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(AV17570) My Hollywood Career

November 3, 2019

hi everybody thank you for coming to
tonight’s event tonight’s event is co-sponsored by Student Union Board
Committee on lectures the Iowa State daily and the Greenleaf School of
Journalism Corey moss is a graduate of Iowa State with a journalism degree from
the Greenlee school today Moss is an executive producer at Yahoo where he
created primetime in no time which is the highest rated show on the web
he has also written in directed short film starring Jackie Chan Brett Ratner
and Jamie Kennedy he debuted in front of the cameras on MTV and was the resident
American Idol expert for several years he is an also entertainment journalist
who has been published in spin Rolling Stone and vibe magazine Corey Moscow
directed wrote and produced tonight’s feature documentary dear Jack about Jack
mannequin and something corporate singer Andrew McMahon and his battle with
leukemia at the age of 22 so tonight we’re just gonna kind of have an
informal question answer session with Corey and then we’ll show the film dear
jack so without further ado please help me welcome Corey Moss it’s a cold here and so put my coat back
on you guys were expecting Beyonce weren’t ya sorry it’s me I’m a walk
around you were like why does he sound like a little kid is there anyone here
who’s not here for extra credit you guys are lying well thank you even if you are
here just for extra credit thank you I was expecting like 15 people so this is
overwhelming and it’s very exciting for me I think the last time I was in the
Great Hall I was DJing a wedding reception and doing like come
on ride the train like around the room if that gives you any idea how long it’s
been since I’ve been back to Ames but I did graduate from Iowa State ten years
ago this fall and it’s it’s good to be back here I haven’t been back in a long
time so I came to Iowa State about 15 years ago out of Urbandale any Urbandale
yeah and I walked before classes even started
I walked right up over to the daily with my book of clips in hand and went up to
the editor and and I said you know I’m here to get a job and I want to show you
what I wrote for my high school paper and the editor just sort of laughed and
and I didn’t really realize that anybody could get a job at The Daily and that
you didn’t he didn’t need to win them over with your clips but but I was i but
I got the job and I my first my first assignment was
to cover the opening of a new bar and which was a great assignment for and
eighteen year old and so I I went down to the to a place that used to be called
the Dean’s List which I just drove by and is no longer called that and the
sorry I’m sleeve is distracting me and stood outside the bar at 2:00 a.m. and
had some very insightful interviews with people as they were leaving to cover the
opening of this bar and one of the one of the the ladies who who exited said
you know you should come back yo you’re with the daily should come by my
sorority tomorrow because Bob Dole is gonna be there and so I went back to the
office the next day to write my Dean’s List story and I said hey you guys know
that Bob Dole is gonna be at the sorority right and they’re like oh you
want to cover it and I was like oh well I was kind of hoping to do the
entertainment thing and they’re like no you should go so I hadn’t even started
classes yet and I was at this Bob Dole event at this sorority and the next day
it was the top story and the daily was a very first day of school and I think
maybe by the third or fourth day I I walked over and I changed my major from
architecture to journalism so it was it was exciting and I think that there’s
probably some people here from the daily who have had that same level of
excitement and and that’s probably why you’re here
so I definitely made the most of the green Lee school in my four-and-a-half
years at Iowa State I worked all four and a half years at the daily I worked
for ethos and also had my own radio show on kre that still exists nice
I had the the 6:00 to 8:00 a.m. show on Thursday mornings the mug night hangover
show and I knew that I had a huge following because I would I would get on
and I would say all right if the person who calls in and names the next song
wins $100 and then it would just be silence no no phone calls I think I was
literally playing for no one but it was and I even had I had a roommate who was
from Australia and I had him on one day and I told I told no one that I was
interviewing Russell Crowe and they should call in with questions for him
and we did a whole fake interview with Russell Crowe but
no no one called in and but I also at the daily was a little different because
at the daily I actually knew that I did have people that were reading the stuff
that I wrote and in fact I knew that because I had a column in one of the
first columns I wrote about was how vanilla ice was the most
underappreciated artist and was really a true genius and which I still believe
and I can debate which we can do later and within a couple of weeks I had a
mail that I was getting at the daily of people sending vanilla ice stuff so I
got a board game in a comic book and I got a Vanilla Ice Barbie doll and I
still have all this stuff except the Barbie doll I gave that to to my kids a
couple of months ago and I was pretty proud because you know my son was asking
me who it was and I told him and then a couple of months later my wife was was
taking us all to the Kids Choice Awards and she was explaining to them that
