyways then in Chapter
four organizing pricing and outlining your course learn to organize initially
price and build your course technology infrastructure and in Chapter five is
building your course technology how to create the minimum technological
backbone required to sell a fully automated digital course and in Chapter
six of course is marketing mastery create a marketing and create marketing
and launch outline focusing only on the highest return on investment ROI
ad platforms and launched techniques and then he gives you the value for that
right there so that’s pretty much what I wanted to share with you guys today is
show I show you how you can take your passion and talents and get it out there
in the market by creating your own course with what you know your knowledge
of your passion and your talent okay don’t forget the link is down there in
the description right at the top of the description where you can watch the free
webinar and learn enough information on your own like I said to do it for
yourself for free or you can pay do the paid version by buying his course it’s
which he will tell you about at the end of the webinar okay that’s what I have
for you guys today don’t forget to recenter and subscribe to the channel
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of your own okay alright guys I’m going to let you
go with that and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days on the next video
you guys have an awesome day today okay bye bye now

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