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Best Video Editing App for Android (2019 Review!)

August 6, 2019

– Here’s our round up of
the best video editors for Android right now, including a review of the leading options and
our top pick for which one takes the title of best
video editing app on Android. (upbeat music) Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video, where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here, make sure you hit that subscribe button and all the links to everything
we mention in this video, you can find the link in
the description box below. So, let’s jump in to it. Okay, so there’s hopes
of options out there, you’ve got things like Adobe
Clip, Quik, PowerDirector, InShot, KineMaster, YouCut,
ActionDirector, Wevideo, and VivaVideo and we’ve put them through their paces. But the biggest thing
you’ll find is that most of the apps out there, aren’t
really video editing apps, they’ll let you maybe trim
off the start or the end of the clip and maybe throw a
filter on or it’s completely theme-based or template-based,
where you don’t even get to control the edit, you
just tell it which clips you’d like to include and it’ll go ahead and cut something for you. That’s not really video editing,
but the apps our shortlist, the ones that we’re about to
cover are standout editing apps that will actually let you
edit your videos and have full control over them just like you
would on a desktop computer. So, from all of those,
our shortlist is made up of InShot, KineMAster and PowerDirector. Now before to our top pick
list, take a look at each one of these in a little bit more detail. InShot is a super easy
to use, really intuitive video editing app and that’s something that was really surprising to me,
just how powerful it is and how easy it is to use. It’s probably the fastest
app out there to be able to edit your videos down really quickly, but we’re talking simple edits here, not really, really advanced edits. It’s got really great color
correction options and filters and things that you can
apply across your video and it supports all the
major video sizes or formats, making it perfect for
creating social media content. It’s also said the app
itself, the overall interface is really really intuitive and
easy to use and it’s actually totally unlike any of the
other more professional video editing applications. This is definitely on the simpler end and the more basic end, but
it’s still for what it is, it’s really really powerful. It doesn’t have all the extra
fancy features and things like, support for multiple
video layers or multiple audio layers, there’s no
advanced video or audio editing features like that
you find in KineMaster and PowerDirector, but I really
think the focus for this app isn’t on those more advanced
longer form pieces of content, this is more around short,
sharp, social media post, really, it’ll be prefect for that, and the app itself is free,
but there are ads in it, there are ads while you’re editing that appear on the side of the timeline area, but also, before you go to do things like, save your video out. Now, if you do wait for that
ad to play before you save out your video, then your video
is gonna be exported without any watermarks or branding, but obviously, you can
pay to remove all the ads and if you’re gonna be using
this a lot or you gonna be using this for business,
then I definitely think it would be worthwhile. So, there’s three pricing
options you’ve got when it comes to upgrading to pro version, you can pay a one time fee of around $43 and that will give you access
to the pro version for life. You can also pay monthly,
$4.39 or $13.99 per year to get access to the pro
version on a subscribtion basis. So, overall I think InShot
is a great option for someone who just wants to
make really simple edits, but still have a lot of
features and things in there to be able to do it and
do it fast and do it well, and also for someone that’s
creating different versions of their videos for different
social media platforms, you’d be able to do that
really well in here, but if you’re someone that
wants more control over your editing and more ability
to get more creative in the process, then this probably isn’t the right fit for you. The next app on the
shortlist is KineMaster, which is, again, another
really really east to use yet, so much more powerful video editing app. The interface is really
intuitive and really easy to find everything and it’s definitely
not gonna be overwhelming. It’s got a really great
feature set and there’s lots of advanced controls in here, things like advanced audio
control and advanced effects, support for multiple video layers and multiple audio layers as well. There’s also some really
powerful cutting and trimming tools in there, things, again,
that you really only see in more professional video
editing software that they’ve got in here as well. Things that are gonna make
it much faster for you to edit your content down,
so it’s gonna be perfect if you’re gonna be working
with longer form video content and shorter content as well, but specifically with the longer content, these are the tools here to
help you cut that down fast. It also supports a large
range of file types, so if you’re gonna be bringing
footage from other cameras or other devices, there’s
a good chance that they’re gonna work inside of KineMaster
straight out of the box. There’s also support for editing and exporting 4K video files too. The app itself does have in-app