there was gonna be a lot of famous celebrities there and my son said do you
mean like vanilla ice so he was disappointed in the Jonas Brothers when
but he wasn’t there so I have a few notes I’ll be looking at them a little
bit let’s see vanilla ice okay speaking of childhoods like I said I’m
from Urbandale I had I grew up in a family of musicians my dad and my
brother both were drummers and I really wanted to be one but I failed the like
Pat your stomach and rub your head test that they gave you to be a drummer so so
they made me play the tuba which was cool except that the to boat was like
the one instrument that they didn’t that you didn’t get like a case to carry it
home in so like on the bus I just had to carry the tuba and so people would like
like chant on the bus to get me to like play and stuff and and but and then
somebody threw a tennis ball in it and it got stuck and then we couldn’t get it
out in it like ruined the tuba and then I just couldn’t play it anymore and so I
got kicked out a band so I so I never I never really got into playing music for
that reason but I was always around it so I did I
did something like promoting and even in high school like I had I brought bands
into and had shows and I did some like managing of local bands and then when I
was in high school my high school journalism teacher told me that I could
get free CDs if I review them and so that was really the reason I got into
journalism so that I could get free CDs and so when I got to the daily I really
loaded up on free CDs so you guys are like what’s a CD this was you know
before the but the so I came to the daily really hoping to do review cities
and not go to the Dean’s List at 2:00 a.m. but but what I really fell in love
with right away was actually you know interviewing artists and so I spent you
know most of my time at Iowa State at the daily interviewing bands that came
through and that sort of thing and I thought I was really good in the
beginning I would ask like bands like really creative questions like how did
you get your name and and what does your what do you what do you sound like and
you know this I was talking to a band I was coming down to a singer who’s coming
down to the EM shop and I said you know what describe to me your sound and the
guy just said are you serious and it turns out it was Arlo Guthrie who is
Woody Guthrie’s son and like one of the most iconic singer-songwriter folk
singers of all time and he you know played a Woodstock you
might heard of it I had no idea who it was
so from then on I realized that the value of doing actually good research
before you do interviews so that story bombed okay you guys thought that you were gonna get
a boring speech and I’m just cracking jokes but that’s okay are there how many
people here write for the daily there would be more how many people our
journalism students but don’t write for the daily okay I got to tell you guys
something all right so I don’t know if this is still the case I think it is but
you when I was a student you could write stories for your class
and then turn them into the daily you know what that means like you get
paid to do your homework I could never really understood why not everyone did
that but hopefully you’ll go back and turn those homework assignments in and
get paid for them the one of the best things about working for the daily for
me was that it it set me up to do some really cool internships and I spent a
couple summers in New York working mostly in the magazine filled the there
was a program that I signed up for as a junior where it was they brought out 40
different magazine students from all over the country and they put you at a
different magazine and you we all live together and and one of the magazine’s
with the program was Rolling Stone and that was always my dream to refferal in
stone and so I got a letter in the mail that said that I had been accepted into
this program and I was so excited and then I just kept reading and it says and
you will spend your summer at vibe magazine and I was like are you shitting
me I’m from I’m a white kid from Iowa you’re gonna put me out of hip-hop
magazine but but I got out to New York and I walked right in and guess what I
was carrying like clips of course I and once again they were like why are you
bringing your clips to this internship you’re really here just to open our mail
and so I opened mail for that most of that summer but by the end I did have an
opportunity to do some writing for them and and that was you know a really good
experience so the the following summer I I went back and it worked for for vibes
sister magazine spin and that was really great because I am still able to
freelance for them sometimes and I also worked at the same time at a internship
at vh1 and neither one of them were paid so I had a friend who I literally
crashed on his couch for a whole summer and had my clothes like in the kitchen
drawer that I lived out of and spent like an had like an hour-long commute
into the city and all of that but if you haven’t done internships yet like that’s
what it’s about it’s about like you know scraping by just for the experience and
and you know I certainly lived it up as much as I could in my experience in New
York I would volunteer for everything I could do shoots I went on every shoot I
could for vh1 and and and everything I volunteered for all kinds of stuff I did
a volunteer to be a escort for award shows which if you don’t know all the
award shows that you see on TV and all the different presenters and performers
