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Better Color with Lightroom Profiles.

October 30, 2019

Hi Folks, I’m Sean McCormack from Lightroom Blog, and in this video we’re going to look at Profiles in Lightroom. In this video we’re going to talk about Profiles. Profiles are an alternative render from the
camera sensor, that are meant to emulate styles, modes and film emulations that are inside
a camera. You can always set these in camera to get
a particular look from your images. You can do this in Lightroom also. They’re very important because they allow
you to have a completely different look, like I say a completely different render from the
camera sensor. If we go to the Develop Module, you might
think something that’s this important might be in the Basic panel, but it’s not, it’s
actually in the Camera Calibration panel. And under the Process Version, we have Profile. As we can see here, here we have an Adobe
Standard profile. Now different Cameras systems will have different
profiles and I’m going to show you some from different cameras systems. So we have Camera Muted, Camera Natural, Camera
Portrait , Camera Vivid and this is for an Olympus file. Now these other ones here are files that are profiles
from a set of VCSO presets I have on the machine. Now in this case here, we’re gonna go for
Camera Vivid, because it’s one of the native ones to the Olympus. And instantly you can see a big change in
the colours. They’ve all popped a lot more. If we went for a muted tone, we can see they’re
all a little more muted. Natural is a littler flatter and Portrait
is a little bit more of a lift. But Vivid works really well for landscapes. The next file that I have is a Canon Raw file. A CR2 file. Again if we go to Adobe Standard, these ones
marked with ‘Camera’, are Camera Faithful, Camera Landscape, which is fantastic on Canon,
Camera Neutral which is quite muted, Camera Portrait which is a little more saturated,
and probably has a little bit of red tone in it as well. And then Camera Standard, which is meant to
emulate how it looks out of the camera when you shoot a Canon Raw file. So we go back to Camera Landscape for this
one here. We can see that it’s made a massive difference
to how the file looks. And you can see this file is pretty much unedited. You can even see spots still on it. So, I’m gonna go to a Fuji file now. Now this particular file doesn’t have a lot
of colour in it, so it’s not necessarily gonna jump very much. The difference with Fuji is that we have Film
emulations. Now, they’re down here with ‘Camera’ before
them. Camera is the precursor for most of the Adobe
profiles. again some of these (others )are ones I’ve
created and some of them are ones like the RedBlueSwap are ones I’ve downloaded for infrared
files. In this case the Standard would be Provia,
which you can see is a lot more contrasty than the Adobe Standard. Velvia will be the vivid mode, which adds
more blues and greens. Astia is a soft mode, which lightens it a
little bit. Classic Chrome is kinda of a muted retro look. Pro Negative Hi and Pro Neg Std, the difference
between them is the contrast. Then you’ve some Monochrome ones as well. So as you can see, the profile is really important
and allows you a better selection of color than you might have directly, as we’ve seen,
especially in the case of the Camera Landscape for Canon. The difference between it and the Adobe Standard
makes it so important that it should be up in the Basic Panel. It’s probably one of the first settings you
should consider making if you’re doing landscapes. Hey folks, hope you enjoyed that now. If you did, hit the thumbs up. Subscribe if you haven’t already and hit the
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thanks for watching!


  • Reply John April 5, 2017 at 10:19 am

    Where can I find additional profiles? When I google profiles I get a different context.

  • Reply Nicholas Erwin April 5, 2017 at 1:15 pm

    I started using profiles a while ago, they REALLY do make a difference. Since I shoot Nikon, I typically use Standard, Landscape and Vivid ones and they huge a difference in the tones and colors of the photo than the Adobe Standard profile. In a lot of cases, the colors appear to be more accurate as well. However…there are some cases where the photo looks better on the Adobe Standard one, I guess it just depends what kind of look you are trying achieve.

    Great video Sean!

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