Besser schärfen in 5 Minuten: Die 5 häufigsten Fragen zum Messer schärfen

January 15, 2020

Hi my name is Jonny from schmiedeglut and today its gonna get real SHARP again in our youtube videos and our sharpening classes we get asked a lot of questions and today i want to pick the most common ones and answer them in 5 minutes the most common question considering whetstones is wich grain size do I need to get my knifes sharp and there´s to be considered that the grain size indicates how rough or fine the stone is the higher the number the finer the stone is and the sharper your knife will get and that means everthing up to 800 grain size is for rough repairwork, if you have a notch in your knife in between 800 and 1200 is for basic sharpness and from 3000 it begins to be fun to work with in the kitchen sure you can use a strop for razor sharpness theres a phenomena that the number on the side differ between manufacturers i see that in sharpening classes where attendants bring in different stones with the same grain size number but the stones actually differ in roughness and that makes a significant difference in outcome that´s why its super important if you buy a whetstone do it somewhere trustworthy and get yourself some good advise another question we hear quite often is how do I sharpen the tip of the Blade and to answer that question you have to look into the geometry of a knife a knife is never straight so i cant sharpen it as if it was as you would not consider the front part of the blade you see there is a certain curvature to it and this curve I have to consider while sharpening as a tip i can recommend: never work with your wrist but make sure to use your whole arm and your ellbow the more you work your way to the tip your ellbow and shoulder are rising and thats how you get the tip of the blade thats a matter of practice you will not get that on first try but the more you practice the better will be your results a very common question is how do I hold the angle while sharpening first I need to know what angle do I need? we already made a video for that (german) you find that in the comments and now i´ll give a three tips on how to hold the right angle Tip Number 1 is the speed while sharpening the slower you work the higher your control over the blade make use of your fingers to give the blade extra stability you will see it will be easier to hold the angle Tip Number 2 is use your index finger as a marker for the right distance I used to find the right angle and then pushed my index finger on in like this now you can lift the blade and return at the same angle And if all that won´t work for you you might consider Tip 3 There are a few Guide Systems Here we have the magna guide kit from DMT Thats a system in which you can insert the blade and it holds the right angle Its important to buy a system that considers the dimensions of your knife the wider or shorter your blade has a impact on the angle to choose The next thing we hear very often is My blade is sharp but I´m not yet fully satisfied with the result and i would like to get that last piece of perfection to achieve that real Razor sharpness and if I hear that, that´s a very good sign that you allready are on the right way There´s most likely two reasons for this you might not use a fine enough stone we talked about that in the first point In that case i recommend to use a strop like this most attendants in our sharpening classes are really amazed by these and how little effort is needed to get so much more out of your knife the second point is not to change the sides on your whetstone too early Thats one of the most common mistakes to make because you cant estimate when to change the side that means, if you´re not quite sure stay on one side for as long as possible until you 1000% sure to switch You don´t have to be afraid to work too much material off your blade there´s way more work needed to really get something of and make sure to stay on one side as long as possible The last question I want to answer is What should I buy? That´s a good one because there is lots of tools out there People come with boxes full of tools to our classes not quite shure which one is the best to use Every tool you find in our shop is highly tested by ourselfs we use them daily in our workshop we need to have the best tools to manufacture sharp knifes its our daily business so we quality check them on a regular basis and replace them as soon as we find something better to make sure you get the best out of the market the second thing that is really important do not rely on the tool only technique is as important as the tool maybe even more that means practice practice practice so your Knifes get more sharp and you get the wanted results I hope enjoyed this video and i was able to answer some of your questions Now I have a suprise for you we are announcing a new sharpening tool which we will present you in a video so make sure to like and subscribe so you won´t miss it and here you´ll find other cool videos from our workshop

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