every every one of them will have an individual escort who works doesn’t
sound like and and and that’s the person who you know walks them to the greenroom
into the stage when they’re supposed to go on and all that sort of thing
and so the the big award show in New York that summer was the Tony so I warm
I warmed up with the smaller award shows and then the Tonys came around I was
really excited because there was some like really hot girls at the Tony’s this
year like Sarah Jessica Parker and Calista Flockhart and then you know they
gave us all of our assignments and I got Bea Arthur and I’m not crazy I’m with a
golden girl but going back to the whole vibe thing and like you know rolling
with the punches so Bea Arthur happen to be like pretty much the only one of
these celebrities who did not have a date at all to this award show so when I
rode to in the limo to go and pick her up at her hotel she invited me in to
have a drink with her we went down and I was you know showing her into the
limousine and she said oh come and sit back here with me and so I rode in the
limousine in the back with her but you weren’t supposed to do and then we got
into the the backstage and she oh come into the green room with me and some
literally in the green room with her around like all of these celebrities I
was holding her purse so I didn’t feel that cool but but you know it ended up
being you know this really amazing date I had with Bea Arthur and she recently
passed and I I was pretty sad but but she was she was a fun a fun person but
when I was in New York with a lot of these other students they were talking a
lot about their entertainment sessions that they wrote for at their newspapers
and it kind of made me jealous because we didn’t have that so while I was in
New York I wrote this whole business model of it and I came back to the daily
and I said we got to launch our own entertainment section
a week you know blah blah blah and somehow I actually got it to happen so I
think it was maybe just being in New York you sort of come back a little bit
fearless to Iowa sort of like that Pauly Shore movie where he like comes back to
the small town Pauly Shore was at the deer jack from
here in LA by the way like two weeks ago randomly anyway and Pauly Shore where am
I going from here oh so I I created an entertainment section for the daily
called high note and I guess the reason that I’m telling you this is that it was
just something that I don’t think a lot of students had had done at the time and
you know I think that was one of the one of the first things that I did where I
was thinking really big and and I’ve kind of maintained that attitude since
since then so I graduated from Iowa State
like I said ten years ago in 99 and first just went off to to be a
freelancer I got I did finally get in and got my byline at Rolling Stone and
then started just writing for whoever I could I I started working for a music
news website that ended up getting purchased by MTV News so ended up
writing you know daily for them and they they had all of the writers were broken
out but every every writer had a different genre and so when they were
the day that they assigned everybody their different genres any guesses which
one I got not hip-hop electronica because there are so many raves in Iowa
that I so I didn’t know who Mobe was but I was writing about him and he ended up
becoming sort of a crossover star and so it ended up kind of working out because
at that time it was really when electronic it was breaking out with Fat
Boy slim and all of them but but again still not able to write professionally
about a kind of music that I actually heard growing up but so that company was
was purchased by MTV News and after about a year of just freelancing for
them out of Chicago they offered me a job in LA and moved me out there
and one of the first things that I did when I was there was started tagging
along on all of the shoots that MTV News was going on already and I realized
right away that the people who were doing all of the interviews were you
know producers who a lot of them went to film school and you know did not go to
journalism school and did not just have like you know four years of experience
interviewing bands so it was frustrating for me to watch these people do these
terrible interviews so I was able to convince my boss to let me do the
interviews and then after doing that for a little while I I sort of sort of
realized well if these producers are going to tag along and they’re not going
to really do anything I should just learn to produce so before I knew it I
was I was a TV producer and sort of taught myself all of the tricks of
setting up shots and all of that sort of stuff but but really you know producing
is such a broad term but really it’s sort of about you know organizing and
being the point person on shoots and stuff like that it’s not as glamorous as
it sounds but the I was at MTV News for about seven years I did studio visits
and set visits and red carpets and movie junkets and I covered the Oscars and the
Emmys and the Golden Globes and all of the MTV Movie Awards and Video Music
Awards I used to be the guy who was feeding questions into Kurt Loder and
John Norris and sway and all those guys the Movie Awards was always fun because
we had celebrity guest reporters who work for us and I did one year we had
Rihanna as a as one of our guest reporters and she was pretty young at
the time and very very nervous and so I got to be really close with her in the
