axleGear-Adobe Anywhere Demo

September 17, 2019

hello and welcome to this demo of axle gear for Adobe anywhere you’re probably already familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud family of applications we’ll be focusing primarily on Premiere Pro here but this also pertains to the Adobe prelude application as well axle gear is a radically simple media management system that lets you log in from a browser on Annie Mac PC or iPad and review your assets search them annotate them and collaborate on them with your colleagues what we’ve done is integrate this with Adobe’s anywhere application which allows you to essentially remotely edit video from anywhere in the world the integration that we’ll be showing here shows how you can drag and drop assets from gear to anywhere and back and both systems work off of the standard shared storage that you already have in your facility so you don’t have to actually migrate the media in almost any point in the workflow we’re mostly logically moving around information and making it available to the editors when and where they need it so we’re just going to show you a few basics of axle gear first of all you can search within all of your assets you can do simple or complex searches the search results come up as thumbnails but then you can click on those and preview the assets you can scrub in the timeline there’s a frame accurate html5 player and you’re able to do things like Mark ins and outs and annotations on the timeline you can also take those sub clips and move them into what are called bins for further use by standard nonlinear editors and you can also export them as transcoded sub clips so you can do specific exports for a variety of both HD or low res web applications when you post a comment you can see see that out to an email address so someone will receive an email with the link back to the asset that you’ve commented on and they can see just the segment as well as your comment on the clip if we go back to the directory structure here and again these are just standard folders in your filesystem axel doesn’t try to manipulate those we can log in to anywhere so it’s just a new icon on the left and here what we’re doing is we’re going into what any where it calls productions here we’ve just created one but you can have as many as you’d like and each user basically can go into those productions in this case there’s just one asset within that production but what we’ll be doing here is adding more assets to that production by dragging and dropping them from axle so here you see some of the assets that we were browsing through before we can select a few of them drag them over to that production in anywhere and we can give them names and comments which will persist not only through the anywhere system but also out to the premiere pro editors so here we’re just adding kelp shots to under the sea and we can grab a few more assets and bring them across there’s a status window in the lower right that you can bring up at any time it shows the progress of various operations in the system such as for instance transcode operations on media or in this case the movement of media to and from anywhere productions so we can do another search bring up some additional assets transfer those into anywhere as well and again axel can point at a much wider view of your assets anywhere is really designed to present only those assets that are in production work which is whether called productions so essentially that’s your work-in-progress area axel is combination of what you might be working on now and might have worked on in the past as well as perhaps upcoming media for projects that have yet to be started so once again you can see the status of that transfer and it’s not actually having to transfer the media it’s more of a logical transfer just handing off the information about the clips so it goes fairly rapidly even for large clips you now as you can see the assets that have been transferred to anywhere show up with an additional icon and that just lets you know that they’ve basically been transferred across in addition if you mouse over those icons you can see that it will tell you which anywhere production the assets are actually contained within now we’ll quit Axl and against really just quitting a browser and open up Adobe Premiere Pro this is Adobe Premiere Pro with the anywhere function turned on so that instead of just looking for media locally it’s looking for the media through these remote servers which are housed typically on-premise at your facility the editors can be located as the name implies anywhere and they can also be using much lighter weight systems than have traditionally been used in the past because the rendering does not need to be done on their laptop it’s done essentially on the anywhere servers at the facility and that really opens up the possibility to enable people like reporters and loggers to do much more advanced editing tasks so here we’re putting some assets on the timeline and these are all again the assets that were brought over from Axel to any where they’re located on the shared storage within the facility but the editor can be located remotely the system also supports transitions effects picture-in-picture and essentially any full crafts editing work you might do in Adobe Premiere Pro the client you’re seeing is an executable application that runs on Mac OS 10 or Windows so there is no iPad version of the application it’s the full Premiere Pro experience and it’s not a cut-down version in any way that’s a real advantage obviously because it lets you do the full range of craft editing from a lightweight laptop so now we’re playing the sequence you can save your changes obviously and you can post a comment along with those that will be brought back into axel so let’s quit Premiere Pro and go back to axel if we click within the Adobe anywhere production we can see all of the assets that are contained there and those now include the new sequence that has been created and that’s just the sequence as a logical item but then we can decide how we want to render that out and we can give it a job name and essentially make a new flattened asset a new master clip from that project so we give it a title give it a file name and it will basically make a new asset a new flattened clip from that the nice thing is that you can do all of that from with an axle so it’s a very straightforward way of creating variants of an asset or taking a sequence and making new deliverables from that sequence again the status window comes up and gives you the current status of that process so within this workflow the main user interface to the anywhere environment is Premiere Pro you really just need that plus the axel asset management system and unless they’re administrators most of the users never need to really access anything other than that so here you see the flattened clip that resulted from that sequence in the format that we requested from the browser user interface it’s very straightforward and again the image quality and the formats are all of those supported by Premiere Pro and Adobe’s rendering engine so you have a huge amount of flexibility in whether you’re gonna be outputting broadcast formats or mezzanine formats or web formats from your sequence the best part is that these resulting clips are contained within the wider storage and asset management environment of axle gear so you can continue to search for them they’re not really off in their own walled garden they’re part of your main workflow that concludes our demo of axle gear for Adobe anywhere if you have questions please feel free to contact us at info at axle video comm ax le VI de Oh calm we look forward to hearing from you

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