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Book Cover Design Photoshop Tutorial

September 11, 2019

Hi Everyone.. welcome back & let’s get started!! so, in this video I’ll use this work to make a cover book you can see my previous work how to process this work. Okey. create a new Document (Ctrl+N) I’ll use Pixels for the size You can refer to the following settings to make front cover go to Canvas Size (Alt+Ctrl+C) & do the the following. duplicate the layer just drag it to the left I’ll rename it as Cover 1 (for the front) drag & drop the image onto our project. Ctrl+T to resize it. & clip it to layer below (cover 1) duplicate image (Ctrl+J) & clip it to the top layer (cover 2) Ctrl+T to resize it add a Solid Color (black) by 80% opacity I’ll add a new Gradient to the background. Now, add a title text. you can use your favorite font style. I’ll add Drop Shadow to the text. “creating another text” create the name of the Author below I will use some examples of text to text stories on the back cover & create About the Author such as the following I’ll use my photo for the Author. Ctrl+T to resize it. The following is only a sample text only. I’ll add the title text here Ctrl+J to duplicate the Title. Ctrl+T & do the following. and last, place your ISBN number on the back cover just below Ctrl+T to resize it. You can add some nice motives. This is just the basic technique. Thanks, have a nice day ^_^


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    wow 👍

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    this work was out of this world

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    Dude your LEGEND!!

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    Is really gorgeous

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    Rafy A do you ever use adobe indesign?

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    Well done! Nice tutorial.

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    bro please upload disintegration effect please

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    adobe indesign will make your life easier for layout 😀

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    Excellent work. I have learnt so much from you.

  • Reply Mumin Taha January 9, 2017 at 10:03 am

    Excellent work. I have learnt so much from you.

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    I want to learn something – I do not want to listen to music – so talk!

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    is RGB color mode ok for all printers? some one told me i must create a CMYK document to see the real colors that printer has.

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    and which picture format is the best to save such designs to be print.

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    so excellent and helpful

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    can you give us picture 's link to get it ?

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    This was so helpful you saved a life .

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    Great tutorial, thank you – learned plenty! And got my first noob-cover done.

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    Hi, minute 4:07, what tool are you usin to draw the rectangle?

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    Thank you SO much for this!

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    hi @rafyA I have been following your steps
    but around when you make a duplicate copy and separate the canvas i cant seem to do that help please

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    awesome keep it up 😉

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    I just wist there was a transcript or something. There are a couple of steps toward the end that I have no idea which tools he is using.

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    This was so helpful, thank you for this information <3

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    it's really cool tutorial. Thanks for the help 🙂
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    salam rafy a upload photo album tutorials

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    Is this A4 size?

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    for some reason I cannot get to drag the blank duplicate layer over

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    good, ignore the rules

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    How you duplicate the right side cover to left side any one tell me how to do it in Cs6??

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    Nice tutorial

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    u could pay someone to do it

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    This is great and very helpful. Thanks. But… Lose the music, talk to the actions and provide a transcript, and it would be even better. But I found it very helpful, nonetheless.

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    i didn't got Half .PNG

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    Nice Tutorial. Thanks a lot on behalf of the beginners.

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    What is the version of Photoshop used in the video?

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    Awesome and very helpful video 👍

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    This video is one of the best I have ever watched here on YouTube. You are amazing mate! If you need help with your designing skills or an eye-catching book cover design, here is your guy👉

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    can you put the link of that cove photo

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    Where do you get great images? Thank for tutorial. Hated the music so turned it off.

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    Much better than fucking ms word..

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    thank you brother

    What is the name of this program that I use to download it to me

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    Hi there, I'm feeling great to see your tutorial Sir, This was a great session of learning. I'm so thankful to you. Best Regards, Rana

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    thanks so much. i make world war 2 book cover

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    what is the tool name ?

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    +Rafy A, Thanks for uploading this! It also works with Photoshop CS6! You're fantastic!

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    Nice, I wonder which app is that though

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    how to do book cover for 6×11 inches

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    Don't like Tutorial that is voiceless

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    kindly tell me how you drag on left side…beacuse mine is not working

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    Might have been useful but 10 seconds of that music was enough for me.

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