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BLACK PANTHER Origin Story | SuperSuper

November 10, 2019

So guys today we will talk about BLACK PANTHER who has debuted in MCU in Captain america: civil war movie Now he is featuring back again on-screens with his Solo movie Ryan Coogler is going to direct the Black Panther movie he has promised fans that he will keep the comics and afrikans culture intact in his movie So guys i am AMAN SINHA and today we will talk about who is black panther and also what is expected to happen in the next year solo movie keeping regards of spoilers …let’s get started first of all let’s talk about wakanda if we wanted to know who BLACK PANTHER is then first we must know about wakanda Wakanda is a fictional country in Afrikan continent and this country is one of the most technologically advanced country Aman Sinha : This will be only seen in Marvel Comics… So do not search it on Google Maps *giggles* In comics nobody has ever saw wakanda till 21st century so attacks and ruling is far away from our imagination this country is technologically advanced due to the presence of rarest mineral there which is called as VIBRANIUM this is same metal out of which shield of captain america was made This metal can handle very high IMPACTS Black panther is not a name of one superhero This is the title which is given to kings of Wakanda There are tests and trials to achieve this title of BLACK PANTHER Those who passes this tests are crowned with king of Wakanda and their Protector Initially T’Chaka was Black Panther After his death T’Challa his son became Black Panther which is our Current Black Panther From 1st century to 20th century many tribes and country came to conquer Wakanda But all were like tiny ANTS in front of Gigantic technology of Wakanda In fact during world war Captain also came to Wakanda by thinking that the nazi soldiers might be there But the Black Panther of that time bring the Sh*t out from Captain and tell him to leave Wakanda Aman Sinha : You should not have to Beat Captian America *moans* *sadness* 🙁 Now let’s start discussing about T’Challa’s Origin Black Panther was first seen in Fanstastic Four 1956 issue 52 Comic Book Which was further reimaginated as Black Panther 2005 Issue 1 Once upon a time T’CHAKA was called upon in an UN Meeting At there he was asked to gave insights on VIBRANIUM But as the world wasn’t ready for this T’Chaka refuses to give information After meeting T’Chaka goes into his hotel room The Enemy nations have hired CLAW to killed T’CHAKA Claw was a well known Assassian at that time Claw attaked on T’Chaka and his family As T’chaka was not in his Panther gear (Black panther suit) ; Claw killed him successfully with his special weapon But the son of T’Chaka i.e T’Challa which was very young at that time Shot the Claw with the special weapon of CLAW And due to this Claw Loses his Hands Claw however managed to escape from that tragic scenario T’Challa ‘s Brother then was crowned with King of Wakanda after T’challa ‘s Death In MCU this Hand cutting scene of Claw was seen differently In Age of Ultron …Ultron cuts the hand …that person was no other than CLAW as claw has stole VIBRANIUM from Wakanda When T’challa grew Old and becomes Mature He succesfully defeats his uncle in a traditional fight And this was the moment when T’Challa became King of Wakanda a.k.a BLACK PANTHER Black Panther is seen in many comic series In TV we have seen Black Panther in Avengers assemble Ultron Revolution But now let’s talk about MCU’s Black Panther In MCU Black Panther was first Appeared in Captain America : CIVIL WAR And this movie is known as Origin Movie of Black Panther Role of Black Panther in movies is played by CHADWICK BOSEMAN which is also casted as hero in the 2018’s Black Panther movie Aman Sinha : Plot of Black Panther was Revealed which had discussed in our Phase 3 video Now let’s talk about villan of this movie In 2018 movie Eric Killmonger is potrayed as a villan Eric killmonger is one of such opponent of Black Panther which gives strong fight to him and barely Black Panther is able to gain victory The backstory of this character (Eric Killmonger) is that Eric was once lived in wakanda with his parents his father was involved with the company of CLAW but his father was killed during fight Due to this reason Black Panther has thrown his family out of his territory After this incident..Eric came back after gaining a lot of knowledge after a long time When T’Challa became Black Panther he came back to Wakanda with his family But there was a feeling of revenge in the mind of Eric and therefore he decided to go against T’challa He Somehow manages to defeat him and ruled on wakanda T’challa manages to defeat him but Eric came back many times by getting ALIVE So…… What…. NEXT ? In 2018 Black panther movie role of Eric Killmonger is Player by Micheal Jordan and will compete against black panther many fans of MCU has a complaint that villans of MCU are not strong enough But we hope that Micheal Jordan’s Eric Killmonger will shut this entire complaint query Aman Sinha : So guys Black panther movie is going to release at 16th feb.2018 We hope that trailer will be soon out near the release of Spiderman : Homecoming Aman Sinha : so guys this was the video about Black Panther If we miss any details or you know any new facts about Black panther then please tell us at the comment section below And also let us know that whom do you want to see as a cameo in this upcoming Black Panther Movie So guys if you like this video then hit like and hit subscribe for many superhero content like this Thank you Guys this is Aman Sinha and you are Super Super … Peace 🙂

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