Blender Tutorial: How to Remove People/Objects from Videos [Node Editor]

September 10, 2019

Hey, and welcome back to another darkfall tutorial. It’s been awhile since I was able to upload so I apologies for that I’ve been working on a few different projects one of them is where I had to remove a person from a movie clip So I thought I’d share with you guys how I did that maybe it can help you for your projects So the thing we need to do is change this from the 3D view to the movie clip editor And then we can go ahead and load in our movie clip I’ll leave a link in the description if you want to use this movie clip too. Okay, so we can set the resolution as well. We need to and also the framerate And then we can set the movie length, so we select this button here this set scene frames It will set the angle end frame for us So we hit prefetch as well this will prefetch the movie clip If for some reason it doesn’t prefetch all the way through and what you can do is go to file then user preferences system and scroll down You just want to increase this memory cache limit It doesn’t have to be the maximum, but it just needs to be more than what you already have it out now Then if we hit save user settings, we don’t need to worry about it again There we go so this footage we have here is a It’s a lighthouse with some guy just I don’t know is either exercising or praying to the ocean god or something… I don’t know, but we don’t want him in the scene. So what we can do is just mask him out Which is very easy to do and again? We’ve done something similar to this in other tutorials is pretty simple to do So press, T and then N, to get rid of sidebars if you want more space And let’s change this to the masking mode And if you’ve added masks before you already know how to do this, press Ctrl + left click to add a point. And just keep pressing, Ctrl + Left-Clicking to add points. We just want to make a basic shape like this This is going to be one of the first masks that we will create, we will create a couple more as well. press Alt + C, to close the mask Now we want to do is scrub / scroll through this footage to make sure the hands don’t go outside the masks like to go out here So we need to just reposition this a bit like so Like this, maybe this one here this one Again, play through and make sure the hands do not go outside of the mask. otherwise the effect will be ruined so I just scrub through and then reposition it looks fine So now you have this, we can- well first let’s name this since we’re gonna have a couple more masks It’s nice to know what they do. I’m just going to name this man Now we can go over to the node editor And what we need to do is change this to the scene tab and I want to check use nodes. So we have these two nodes here, and we also want to check backdrop so we can see what we’re doing Okay, so we need this composite node. This is what’s going to be rendered out, but we don’t need this render layer, So let’s press X and delete that, Shift + A, go to Input we want to Input a Movie Clip. What we do is just connect this up this image image. Okay, and we also want to instead of pressing open what we can do is press this icon here since we already have the movie Clip loaded in just select it Now we see the preview down here, but we don’t see a backdrop So we need to add another node. So, Shift + A, go to Output>then add a viewer node I’m just going to delete that one what you can do is if you have the node wrangler add-on enabled you can press Ctrl + Shift + left-click on any node, and It will show you the preview of it, so it’s just a lazy way of adding a viewer node I guess Okay, so now that it’s done. What we can do is get rid of this guy here So let’s, Shift + A, go to Color>Mix To place this on the bottom string here and then just connect this to the viewer Just make a little bit of space take this and plug the to here like so Shift + A, Input and add a Mask. Let’s place this up here I am going to select this Icon, and choose the mask and then plug this into the factor So nothing’s changed or at least it doesn’t look like it has but I’m we do have something going on, and if we press Shift + A, Add in a translate node we want to put this on the bottom string like so And we want to move it on the X so this left and right I just want to move him out the way, so I’m just going to keep moving this until we no longer see the man. So you want to make sure you don’t see him and you don’t see the edge of the frame either, so that’s okay Next thing we need to do is get rid of that harsh line so, Shift + A, then add in a Blur if we just zoom in, so you can see this a little bit better it might be hard for you to see but I mean you can clearly see The harsh line, but we just move this over. We’ll see how much the blur helps So we just increase this now We see that Blur helps a lot. How much blur you use is entirely up to you might want to use something around, 80 90, 100.. So it all depends on the scene that you’re working with and the size of the mask. now we’re only