in the three or four days we spent prepping for it and actually doing it
and just sort of giving her the confidence to be an interviewer and it
was awesome because about a week after that award show I was at another award
show and she was walking down the red carpet and spotted me from about 20 feet
away and ran over and said Cory this huge hug and I just looked around at all
the other journalists I’m like yeah tight with Rihanna no one really knew
that I just you know but but I looked cool which is the most important thing
so you’re you’re probably gonna ask me who I’ve interviewed in and it’s it’s a
long list because I did it for so long but but I got to interview a lot of
really big stars like Madonna and u2 and Eminem and Aerosmith and Stevie Wonder
and and then like really cool people like William Hung Kevin Kevin Federline
I went to a strip club in Oaxaca Mexico with Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite and I
was like I was a consummate professional so I rarely asked to get my photo taken
with people but I can tell you that on my wall I have a picture of me and
William Hung and the young Kevin Federline in me and Pedro because you
have to get that right so actually speaking of Kevin Federline I actually
did his his very first interview when he was coming out as an artist if you want
to call him that and we went to a studio and he had played a couple of his first
songs that he was doing and put them in and started dancing while I was
listening to them and and anyway that video ended up becoming this viral video
and people would were taking it off a line and putting different music to it
and if you this is really funny if you go home just like type in Kevin
Federline studio or something on YouTube and you can see all of these all these
just hilarious videos of Kevin Federline like dancing to like peanut butter jelly
time and like ridiculous songs like that but that was actually my that’s like my
claim to fame that I was the guy who did that interview and like I think last
year we xur did this video where they spoofed a bunch of famous viral videos
and they spoof that video too so that’s my even cooler claim to fame
I was also behind one other viral video which was the infamous Kanye West grammy
rant i’d done an interview with him right around the time when the grammy
nominations came out and he was not very happy and that was really fun for me I
was on a Britney beat for several years I was at the hospital the day or
son was born that sound so pathetic I I covered the the first five seasons of
American Idol I went on the American Idol tour for a couple of years I’m I
actually got to know the idols pretty well I wrote a lot of the BIOS for the
American I’ll bio is the thing that the record label sends out with the CD to
all the journalists and you know I’m thanked on a lot of the liner notes of
the idols I got to know Kelly the first Idol very well she is still like
probably the nicest person that I’ve ever met so if you’ve heard that about
her it’s totally true I covered the Michael Jackson trial I spent I lived in
San Jose for Santa Maria for a couple of months I went undercover one day as a
super super fan and I sort of like lived within all of the crazy Michael Jackson
fans from around the world that were there and the day that I was doing that
happened to be the day that Michael invited all of his super fans back to
Neverland so I in the car with some fans who I had never met and drove to
Neverland and was like texting my boss like I’m going to Neverland and he’s
texting back like you’re crazy and so and I was thinking that I was
going to be able to like snap some really cool photos and whatnot but they
ended up like taking all of our they took our phones and our recording
devices and everything that cameras that we had so I went in there empty-handed
but I spent you know an afternoon at Neverland I rode the rides I like
and and then when I left I I had to write my story because it was gonna be
off from memory so I just drove to like the nearest Kinkos I could find and just
sat down and cranked out my story about my day at Neverland it’s I still
actually remember in my lead it was something like you know you’ll have to
forgive Michael Jackson for still having his Christmas lights up in March it’s
been a long year it’s been a busy year or something like that because I thought
it was funny that it was like March or April and his Christmas lights were
still up kind of sad actually but I did maroon 5 is very first interview I took
him to a restaurant called Earth wind flower because I thought it was cool and
that it sounded like Earth Wind and Fire I I did I was the first journalist to
hear Green Day’s American Idiot album which was really exciting for me because
they were one of my favorite bands as a kid and people had sort of given up on
them by the time that album came out and I actually did their very first
interview for that album and then kind of sort of continued that huge two years
they had with that album which was really cool I I have been offered weed
by Snoop Dogg at least 10 times never accepted I was always a consummate
professional snoop snoop even introduced me one time to Rodney King of all people
that was a very interest I didn’t get a picture with him though now I think
about it I but while I was while I was at MTV they were actually sort of ahead
of the curve if you can believe that about MTV and they had launched a
broadband channel called overdrive and sort of right when video on the web and