purchases, so you can buy extra transitions, effects
and titles and those sorts of things and there’s also an
iOS version of this as well. So, if you’re someone
that has a mix of devices, some Android, some iOS, then
you can actually get the same app and have the same
experience on both of those. Some of the down sides or some
of the areas that KineMaster could probably improve
on, would be things like the color-correction, it’s got
really basic color-correction tools, but they’re definitely
not great and they’re definitely not in par with what you get in something
like PowerDirector, and it also does support
different video sizes and formats, but once you’ve select your
size and you’ve started to create your video, you
actually can’t swap between them once your project is started. The free version of KineMaster
does have a watermark or branding on it when you
go to export your video, but you can pay to remove
that and any ads that are in the app, paying either
around $5.20 per month or around $42 for the year
to be able to remove those. But really, again, considering
what you’re getting access to, this seems like
an absolute no-brainer for someone that’s serious
about creating videos on their Android device. So, KineMaster then, would
be a great option for someone either beginner or right
through to advanced, that wants more advanced editing features and more control over their editing. And the third one on the
shortlist, was PowerDirector, this app has been the overall
winner in the last few times that we’ve done videos like this, and once again, it’s another
really powerful video editing app on Android
with an interface that is surprisingly really simple and really easy and intuitive to use. I know I’m saying this a
lot but this is part of why these apps were shortlisted,
as well, it’s features and usability and all of
these apps have those. So, once again, even if
you’re an absolute beginner, it’s gonna be really easy
to jump into PowerDirector, easy to find everything and
to get up and editing fast. PowerDirector has really
great file compatibility to it and it again, supports 4K videos and if you’re gonna be
shooting on other cameras, then it’s highly likely that
those video files are gonna work straight out of the
box editing on PowerDirector without the need to convert them. Like KineMaster, it also
supports multiple tracks of video and audio, and you’ve also got the option
again with in-app purchases to purchase things like
extra transitions, and titles and effects and all those sorts of things, but I do wanna say that the
effects and the transitions inside of PowerDirector and
even the titles inside of there, the presets are actually
really, really amazing and there’s a lot options in there. PowerDirector also has descent
color-correction tools, which was something that
was lacking in KineMaster. And it also links with the
PC version of PowerDirector. So, if you’re a PC user and
you’ve got PowerDirector on your PC, you can start your
edit on your Android device using this app and then
you can transfer to your PC and finish editing over there. And just the same as with
KineMaster, PowerDirector does support different video
sizes and different formats, but once you’ve actually
started editing your project, you can’t switch between them. So, if you start out editing
your video down for Youtube and then decide that it’s
gonna be better off on something like Instagram stories and you wanna convert it from widescreen to portrait,
then that’s something that is gonna be rather difficult
to do without starting over or exporting it all and
importing it back in. Now, while this definitely
isn’t a deal breaker, it is a little annoying,
especially when you see how easy it is to do that
in an app like InShot, but you can convert and switch
between the different formats as you go, it’s a little
annoying that PowerDirector and KineMaster don’t have that. So, in regards to the cost,
there is a free version, but again, it’s got a watermark
on it and you’re actually limited to your exports to
720P, so you can’t export 1080 or 4K with the free version. To remove the watermark and
unlock all the features, you can either pay around $7.50 per month, or you got the option
for three months access for around $5 per month, or
you can pay for 12 months access for around $53 per year. Alright, so from all of this,
if we had to pick a winner, the number one app for me right now, is gonna go to PowerDirector. It’s stable, it’s fast, it’s powerful, it supports the multiple video layers, the multiple audio layers, there’s great control over
your color correction, there’s really precise
editing tools in there, there’s a good range of
supported file types, there’s 4K video editing, it
really is the complete solution for video editing on Android. It’s easy if you’re an
absolute beginner to get up to speed in here, or if you’re
more advanced and looking for those more advanced features, then they’re in here as well. It’s also what I
currently use to edit down Instagram stories as well,
which we got a tutorial and I’ll link that up in the cards. So now that you’ve got
your Android video editing apps sorted, if you’re
looking to improve your video editing and you’re
looking for the most efficient, most effective way to edit
your videos down without any wasted time or any re-work,
then check out the link on screen now to our free
PDF guide which will take you through the ultimate
video editing process. And I’ll see you soon.


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