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Billie Eilish – Bad Guy ‘HEAD in WATERBAG Effect’ (Adobe Tutorial)

December 5, 2019

This video is brought to you
by Storyblocks Video Hey guys, Jordy here for, I’m gonna do this very quickly
because Yannick is in the water bag and he doesn’t have much
time to breathe, so let’s roll the intro, this here’s a video
for Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’, roll the intro! [Cinecom’s intro music] Sorry for that weird intro. But I needed Yannick to do the effect,
so I definitely didn’t want him to die. Anyways, for the past two weeks we’ve
been working super hard on our short film. It were very late nights
and early mornings, but it was one heck of an experience. I’m gonna talk more about that
in the next Tuesday video. But because we’re all so tired, we thought let’s recreate
something simple today. And, oh boy were we wrong! But let’s start with a big shoutout
to our sponsor Storyblocks video. This is an online library packed
with studio quality stock clips, video effects, animations, presentations,
logo reveals and so much more. There’s only a single price per year which allows you to download
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try it out and see for yourself what you can find in the Storyblocks library. For more information, you can click
the first link in the description below! The floating head in a water bag is
inspired by the music video ‘Bad Guy’ from Billie Eilish. A very eccentric, but well
executed music video! Really loved the styles in it. Now we thought it was easy to do. You setup a green screen, lean over it, put your head in a bag
and fill it up with water. We lost count, but it failed
way too many times. [Music] Sometimes you think
these effects go really easy, but they’re actually not. it’s not just about filling up
a bag and that’s it, no, this is really hard. I just bucketed it next to it. Is that a word, ‘bucketed’ it? I threw it next to it. We have company. A simple bag, filled with water… …it’s not working! So Yannick, what’s the plan? What shall we do? -The same as we are trying
but this time correctly. -Okay, take… …what is it now, 10? Something like that. So Yannick, how was it hanging there? Right here we got Yannick
in the water bag and he has his snorkel
through which she can breathe, we made it a little bit longer, because else this pipe
would be somewhere here and you’d be stuck in the plastic bag. But he’s doing great, you’re doing great, Yannick. Look at this! Why do you always do
such stupid things? Right now I’m vlogging with the
RED camera, which is going great. Anyways, you want to make sure
that your green screen doesn’t get wet, because that is going
to be hard to key out, that’s why Lorenzo there
in the back is currently drying the water
from the green screen. Oh man, this RED is heavy! I’ll just put it back in a tripod. I think it wasn’t waterproof. -This is so hard to do. It’s one of the hardest effects
we’ve ever done, but we thought it’s simple,
you put your head in a water bag, green screen, is that simple, but it’s not, it’s super hard! Anyways, we did several things wrong
and in this video we’re going to show you what we did wrong so that
you can do it right, from the first try. Alright, let’s sit back together and
figure out what we’re doing wrong. You know what, let’s do a quick search
to see if there’s a behind the scenes. And guess what? There was one. Yup, we should have done
that from the start! Anyways, here’s the whole deal. When you fill up a bag
with water, it expands. So you add more water, which only
increases the weight of the bag and making the whole
stunt more dangerous. We were working with
a snorkel for Yannick, but that’s actually super dangerous! So by looking at the behind the scenes,
we figured out a way to do this safe! Although, I must say that you’ll need
to put in your full attention before starting. It’s still a dangerous stunt. If you’re a minor, don’t do it! Ask help from an adult and make
good agreements upfront. You take a piece of a plastic
and tape the long sides together, so that you get a long tube. You can also use a long plastic bag, but make sure it’s not much wider
than a person’s head. Next, take a bucket
and remove the bottom. Through here you pull the plastic
cone and tape it sturdy. We’re gonna use the handle
of the bucket to attach a rope to. Swing that rope over a beam
or anything else in the ceiling. You could also use a large tree. This setup allows you
to pull the bag up and down, which is a safety measurement. Now Yannick can stick his head
in the bottom of the plastic and we’re gonna tape it to his neck. Make sure that no water
can come through. You can then lower the bucket
and fill the plastic up with water. Since the cone of the plastic
sits so tight around his face, you won’t need much water. Yannick can perfectly
breath with the bucket down and when we pull it up,
his head will go underwater. We took two safety measurements
before we started shooting. We agreed that we won’t hold up
the bucket longer than thirty seconds, even if Yannick could hold
his breath for a minute. And second, Yannick would raise his hand
when he wants the bucket to go down. So that’s it for the setup. Place your camera on
a tripod and let it roll. Don’t forget to take an empty shot as well. Essentially, what we’re
gonna have to do now is mask out the bag of water and that’s it. But since that’s gonna be a lot of work, I’m gonna show you several
different techniques to do so. We’re gonna start inside Premiere Pro
to get a basic understanding. You place your empty shot
in the bottom of the timeline and the normal shot on top of it. With it selected, head over
to the opacity properties and click on the Pen tool do draw
a mask around the water bag and Yannick to remove it. But since he’s moving, we’re gonna have
to enable animation for the mask path and adjust it with every frame. This takes a lot of time, but it works. If you want it to go faster, we’re gonna
have to jump into Adobe After Effects. Here we’re gonna use
a tool called Rotobrush. This only works on the source layer, so make sure to double click
on your clip in the timeline. With this tool we can make a selection
of the parts that we want to be masked out. Hold down your alt key
to bring up the red selection tool, through which we can define the areas
that we don’t want in the selection. When you’re done, simply press
the Space Bar to play your clip. The rotoscoping will automatically
animate its mask. However, you are gonna need
enough contrast. If there’s not, or there’re too many
movements, the mask will go wrong. You can hot pause and adjust by again
drawing these green and red selections. But for our example, we found
out it didn’t worked so well. So that brings us to the final
and third option. Inside After Effects, search
for the Mocha plugin and drag that to your clip. With the effects options, launch Mocha. It’s gonna open up
a dedicated tracking program. Start by changing your workspace to Roto. From the toolbox, take the Pen tool
to draw your mask around the water bag. When you’re done, you can click
on the Track Forward button. Mocha actually does a great job
at keeping the tracking. If it does go wrong, pause the tracking,
go back in time and adjust your mask. When you’re done, just click on
the safe icon and close Mocha. Then go back into the Mocha effect, expand Matte and click
on Create AE Masks. And that will give you a perfect
mask around your water bag that is following the movement. Now just simply place the
empty shot underneath and that same normal shot as well. Using the Pen tool from After Effects we can draw a rough mask
around your second subject, which is me in this case. This step is only needed if you
have someone else in your shot. At a certain point, I touched the water bag. So right here we did had to enable
animation for the mask path and adjust it overtime. But since it’s only for a brief moment,
it didn’t took that long. [Music] And that’s it! The super easy effect we tried pulling off
since we all need to catch some sleep. But that didn’t happened! Anyways, we learned something new
today and I had so much fun doing it again! Thank you so much for watching,
thank you Storyblocks for the support and like always: Stay Creative! That went great, perfect! Look how wet he is. Hear that sound! We can start an ASMR Channel!


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