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Avengers: Infinity War – Big Game Spot Breakdown in Hindi | SuperSuper

October 26, 2019

So guys, the excitement of Avenger Infinity war’s first trailer has not even ended yet. And Marvel Studios has given us fans, one more treat. That is a 31 second awesome Big Game Spot video. In this spot we can see that Captain America is in Wakanda, Dr. Strange is with Iron Man, Loki is still worried and and our Spider-Man is facing problems to breathe. So let’s talk about these shorts in more detail. Hey guys, I’m Aman Sinha. and I’m going to give the trailer breakdown of Avenger Infinity War’s Big Game Spot. Considering the spoilers let’s start with the trailer which has given us sleepless nights. 🙂 After seeing this spot we can say that that this movie is a mixture of Marvel Comics’ “Infinity” and “Infinity Gauntlet”. Because here, we can see the Avengers fight with Thanos’ men in different places. So let’s analyse every scene shot by shot. In the starting of this spot, we see Ironman Spiderman and Dr. Strange inside some structure. Which is most probably the entrance of this place. Where we saw Ironman getting his face punched in the previous trailer. So these three most probably, have reached this place with the help of this portal. In the next shot we can see Wanda is with Vision. This is most probably in the continuity of this shot, where Wanda is trying to read Vision’s mind gem or she is trying to hide Vision’s mind stone. Or even this is possible that Vision is able to stay in human form because of Wanda. We know that Vision doesn’t have full control over the Mind gem. But we also know that Wanda can manipulate with Vision’s mind and can do anything with it, as we saw it in Civil War. So maybe, Wanda has manipulated the Mind gem and now she knows about the incoming danger. And that’s why, after some shots, we can see Vision with cap and Natasha. If we observe this shot carefully then we can see Wanda behind Cap. Some fans are speculating Captain Marvel behind cap but the chances are very less for this to happen. And also this place looks like the Avengers facility. But according to us, this place is most probably Shuri’s lab. But something that is different here is that Vision’s mind gem is not shining here and also his hand is on his stomach. Which means that the scene is after this shot, where Corvus Glaive has taken the mind gem away from Vision. In the next shot we can see that the Guardians of the Galaxy are stepping down from Milano. Maybe they are on Earth now whereas we cannot see Rocket Racoon and Groot over here but we will talk about it later. We know that since Peter Quill has been kidnapped he has not seen the Earth and now he will be mesmerized after seeing the Earth. Now he will understand that the songs he has been listening to, those songs even Steve Rogers haven’t heard. In the next shot, our IronMan meets his best friend Bruce Banner. We know what is going to happen here so Tony will not say anything about Civil War and neither Banner will say anything about Ragnarok. We can also see Tony’s new repulser on his chest, which we also have seen in the Avengers Infinity War prelude comics. So after these shots Tony will get outside with Dr. Strange, Wong and Bruce where after some shots we can see Tony suiting up. So if in this shot Tony is taking out his glasses then what happened in this shot? Amidst the war, who takes off his glasses twice? So most probably, we were shown this scene without CGI where Tony is suiting up maybe. When we are talking about suit up so this is Tony’s MArk 48 armour whose suit up is similar to comics’ Prime Armour, which topic was in discussion for a long time. This armor is one of the most powerful armor. In comics, with the help of this armor, Tony could form any other armor around himself. After few shots, we can see Dr. Strange and Tony fighting together. If we see this shot carefully then we can see that Dr. Strange and Ironman are having the same stance So, either both of them are attacking someone togethet or else this is a reverse shot, where Dr. Strange is reversing time to save someone. After this, we can see Rocket, Groot, and Thor in a spaceship. Like I have explained in “Thor’s Hammer” video. They are going to Naider Village, and here Groot is busy in his phone or some Gaming device. ** kids nowadays 😀 ** After some shot we see Groot again where he is in a cave sort of. If we see carefully, there are many weapons kept here. And this shining thing is either a forge or soul stone’s chamber. Before few shots we can see Thor in this place who is most probably asking rocket that if he is ready. So this scene can be a scene before the space forge’s scene. Here rocket might be helping him. Moving forward we can see Loki is disturbed who we saw giving Tesseract cube to someone in the first trailer. So, here most probably Loki is a prisoner of someone. We can see two people here who are maybe members of the Black Order After this we can see our Spidey on that big circular structure. We saw this in the first trailer. But we can notice two things here firstly, this circular thing, in the first trailer was not standing so high in the air. secondly, Spiderman here is wearing his Homecoming’s costume. But in the first trailer we saw that Spidey was wearing Iron Spider costume so the suit that Tony sent at the end of Spiderman Homecoming that might have Iron Spider upgrade installed in it. Which Peter will know about in a moment, or here will be a Mar 42 type of situation where iron Spider suit will fly to Peter when he facing breathing difficulties being so high in air. Moving forward we see Captain America’s Wakandan shield’s first look. which is the scene after T’chala gives orders. Here we can understand one more thing that here in Wakanda everyone is trying to save Vision’s mind gem. because in the previous shot we saw Natasha and Steve brought Vision with them. Maybe that’s why this fight is going on in Wakanda. After some shots, our Winter Soldier is seen coming out of the bushes with his Vibranium hands. **what was he doing in the bushes?! :P** Moving forward we can see Nebula getting ready to fight someone if we see carefully then this is the place which we saw in the Avengers Infinity War first look. So here we might see Ironman, Star Lord and Spiderman who might be fighting Thanos here. **This is the look before crushing someone!!** Some of the fans are saying that there are scratches on Thano’s face. But according to us, this is Thanos’s normal face. In the previous breakdown, some of you fans asked me where is Antman and Hawkeye? So, I’ll tell you all that they both are in the movie but they might have a short role in this movie and a greater role in the Avenger’s 4th untitled movie. So, guys, this was a detailed breakdown of the Avengers Infinity War – Big Game TV Spot. This movie is awesome still if I have missed any details or if you have any new fact related to Avengers Infinity War so please share it with us in the comments. Also tell me according to you who is there in this hulk buster armor? For latest superhero news and awesome superhero facts follow us on FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM and also on GOOGLE PLUS, do not forget. *WE ARE EVERYWHERE* So guys if you want to know about Infinity comic then I’ll recommend you our Marvel Infinity playlist. If you like this video the give a thumbs up and share this video and do not forget to subscribe our channel for this kind of super content. Thank you Guys This is Aman Sinha and you are “SuperSuper”. **PEACE**


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