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Awesome Facts About Heath Ledger’s Joker | Explained in HINDI

November 5, 2019

So, guys, we all know that The Dark Knight is the best movie of Batman yet. But we know it too that the major contribution in making the movie best is of Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger was the actor who vivified the character of Joker in The Dark Knight. Although, many fans were disappointed as soon as they heard about Heath Ledger portraying the character of Joker and presumed that that would be the biggest mistake of the Studio. But, Heath Ledger proved everyone wrong by portraying the most iconic portrayal of Joker yet. So, guys, I’m Aman Sinha and today I’m going to state you some awesome facts about Heath Ledger. Considering the spoilers Let’s start To prepare for the role of Joker in the Dark Knight, Heath Ledger had locked himself in a hotel room for a month where he maintained a diary and wrote some points. which were assumed funny to Joker just like blind babies AIDS, Injured Doctors Genius with brain damage Landmines and many more. He reckoned that this diary would help him to switch his personality to Joker or to understand the psychology of the character. According to Kim Ledger, father of Heath Ledger, Heath was obsessed with this character but this diary had another importance. Among many iconic scenes, interrogation scene was the most impactful scene. but for this, Heath Ledger and Christian Bale were the kingpins. During this scene, when Batman had to hit Joker, Heath Ledger had previously told Christian Bale to hit him as hard as possible. for which Christian Bale was ready to. Heath wanted this scene to be realistic to the audience that people could see how Batman will hit Joker if he had to. and literally it was seen same. Christopher Nolan, director of The Dark Knight is called Movie genius. and we saw the example for the same in the hospital scene of Joker and Harvey Dent. where Joker hands over Harvey a gun and gives him two options, whether to shoot him or be on his side. but if we notice the scene carefully we see that even though the gun was in Harvey’s hand but the Joker had his finger on the hammer of the gun. which means if Harvey would have pulled the trigger, it was of no use. So, Joker didn’t give any option to Harvey actually. Harvey had no other option other than joining Joker’s side. Meanwhile, Joker also asks him whether he looks like a guy with any plans. but actually, everything was planned. This scene got very famous among movie makers. who gave this a name Illusion of choice. When James Gordon was promoted to Commissioner’s post in The Dark Knight then all the officers there, applauds for commissioner Gordon. Meanwhile, Joker also claps for him while sitting inside the lockup This was not a part of the script. But Nolan liked this moment so much that he didn’t cut this shot. and we saw this moment in the movie. Apart from that, When Joker makes his exit from the hospital, he presses the trigger and it doesn’t work in first attempt and works after 2-4 clicks Basically, Joker had to push this button once in this shot and without seeing the blast he had to get on the bus. But in this shot, the trigger doesn’t work in the first attempt but as it blasts Heath Ledger continues his shot. Along with his acting, Heath Ledger’s acting got famous as well It was an important part of Joker’s personality but it was self designed by Heath Ledger He used white clown make-up along with basic cosmetics. so that audience can notice that Joker has done his make-up on his own. and his design was approved and thereby his make-up team followed this design for every shoot. It was proved so impactful that in elevator scene of the movie, w hen Heath Ledger entered Bruce Wayne’s penthouse that Michael Caine, actor portraying Alfred, got so scared that he forgot his lines. The Dark Knight was nominated for 8 awards in 81st Academy Awards. among which Heath Ledger get the award for best supporting actor. for his Joker’s role. and it was the first ever moment to win an award in any Oscar category for a superhero movie along with, it was the first time that an actor was awarded “best supporting actor” posthumously. Joker is already an iconic character in DC Comics. but these facts show that Heath Ledger, who vivified the character of Joker by adding his own essence. was a genius, classic and hardworking actor. for which he will not be forgotten. But, if we missed any details in this video and you got to know some new facts about Heath Ledger then please do let us know in the comment section. Moreover, tell us who do you want to see in the role of Joker in future among Jim Carrey, William Dafoe and Robert Downey Junior along with that for latest superhero news a nd updates related to our videos don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Google+ “We are everywhere!” So guys, if you want to watch how bad is Joker in comics so I’ll recommend you to watch our first episode of Injustice: Gods among us Year 1 and if you liked this video then do like it and share it too and for similar super content, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel Thank you guys! This is Aman Sinha and you are SUPERSUPER Peace


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