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October 7, 2019

– Hey, what is going on guys? As you probably know, I am
far from a graphic designer, but last month I hosted a
webinar for my OG members, and I sent out an image
promoting the webinar, and I got a response
from one of the members, shout out to Jason
Hewitt who was impressed with my graphic design skills
on that particular image. Now that doesn’t happen to me very often, so I was, of course, flattered, and I recorded a little
tutorial for Jason, showing him exactly how
I created that image in case it would benefit him
or any of the other members. Now fast forward to today. I am hosting another version
of that same webinar, and so as I was about
to create a new graphic or update the graphic, it occurred to me that maybe I should just
share this with everyone in case some insight
on my process helps you create better images or graphics for your own marketing purposes. So stick around. I will show you how it’s done. (upbeat music) Okay, so here is the image
we are looking to recreate. This was from a webinar I did last month with Clate for the OG
members specifically. But it was really well received, and I think the content we covered, it’s just important for everyone to hear, so Clate agreed to do a follow up webinar for a broader audience,
and we’re gonna do that on September 25th at
11:00 a.m. pacific time. So I’m gonna recreate this image, and I wanted to record
the process of creating it because I had a few OG members say, hey, that’s a nice image. How do I create something like that? As I have mentioned and
you probably have gathered, I’m definitely not a graphic designer, so I’m just gonna show you my process, and there certainly
might be an easier way, but I wanted to just
document what I go though in case it, you know, serves you, or in case you want to steal any of this for images that you may need
to create for your business. Now the tool that I use is Pixlr. And it’s free. I’m in Chrome right now, and I believe it works in any browser, but it is dependent on Flash, which is kind of an outdated
technology at this point, so I’ve heard support for
Flash may be going away. I don’t know when, so
at some point this tool may no longer be available
or Pixlr might update to use something other than Flash. But the concepts that I’m gonna show you, from what I understand,
are pretty much true for any photo editor. So I just happen to use
Pixlr because it’s free. So I am gonna start by grabbing
an image of Clate, right? So what I do is just really do a Google search for
Clate Mask, click on images, and you can see it brings
up a whole bunch of them. This is the image that I used. And then I’m gonna right click on it and copy the image address. I could download it and
then upload it to Pixlr from my computer, but Pixlr has
a feature where you can copy directly from a URL, so
that’s what I will use. Once the image loads in, down at the bottom here I can see it is, it’s pretty large. 2400 pixels wide and 3300 pixels tall, so I’m gonna go ahead and size that down to something a little bit more modest. Just so I, just so it’s
easier to work with. So for width I will set
it to, you know, 600, and that changes the height
to about 800 automatically because it wants to keep
those proportions in tact. Now over here on the right you
can see I’ve got Navigator, this is what I use to zoom in or out. It doesn’t change the
actual dimensions, the size, it just changes the way that I’m viewing it here in the editor. I also want to make this wider, right? You can see I want like
a section to the left next to the image, so in order to do that, I need to add on to the canvas. So rather than changing the image size, I’m gonna change the canvas size. I’m gonna anchor this to the right. I actually, doesn’t matter if I choose the top bottom or middle because I’m not gonna change the height. So it’ll fill the whole
right hand side of the image regardless, but I am
gonna change the width, so instead of 600 pixels wide, I want this to be more
like 2,000 pixels wide, and what that’ll do is give me a section to the left of Clate that I
can fill in with this content. Now I think what I did was I just, you know, used the paint bucket, which if you’ve used any, you know, any of the like Microsoft
Paint back in the day, it just fills in that entire section. Now the color I chose
from this image over here. So I just, you know, hovered
somewhere randomly on the blue, and then I just painted it in. Now you can see that
on the layers section, I’m working in the background. There’s only a single layer right now, so if I needed to move that around, I can’t move it independently. But when I go to create text,
when I go to add text to this, I’m gonna default the text to white, it’ll create a brand new
layer that is independent, so it doesn’t matter,
you don’t have to worry about placing the text in the right spot because you’ll be able to
