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Biggest School In the World – City Montessori India

August 14, 2019

COMM: The first day in class is a daunting prospect, so imagine being one of the 47,000
pupils on the register of the world’s biggest school. 00:11
COMM: City Montessori in Lucknow, India, is so large that no venue is big enough to hold
an entire school assembly. Dr. Jagdish Gandhi has the unenviable task of presiding over
the twenty campus school, which has been recognised by Guinness World Records. 00:28
JAGDISH: I founded this school with only five children, and that too I got with great difficulty.
So from word of mouth it spread, and slowly and slowly children have started coming in.
and year after year the numbers swelled. It has twenty campuses in the city of Lucknow.
Even in a small town the population isn’t as big as 47,000. 00:51
COMM: For fourteen year old like Kanika Gupta being one of thousands of students at CNS
has it’s ups and downs. 00:58
KANIKA: I would certainly say that all schools are good but CMS, I would not think of leaving
it, I would not imagine leaving it. 01:06
COMM: Lessons in the schools 1,000 plus classrooms may look fairly familiar, but the subjects
taught often aren’t. 01:14
COMM: Alongside geography, history and English, classes of up to 47 pupils are also taught
messages of universal peace. Miss Archana Misha is one of two thousand five hundred
teachers charged with sharing this unique message with students. 01:28
ARCHANA: I’ve been a part of CMS for the last six years, teaching is not so easy nowadays
because we are dealing with the generation which is hi-fi, hi-tech, they know everything,
they know about everything, sometimes they even know more than us. We give them extra
classes, supposedly you’re not able to give attention to any particular child. 01:50
COMM: Everything about CMS is big, it has 4,000 staff, around thirty thousand computers,
and goes through thousands of pounds worth of stationary each year. The daily fifteen
minute lunch break is no less chaotic. 02:05
COMM: Each day at ten forty AM, up to 12,000 pupils swirl the school’s tiny canteen area,
scoffing hundreds of vegetable patties and burgers. 02:15
COMM: And out on the sports field, preceding to have an element of military pomp to them.
Egg and spoon races are ditched, in favour of human pyramids and sack races. 02:25
JAGDISH: I never realised it was going to become so big. It was a very proud moment
for us when the Guinness Book of Records included this school, it was 1999 at the time we only
had 22,000 children, but now the number has been more than doubled. 02:41
COMM: Despite already being the world’s biggest, City Montessori’s growth doesn’t look like
slowing up.


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    It will be closed down

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    My school is much better than it😒

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    We do all types of cartoon wall paintings with schools 9949006808

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    In India all schools are good. But no one like sainik school.

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    What I learned: bring your own lunch or you'll most likely starve to death

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    That's too many kids. Too many.

  • Reply Prateek Sinha April 3, 2019 at 1:01 am

    The school shown is just one of the twenty campuses in the city. There is literally a CMS in every 5km in the city

  • Reply Ram Krishna April 3, 2019 at 5:00 am

    Lps also has 4000 students in it .
    That not s big deal

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    Please mention some notable alumni

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    We have 1000 in our school

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    Agar koi teacher tumhe chutiyaap karte hue dekh to 47 000 chutiyo ke beech tumhe dhundti rah jaayegi 😂😂😂😂

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    Who else is from cms and has listened to Gandhi sir's speech.

  • Reply Sukriti Sachan April 7, 2019 at 6:10 am

    Ms. Archana Misra has been my class teacher in class 10,an excellent English teacher.

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    So surprised that this kind of school is in UP. Can't believe it.

  • Reply Confused Dad April 8, 2019 at 8:34 am

    Where are the Montessoro materials? It doesn't resemble a Montessori at all, simply a traditional space?

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    Wonder how much the school earns from uniform sales every year

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    This makes me feel like the school I go to, with 1200 students is small.

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    Oh wow my school only has like 1,000 kids XD

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    Honestly compare to American schools that is better

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    I have been a part of CMS for last six years???.what kind of english rule?
    Archana mishra teacher of CMS

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    stop havin kids you idiot indians

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    Each kid must not get much attention. In my school there are about 10 kids in each class, so i get a lot of help and attention from the tracher

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    Focus on yourself and your own goals and don't care what others think and say and prove yourself amd just ignore ramdom, distracting amd useless thoughts
    And do the work in which you are interested with hardwork patience and consistency .

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    There’s literally 6 students in my class:’D

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    I am there right now. I play in the Orchester!

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    Head of school: ok lunch starts at the start of school day for the youngers and the olders have lunch at the end of school day

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    Toiletless country on the planet earth is called Randia

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    I was a student of this institution! ♥️

  • Reply Anannyo Bhattacharya April 28, 2019 at 4:50 am

    The CMS LUCKNOW events used to be a matter of great prestige and pride for most of the Schools in Jamshedpur, our school NHES used to be a frequent visitor to CMS, I was supposed to be a part of one such visit to CMS for EUREKA when I was in Class 5/6, but unfortunately the school couldn't make up the arrangement for the visit and hence I couldn't visit CMS. Although, I did see CMS once I visited Lucknow, and it looked marvellous, I hope the school keeps growing.

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    I feel proud of being a part of this esteem institution .I spent my 15 years in this kanpur road campus.😄😄😅

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    This school is good as teacher visits each student at regular intervals, and focuses on every student.

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    Proud of my school CMS AND JAGDISH SIR😍

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    47'000 people? That's twice the amount of people that live in my town

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    City Montessori School: ThAts cute

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