focused on the water, And the sky the rock itself We’re going to add in another mask to solve that out so we don’t need to worry about that we can see it blends in quite nicely and Again, you can play around with the values get something a bit better Yeah, looks good for now So we play through see how it looks The waves look okay? So this is before-and-after looks pretty good So we need to now replace that rock or bring it back in so let’s jump back over to the movie clip editor And then what we need to do is create a new mask, so this rock here So let’s go down here. press the plus button and rename this “rock”. Again, let’s add a new mask. I’m going to trace around this dish shape control left click And Alt + C to close the mask. Let’s jump back to the node Editor. Now let’s add. This rock back into the scene, so it’s pretty easy to do let’s just move these other way So let’s go to, Color>Mix. Drop it here. We want to take the original feed so this original here plug this into the bottom and Shift + A, and add in a Mask. Let’s go to Input>Mask. I guess I could have Duplicated the other mask there, but I don’t know let’s just add in a new one Let’s connect this up to the Factor We need to change this to the rock mask And it’s not updated so I just going to press shift cTRL and click so I just updates it I don’t know why it does that If you don’t see it change, make sure you just plug this back into the viewer node again So it needs a little bit of work We need to refine the edges and also get rid of the feet So we’re going to add another mask just to get rid of the feet and but for now We’re just going to refine these edges so we can add in a blur if we go to filter and blur And we can add this to the mask string. So where it’s connected to the factor Apologies if this is all jumbled and messed up So it’s just increases around 10 maybe that’s too much just reduce this a little bit five looks pretty natural So that looks good, and maybe we need to change the mask as well. We need to get a little bit tighter to the edge so back over to the movie clip editor We just want to drag these closer to the edge And this here as well Just so it looks a little bit better jump back over to the node editor, see how it looks. It looks a little bit better now. So now we need to get rid of the feet, Which is it’s pretty simple, and it’s just like the what we did with the Man. So it’s just like a new mask down here press the plus button and let’s rename this feet. Let’s add a new mask We just want to make a little oval shape I guess Just to get rid of the feet here press Alt + C to close a mask. Jump back over to the node editor. It’s pretty much the same technique We did before. Shift + A, go to Color>Mix plug this in And we want to take the original feed again, or if we have the Node Wrangler Add-on Enabled, We can hold shift and then draw a line here to create a reroute node So again you can just click select the original if you want that’s entirely up to you Just to make things a little bit tidier just how to reroute node Shift + D and let’s duplicate this mask. Put this in here We definitely want to change the mask to the Feet. So we need to, Shift + A, we want to go down to Distort>Translate. plug this in here Because we want to translate that feat We don’t want to move it on the X which is left and right if we do that We’ll put the end up with with the water We want to change that back to zero we want to move on the Y. Something like this is fine even though. It’s the wrong color. It doesn’t matter. We’re going to change that in a second And we, Shift + A, let’s add a Filter>Blur. Just needs blurring a bit on the mask again We could have duplicated this one, but why not add a new one? So let’s change this to something small And be a bit more Maybe a bit too much so maybe five by five let’s try that, that looks ok so now we just want to change the color make it look a bit more natural so shift a go to color and to RGB curbs and plug this in here Let’s just slowly increase this so we match the rock It might take a while to update as well because we got a few nodes working as well. So give it a moment So I think that works And if we just zoom out if we just find it so again that looks a lot better than what it did before and we’ve got rid of the man we’ve also replaced the Rock and Got rid of the feet and once we’ve had some color correction onto it as well. It will look a lot better So again you might want to go back to the first blur node and change and play around with this one depending on How it blends into the rest of the scene? So just play around these values until you get something that works for you So now that’s done. You can add some Color Grading. And let’s change the file type to H.264. Let’s also set the file output Make sure the resolution and the frame rates correct and then you can go ahead and hit animate So hope this tutorial helped, If it did be sure to give it a Like! as always thanks for watching and until next time

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