move that layer independently, so let’s say Live Webinar with Clate Mask. I think that’s what it is. OG Webinar with Clate Mask. That’s perfect. And then let’s change the size to 100, nah, maybe to 150. That’s about right. We will right align that text as well, and let’s change the font. You know, there’s a whole
bunch of fonts in here. I happen to know that the one that I used is Skla, S-K-L-A. Okay, and then once you have it selected, you can click off of text and onto the little cursor, and that allows you to
then move it around. So I’ve got it aligned right here. Then we need to add the date, so August 28th. The new date is gonna be September 25th, so let’s go ahead and do that. September 25th at 11 a.m. pacific time, and you can see, yep, that’s right. I actually wanna make
that a little bit smaller, so let’s go with like maybe 100. There we are, and we will
bring that down over to here. Actually I’ll make that even smaller, so to shrink it down, I need to make sure that I
have that layer selected, and I need to make sure that
I have the text selected, and then I click right on it,
and let’s just do like 90. That’ll work better because I wanna make sure I have space to put that border around it. So, the border is gonna
be just drawing a shape. You can see it doesn’t let me draw into the layer I have selected, so I can’t draw right into that one, so I need to create a new
layer, which is actually okay, and then you chose the
shape you’re gonna draw, so either a square or a rounded rectangle or an ellipsis or a line. I’m gonna chose the rounded rectangle, and then I don’t actually
want this to fill in. I do want the border to be white, so let’s change the
border to be 5 pixels wide and the radius is 20, that kind of controls the
angles of the corners, but I don’t want it to fill it. So basically all you
need to do with this one is just draw a box around whatever it was that you are highlighting. So as I’ve done there, and if you’ve got it, you
know if you were off on your, you know, adjustment, you could move it, but that looks pretty much
like what I was going for. And then there’s a line in between here, “Infusionsoft Co-Founder and CEO.” So let’s do, Infusionsoft, Infusionsoft Co-founder and CEO, and I’m gonna make this even smaller, so let’s do 75 maybe? And let’s drag it over here into that space. Looks a little crowded, so I’m actually gonna move
the Live Webinar layer up so I can just click the
up arrow on my keyboard and that drags it up, and then I can go to
Infusionsoft Co-founder and CEO. Now I actually, I want that to
look a little bit different, so I have a few options for that. One option would be to toggle the opacity, or the transparency,
like change it like that. Another option would be just to change the color of that text, so I could, instead of,
instead of leaving it as white, you know, I could change
it to like a gray. So that’s fine with me. Infusionsoft Co-founder and CEO. And that’s it. Now on this graphic, I
did have new date and time because this webinar was
actually rescheduled. I don’t know that I need that for the one that I’m making here ’cause it’s just one date and time, so I’m actually gonna move
all of these elements up just a little bit. So let’s do Live Webinar with Clate Mask, and then we’ll move up
Infusionsoft Co-Founder and CEO, and then we’ll move up
the date and time as well, and then we’ll move up the layer that was you know, popping around it. And just for fun, what we might end up deciding to do here is filling that rectangle in, so we make sure we have the
rectangle’s layer selected, and then let’s go with
like a peach kind of color like something like this maybe, and let’s fill it in. Now you can see it disappeared,
our text disappeared, and that’s because we
have that layer above instead of below, so if we reorder that, you’ll see September 25th
at 11 a.m. pacific time is now in front, but that white doesn’t pop
out as much as I’d like it to, so let’s actually make
that perhaps the same color as the background. There we go. So know we’ve got live
Webinar with Clate Mask, Infusionsoft Co-Founder and CEO, and then the time, and
it’s, you know, highlighted. You know what, let’s add, let’s add a little white border. New layer. What I was saying is once
you have it to a point where you’re pleased with it, you just, oooh, orange border, that’s fun. Let’s add a white one
also, how ’bout that? And there we go. Once you have it to a point
where you’re pleased with it, go ahead and just click save, and it lets you save it
directly to your desktop, so Clate Webinar. Let’s do September now. September Clate Webinar. And there you have it. Okay, guys, that’s it. I won’t pretend to be an
expert in graphic design or in Pixlr or in Photoshop
or in any of these tools, but I wanted to show you
a slice of my process in case it benefits you. If you know anyone who
this video would serve, please feel free to share it with them. If you have any questions
or suggestions for me or tips on photo editing in general, feel free to leave them
in the comments below. Peace. (upbeat music)

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