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October 12, 2019

so guys the concept art of the upcoming untitled avengers film has been leaked which gives us fans some more details about the film marvel studios still has been very secretive about avengers 4 so secretive that the studio has not even released the title of the film and every detail of this movie excites fans even more recently a website has published the concept art of avengers 4 in which we can see all the characters who were alive by the end of infinity war but with different costumes so this thing makes a lot of sense because the merchandise and action figures of these Superhereos will be soon out in the market so this feels like an actual leak so let us see the breakdown of this leaked image guys i am Aman Sinha and today we are gonna talk about the concept art of avengers, fourth untitled movie so let us start looking at this artwork, we come across a lot of new details whether we talk about hulk’s new look or about Tony and captain america fighting together or we talk about Rhodey’s new armor this image tells a lot of things so come let us talk about all the details firstly, let us discuss about Steve and Tony After the dispute between both of them in civil war, Tony and Steve had parted ways And this continued even when Tony knew that THANOS was coming And he was hesitated to call Steve but that didn’t last long We can see Iron man and Captain America side by side with some new members the directors of the movie had already clarified that civil war will have a great impact on infinity war although in the early draft of infinity war, Steve and Tony meet each other But this meetup was omitted from the script Most probably this part had been reserved for the untitled avengers film So that this scene could have looked more impactful let us now talk about Hulk’s new look the untitled avengers movie will also be known as the conclusion for Hulk’s story In which it is confirmed that Hulk and Bruce’s personalities will clash Basically, till now we have either seen Hulk or Bruce banner But when these two co-exist together, this character is then called Professor Hulk And we can clearly observe in this artwork that Hulk looks a lot like Bruce Banner And moreover it is shocking to see that it is wearing a costume It is great to see that the studio has got rid away from the purple pants This pant could have betrayed hulk at any time So this character development reminds us of the Professor Hulk storyline In which all the Three personalities of Hulk together form a smart version of him So it is likely that we will see Professor Hulk in Avengers 4 Let us now talk about Captain Marvel at the end of avengers: Infinity war, we saw Nick Fury sending a help signal to Captain Marvel Also, Captain Marvel cannot be seen in green and grey in this artwork We can also look at Captain Marvel in the form of a key avenger Which means that we might see Captain Marvel meeting the avengers before Avengers 4 Captain Marvel will be the strongest character till now! So it will be exciting to see the role Captain Marvel will play in beating THANOS let us now talk about Wasp this concept art shows almost every major character who was alive after Thanos’s snap at the end of infinity war But Wasp is absent here Which means that in this year’s release Ant man and the Wasp Wasp can also be the victim of Thanos’s snap Actress Evangeline Lilly playing the role of Wasp told in an interview that she is a part of avengers 4, but not in a major role Which can mean that we might see her between the people who come back after the effect of the snap Now we’ll talk about the costume of Hawkeye and War machine We can see Rhodey in a completely different armor in this artwork An armor which looks even more bulkier than the previous one So we can anticipate that this armor will be even more deadly Along with this we can also see the dark costume of Hawkeye We can see Hawkeye in a different costume in the set images of Avengers 4 Which is rumoured to be known as Hawkeye’s Ronin identity In the ultimate marvel universe, when Hawkeye’s family is killed Then, Hawkeye becomes a masked vigilante called Ronin Many fans believe that even Hawkeye’s family was killed when thanos snapped his fingers And that is why Hawkeye adopted the identity of Ronin Till now it is not certain Whether this image is official leak or not But it is not normal when a concept art shows all the alive superheroes on Titan with their new costumes together Besides we can see Steve in his Captain America look, Black widow in her red hair look and Rocket with furious anger in this And displaying this is an impossible job for a fan artist So guys this was a breakdown of Avengers 4’s possible concept art Every detail of this movie is making us fans more excited [for the movie] But if i have missed any detail or you guys have any new fact about the movie please share it in the comment section below furthermore, tell us, which superhero are you looking forward to see the most in a new look For latest superhero news and awesome superhero facts, follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram and google plus WE ARE EVERYWHERE So guys if you want to see ronin in comics, then i will recommend you our world war hulk comic With this if you loved the video, don’t forget to like and share it And for great superhero content don’t forget to subscribe our channel Thank you guys, this is Aman Sinha and you are Super Super ! 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