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Best ID Photo Software [ID Photo Pro 8]

November 6, 2019

Hello and welcome to webit tutorials. IN this video we are going to check out one
of the best software for creating Passport or ID card photos. Now lets go to the software. Here we can see the option to open the files. We are going to use these photos for demonstration. Lets select one and click open. The software has automatically detected the
face. We can click these buttons to show or hide
guidelines. Lets see the second step. Here we can adjust these red and yellow handles
to resize and readjust the photo. The software will rotate the photo automatically
by referencing the eyes, but you can redjust if you want to. Now lets go to the third step
Here we have options for color adjustments, background editiing & Photo Retouch. Now at the last step
We are given option to export or print the photo. Lets select the layouts we want to export. We can remove those red & blue lines from
here. Now lets export
and save the files in same folder. After saving is completed we are asked what
we want to do next. For now lets click ok and close the tab. Now lets check the files we exported just
now. Here we can see our ID photo ready for printing. For now lets delete these outputs & check
what other options we have. We have Russia International Passport selected
as default. We can select any size from the options or
if we want country specific size we can search by typing the name of the country. For now let’s leave it as it is. & let’s see how we can create new layouts. Here we have our previous layouts. Let’s create a new one. We have 35x45mm here. Let’s duplicate it. We can also drag a new one like this. & we can change the dimentions if we want
to. Let’s go for 20x30mm. & another one for 30x40mm. This is not going to work as we have cropped
the photo in 35x45mm dimension. For now let me show you what happens by saving
it with layout named as “sample”. As we can see here these two are not showing
up. Let’s export it and see what happens. Here we can see those 20×30 and 30×40 mm dimentions
did not export. Now let’s see what we can do to make those
dimentions show up. Here is 20x30mm frame we dragged from here. And let’s drag this one with four directional
arrows named “Flexible Frame” and change it to 20x30mm. Let’s give the layout name sample 2 and Click
Save as New. We can see that the bottom one with four directional
arrow is showing up. & if you have noticed our previous layout
has the arrows in all the photos as well. Now let’s see the options to change paper
size, text & QR Code. lets change the paper to 5×6 inches. Now lets create some layouts. For 35x45mm we can use Photo frame option
as we cropped the photo in same dimention. But for other dimensions we must use Flexible
Frame. Lets create 55x55mm frames. Also lets add a QR Code and Text. Lets save the template as sample 002. We can see that QR Code and Text didn’t apper. This happend because we didn’t assign parameter
for what to show. So let’s edit the layout and make it show
the QR Code and Text. For that let’s go to settings. & then Select Layouts. Let’s selcet the layout we want to edit and
click edit button. We don’t have space between these two so let’s
fix this as well. Now for QR we click on the setting icon
and lets put some text here & click ok. For text too lets click on setting. We can type or use keyword to show up. For now let’s use the file name. & save the layout. It has not updated here so lets close this
tab. Now lets go to compose layout option here. Here we can see our layout has updated with
file name, QR Code and gap between these photos. On the right side we can see recent photos
we have worked with. We can mix them up for printing by dragging
it to the frames in the templates like this. Let’s export these mixed templates. Here are the outputs we exported. There are lots of options in this software
which we have not covered in the video. If you want to try the software you can get
the download link in the discription below. Let us know what you think about the software
in the comment section. Also let us know if you have any suggestions. You can check out our other videos related
to ID Card and Photos here. Thank you for watching this video and we hope
have a good time. Bie Bie!!!


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    Is it free or not?

  • Reply Mavz Cruz September 2, 2019 at 7:51 am

    How to edit the background?

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