web 2.0 or whatever you want to call it was starting to take off so I got to be
involved in sort of creating these shows for the web for MTV and you know we did
like a really sit-down interview that we called raw and I did the very first one
of those with Trent Reznor and then you know some other types of these little
three-minute web type of shows for MTV so around that time it was it had been
about seven years from me at MTV and I started get the the famous seven year
itch and started getting a little bit sick of going to the hospital where
Britney was having babies and and and so III was really interested in the what
was going on with this video on the web and and Yahoo was right across the
street from MTV so I I drove by it every day and and it just sort of stuck out to
me as a place where it would be a good place to work getting into this new
world of video on the web so so I was able to get a job at Yahoo as an
executive producer for original programming which a lot of people still
don’t really realize that there’s video being made specifically for the web
that’s not like you know a cat playing piano or
or an SNL spoof or whatever but but what we do a yahoo is we what I do is we you
know we create a series actually when I first when I first started there we I
was still doing a lot of sort of one-off things which is where I did some of the
short films that were mentioned before and then I spent you know six months
developing a show with Steven Spielberg it was going to be his first web show
and it was a paranormal show he just came out with that paranormal movie now
and it kind of pissed me off because that’s kind of what we were doing and it
ended up it ended up not launching because we the way that the business
model works is that we create these shows and then we signed sponsors up
behind them to fund them and we just couldn’t get any brand to like put money
behind ghosts but but it was it was interesting in the fruit in those first
few months just to learn so much about how that business is and so after that
project I worked really closely with Yahoo TV and they had they knew that
they and they have a huge audience are actually the biggest portal within our
the biggest site within Yahoo and and they knew that they had so many people
coming there to see their listings what was on TV but they didn’t they weren’t
serving them with with what what was on TV and what they were missing and so we
created a show that was that was sort of what you missed last night and it was a
three minute it’s a three minute show hosted by a comedian and and it’s a bit
like like the soup but every day and and better and funnier with the cooler
producer and so we launched that show about almost two years ago and by the
second month we had 20 million streams that month and everybody sort of in that
web world just sort of said holy shit like this might be like the actual first
show that is really taking off on the web and in since then we’ve had months
where we’ve had 30 million streams we’ve had days where we have you know 5 to 10
million streams which you know would equal the sort of ratings of pretty much
anything on TV so it’s been pretty exciting and it’s been it sort of open
up the opportunity to create a lot more shows at Yahoo so I have I love to spin
off cuz you gotta do your spin off right CSI might know I lost we did
time in no time and then I have a couple of shows for oMG which is Yahoo’s
celebrity sites or like TMZ but nicer and I have I do one with about celebrity
moms that’s hosted by Ali Landry I do a Dancing with the Stars post show with
Joey Lawrence and so that’s basically what I do now
but in LA you know everybody has a side job too and and so I’ve always continued
to do that and I think what I do it yeah I was a little bit stepping away from
journalism so I’ve been able to keep another foot in journalism and I’ve
still freelanced and and I do talking-head stuff on on TV specials a
lot like if you’re watching like the you know five like coolest haircuts of all
time or something you might see me like pop in and like talk about Britney or
someone and somehow I’m like a Britney expert I don’t no idea and and then I do
like really random stuff for bands and I’ve got to know over the years for at
MTV so like if you if you have like the new the newest Linkin Park album there’s
a making-of and I’m the I’m the guy who’s like interviewing the band
throughout all that and just a lot of sort of random things like that but but
really for the for the last four years aside from working at Yahoo my main sort
of side gig has been working on this film and I was at MTV as a producer and
on a Sunday morning I got a call from a publicist who I knew and she said you
know I have this really cool studio visit but there’s one caveat it’s today
you have to come out today so I called my buddy and I said you know get your
camera we got to go to this thing and it ended up being Andrew McMahon and he was
in the studio just for one day and he was between rounds of chemotherapy and
he was was bald and very very skinny and deathly looking and he was recording a
song well never mind I don’t want to give it away you’ll see them
anyway you’ll see it but but from that day on I knew that it was a really
special story and my buddy and I went back to MTV and we we cut this piece and
didn’t ever even tell our bosses about it and then turned it in and and they
ended up airing it on TRL the day of the transplant and and we continued to
follow his story through MTV and then after that is when we really started
working on the movie so but we’re gonna show the movie in a little bit and I’d
love to I’m gonna stick around so if you guys have questions about that
afterwards I’m happy to answer them but in the meantime I’d love to just answer
any sort of question about anything journalism whatever it might be just
working in the entertainment industry or or whatnot and I think if you ask a
question you get double extra credit so so who wants to be and I think there’s a
microphone back there if you want to like be really brave or you can just
stand up and yell don’t be shy please we have about 20 minutes that we need to
kill here I could I could like read my emails okay yes sir thank you for being
brave you win a free dear Jack poster serious come and get it afterwards I I
have forgot to mention that I have posters if you guys want so much but go
ahead what’s that so music journalism is not the highest
paying job in the world but there are many perks including free
CDs free concert tickets lots of backstage passes things like
that so yes I I had enough CDs that they fill the room and then I started having
kids and I had to make a room for the kids and had to get rid of the CDs so
priorities silly kids excellent question very timely tooks I just mentioned my
kids I like that so I pretty much don’t sleep which is the key
really so I’ve trained myself to function on about five hours of sleep
and I’ve done doing that for pretty much since I started having kids um but now I
think it’s just important to have a routine and and all that and I but I’ve
always sort of functioned in this weird way where if I’m really busy then I’m a
lot more productive and so if if I’m not busy then I get like lazy and so I’ve
always just tried to be really busy and and just sort of used to it by now
if that makes sense probably a combination of both
so probably probably more to do with connections although I would say I’m
definitely annoyed but you know it’s sort of a cliche that the entertainment
industry is all about who you know and all of that but it really kind of is and
at the time at Iowa State I was there was a professor who who used to own the
Des Moines Register and now he owns the Iowa Cubs Michael Gartner and he was
teaching a class in journalism for a semester and when he was formerly the
president of NBC News and when he was there he had a guy who worked under him
who was at that time the president of vh1 and so he’s through him I was able
to get my internship at vh1 which was amazing to actually intern for like the
president of vh1 and that guy now just about two months ago was was promoted to
president of NBC and he still will like pick up the pick up the phone when I
call him so if you can you know make those relationships and and make them
matter then they can be a huge a huge help obviously so we’ve been doing we’ve been doing
these screenings of this movie all across the country with Andrew and he we
we’ve been doing communities afterwards and that’s usually the first question
that we get so I do have a little insight because I’ve heard him answer
several times so right now he is recording his next album but he is he
they are talking about doing a reunion with something corporate so I mean you have to ask I told you about
Kevin Federline already I don’t know I mean there’s there’s so many that but
for me it was always like really cool when it was like a hero you know or like
someone who I really was like an important part of my life growing up or
whatever like like Nine Inch Nails was like a really big band for me in high
school and so like Trent Reznor is really cool or or back or the Beastie
Boys or you know Run DMC because I’m such a hip hop guy and in u2 and a lot
of those bands were like really cool but you know it’s it was the best thing
about interviewing was like like 99% of all of like the different bands and
celebrities and stuff that I that I interviewed over the years they’re all
just like so cool and so nice and you you just kind of go in thinking that
they’re not gonna be that way and then they end up being that way and it just
makes it sort of fun even last week we had we had the cast of Glee in it Yahoo
is anyone watching Glee how good is that show by the way it’s ok guys to admit it
all right and but I have a total crush on Lea Michele and but I for some reason
I just convinced myself that she was gonna be a total bitch because you know
I don’t know why I just thought she would be but she came in and she was
like the nicest one of all of them and super cool and like we we like did some
fun things with her and I think that it was a disadvantage in
some ways that when I first started at at MTV and it’s been it’s like that that
there were a lot of people who were like way more trendy than I was and way more
exposed to a lot of music but this was like really before I’m not that old but
it was kind of like before the web and so you know when I was growing up like
we didn’t have like you know the web to go and discover new music and buy new
music and like the only way for me like the only way I ever heard cool music was
like on a show on MTV called 120 minutes on Sunday nights but other than that it
was like you know we didn’t even at that time didn’t even have like an
alternative rock radio station in Iowa so in that way I sort of felt like it
was a little bit of a disadvantage but there was so much more of an advantage
that made up for that and I would say the biggest part is the work ethic and
you know I think that that good Midwestern people like all of us have a
really strong work ethic and and I found that going out on the East Coast and the
west coast that I would just sort of work like I normally would and people
would be astonished by like how hard-working it came off as which was a
good thing because then I could slack and still fit in but and it’s funny
because when I was at MTV I ended up taking over our internship program and I
would I would try to bring in people from the Midwest all the time because
they were always like the hardest-working and most dedicated and
and like but instead I would always get like you know girls from like UCLA and
USC and they’d be like oh I can’t go to that free concert tonight cuz you know
my sorority is having like a mixer or whatever and I would just be like man I
should have higher the more like iowans but anyway that wasn’t a knock on
sorority people by the way sorry didn’t sound like that over there yeah a few I’m trying to to think so who’s like do I want to destroy here you
know Mariah Carey was actually is actually like pretty nice but just
ridiculous like travels with with an entourage
like like the cliche entourage of like 20 people and I probably interviewed her
like three or four times and every time we would go and set up like this our
elaborate set with like all of our lights and everything and about 20
minutes before the interview she had her own lighting guy that traveled with her
and he would walk in and be like no we got to redo all your lighting and his it
was just so infuriating and then she would just walk in and just and like so
nice that it was just so fake you know you told me you’re gonna ask a question now I’m pretty much given up after
tonight it was like speak at the gradall out of here the I think like that’s like
part of the reason that I that I’m really I’m really enjoying working in
new media right now and web video is because it’s so new and like we’re
writing the rules right now of this and like everybody knows that like video on
the web is the future but nobody really knows like how it’s all gonna work and
and so like that’s pretty exciting to me and I and I want to continue to sort of
be at the forefront of that industry because I sort of felt like music
journalism and those sorts of things I came in like at the end and because
like I grew up like reading Rolling Stone and it was like all these like
legendary music critics and stuff and so and then you know that this the dear
Jack was sort of happened by accident I’ve always been into film and I had
been I’ve been writing scripts for a while and thought that I would maybe
maybe go into film as a screenwriter but then the documentary happened and and I
loved it and I sort of got bit by the documentary bug so once we’re done doing
the like all the promotion and everything with this film then I’m gonna
I’m gonna do another document or anything does anyone have a cool story
about their life I can tell yeah like all the time and you know I
don’t know I guess it’s just I don’t like you just have to keep going right I
mean I don’t know I just know it was never really in me to like give up on
stuff but but like you know I I still like like with this film like you know I
took us really like four years to to get it distributed and you know like last
year around this time we were like we’re in a few months we’re gonna be the shit
at Sundance you know we’re gonna be like cruising around with you know Natalie
Portman and stuff and like we thought we were like a golden ticket into Sundance
and then we didn’t the film didn’t even get in and so like you know we’ve
certainly had like roadblocks with the film and then like you know career-wise
you know I think there’s always things that come that that happened and you
know for me it’s just it was always just about like art still is just soldiering
on and trying to stay positive and most embarrassing thing from an
interview I’m gonna get in so much trouble for telling the story when I was
on the it wasn’t like this isn’t embarrassing really
actually the arlo guthrie thing was the most embarrassing but this wasn’t really
embarrassing but it was super awkward so when I was on the American Idol tour the
it was the year that that Fantasia won and they’ve sort of given me all like an
all-access sort of past with a camera and I was just you know walking all
around and we were walking we had just like got into the hotel room
and to the hotel that they’re all staying and I was just sort of walking
around from room to room filming people like getting into the room or whatever
and I end up following some people into a room and I totally wasn’t invited into
this room and but I was not thinking and walked right in and there was like two
or three of the most famous idols from that season in there smoking pot and
they looked at me and at my camera and and I was just like sorry here I won’t
show this to anyone and it and it ended up being like very awkward and then yeah
so I’m not gonna tell you who it was later I’ll tell you could you guess I mean it wasn’t the
redheaded crooner guy I can tell you it wasn’t him you think I’m professional did I say that yeah and I if you think
I’m a total consummate professional then I’ve totally duped you because I’m not I
mean you know I think like it’s important to to show a lot of
professionalism at the start of an interview especially when it’s like the
first time you’ve ever interviewed someone and that’s really important to
me and it’s really important to show that I’ve done my research whether how
big or small the band is I would never insult someone and walk in and be
goofing around or not know what I’m talking about
but you know it is the entertainment industry and it’s fun and a lot of it
you know when you do it for a long time then you start to interview people look
at the same time like the same people over and over and then it’s much easier
to be more playful with them and more fun with them and you know when when a
couple of years ago when my wife was turning 30 I thought it would be really
fun to make her a video of a whole bunch of celebrities saying happy birthday to
her and so I ended up like only asking the celebrities who like I had like a
lot of relationship with and it’s a hilarious video it’s on YouTube by the
way but it has like Snoop Dog of course and he’s like totally hitting on my wife
he’s like hey baby I think you should drop your husband and and you know and
and it also has because I told you I covered American Idol has katharine
McPhee and she’s like oh happy birthday wait you’re married oh my god and like
like I had been flirting with her like the whole interview
I think I think it kind of backfired but it was it was still a cool gift what aspect are you trying to get into
know you know it’s it I would say it definitely would bury unlike what part
that you know but I think like it’s really important to do the absolute
maximum that you can do where you are first you know so like I was sort of
saying like when I was here like I spent I worked every single semester at the
daily the magazine the radio station and and you know and you know just
everything that you can and and sometimes I think like living in Iowa
that you have to create opportunities for yourself that aren’t necessarily
there and a lot of I’ve had I’ve had a lot of interns that work for me over the
years who you know are going back to their you know they finish their
internship with me and they’re like I got to go back to Iowa and there’s just
nothing to do and like how can I keep you know this going at this momentum
going and I always just tell them like you know you got to create opportunities
for yourself like you know start your own blog and and you know try to like
build up your own viewership that way or you know whatever it might be so and
then but I think you know once once you can sort of maximize your opportunities
where you are and you feel like you’ve done that then I think it’s time to to
move on to maybe a play a little a bigger city that might give you some
more opportunity or whatever not to say that you can’t do entertainment things
in other cities too but certainly it helps so I mean you know I hire a lot of
people and I get a lot of resumes from people who are you know they sent me the
resume and their address is still like something in the Midwest and you know
I’m really looking for my first job to come out to LA and it’s hard because you
want to give people that opportunity but you also sort of question their
commitment if their haven’t moved out there yet and so kind of makes it a
little bit tough but anyone else might be time to start the
movie anyway let me look at my actually I’m just secretly what looking for the
Bears score oh they’re losing sorry no I’m kidding
so I think there’s just a couple minutes left does anyone have any questions
before we start the movie and final thoughts yes great question
so there used to be I don’t have any so I had a lot of like fun at the daily and
I did a lot of goofy a lot of goofy stuff for some reason a lot of them like
involved around food like one time I went to like the Panch arrows
burrito-eating contest and decided that I should enter as a reporter and like
eat as many burritos as I could and that was pretty memorable I don’t know why
and then there used to be this diner on Duff called Rutles and they had this ice
cream sundae does anyone remember this the Rama Lama ding dong anyone else eat
it no so they had this ice cream called scoot it with the sundae called the Rama
Lama ding dong and if you ate there was 10 scoops and two brownies and two
bananas and if you ate the whole thing you got your name on a plaque in the
restaurant and so I had done it in high school and so I went back and the
waitress was like saying you know you should do the Rama Lama ding dong I’m
like I’ve already done high school that’s old news lady and she was like
well you should go for the time record then and so I sort of got the challenge
so I ate this whole sundae in 14 minutes so which was awesome and I was super
sick but I’m trying to think of things that didn’t have to do with food
I interviewed Vanilla Ice for Channel Q that was really cool and that’s all I
got oh man does this is journalism law still at 8
a.m. oh god that sucks like and I just
remember I think is it still Monday Wednesday Friday cuz the Friday at 8
a.m. just killed me and I have a really bad what do you call it when you like
fall asleep really easily and I was asleep kind of probably towards the back
and she walked all the way up to where I was sitting and slammed her ruler down
on my desk right where I was and woke me up that’s all I remember
so I think I passed all right cool well please stick around and watch the movie
it’s way more enjoyable and entertaining than me and I will come back afterwards
and if you have any specific questions about it they’ll be awesome and I have
oh thank you thank you and I have I do I did bring movie posters if you guys want
a movie poster

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