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AutoCAD Inserting / Importing Images, Scaling Images, Tracing Images

November 11, 2019

ok welcome to this tutorial, in this tutorial
we will be looking at how to import a drawing into AutoCAD, and how to scale it and how
to trace over it, so let’s get started. First thing you need to do is have an image
that you want to insert, once you’ve got that ready, in the command prompt type IM for image,
then press enter or spacebar, it opens up a window, and then click on this little arrow
here, and say attach image. Now just go to, where you have saved your image. And there�s
mine. Now here it asks what do we want to specify on screen. We’ll just leave it at
zero, zero, zero, so just untick that, and scale, we’ll just leave it as it is for now,
because we are going to scale that. So, click OK. And here it is just asking us for a scale
factor. So, press spacebar or enter, and so go ZE for zoom extents or just double click
on your middle mouse button. And as you can see, our drawing has come in. Ok, close that
window now, now what I like to do is separate this onto its own layer, so we can do that
by opening up the layers property menu, and we will create a new layer, and we’ll call
“car image”, Ok, close that window, now select the image, go back to the home tab, and select
layer car image. Ok, and we’ll change it back to zero, we’ll draw on zero. Also, another
thing I like to do is change the colour, so maybe red, something you can kind of see on
the screen a little bit better. Now here we have a dimension in millimetres, 1748, so,
its �just over 1.7 metres. Now to scale this draw a line from that line, we’ll turn
on Ortho F8 (key), to there and we’ve got a line approximately the same distance on
the 1748 line. Now what we want to do is select the image, and the line, and select a grip,
so it�s now red the hot grip and on the bottom here, we can see it says “stretch �so
press space, as we don’t want to stretch it, press space again as we don’t want to move
it, press space again as we are not rotating and here we have scale. What we want to do
we want to type “R”, down as you can see down here, “R” for reference. So, what we’re telling
here is, we’re clicking the firs point and second pint here, we’re telling it that’s
what it currently is, and now it�s asking us what we want it to be, so we can type in,
1748. ok, and ZE for zoom extents, and if we measure
that now, the distance, DI, I’ve got my set a little differently, but DI for distance,
and we measure exactly 1748. That is now scaled. Pretty close, maybe not 100% accurate, but
it’s pretty close to what it should be. Now to draw the car, I usually start in plan.
Now I’ll draw a line right down the centre, because there is no point drawing twice, just
draw it on one side and then mirror over. What I generally like to do as well is use
a “polyline” to keep all the lines together as much as possible. So, to start the polyline,
“PL”, space or enter, and we want to start at that point there. Now as you can see it’s
not really a straight line, we could draw that with polyline but it would be very jaggedy,
so down the bottom here as you can see in the command prompt, arc, halfwidth, length,
undo, width, what we are going to do is where going to create an arc. So �A� for arc,
we can see arc coming out now, but that is no good to us, so what we want to do is tell
it the second point, so it asks for the second point of the arc, so we click there, and then
we look for the end point. and there. And we can do that again, “S” for second point,
because we haven’t gotten out of the command it’s still in arc mode polyline. So, we can
just trace up over these, and there, you can always adjust these a little bit later on
this, yeah, it’s pretty easy to edit the vertices once you’ve got it all down. All I’m doing
is, pressing “s” each time, so that was the end point, “s” now for the second point, and
left click again for the end point, “s” again for second point, so do that all away around
the outer body, ok, snap it on there. I’ll go a little bit over, it’s not going where
i want it to go. Ok, escape, escape, to get out of the command, “TR” for trim, and we’ll
trim that off. As you can see we have an outline already, sometimes what can happen is, you
can have the image in front of your lines and that isn’t very helpful, so to get around
that, select the image, type “DR”, and that’s for draw order, and “B” for back. So, it sends
it to the back. So, the line is now on top. We already had that before, but I thought
I would just show you that because some times that gets in the way. Igo through and model
up all this car now, but what I basically want to show you is the basic outline and
then what we could do, about mirroring. So, we’ve got our mirror line, which is the centre
line, you drew in at the beginning, so select that and select the outer outline of the car,
make a hot grip on the median line and scroll through, on the command prompt, and select
mirror, and, should be able to mirror this around. Yep here we go, just pull it to the
right, click. Now the problem here is, it’s just mirrored it, without copying it. So,
do that again, select the outline of the car, our mirror line, make it a sot grip again,
scroll through to mirror, and this time, hit “c” for “copy, and now drag the mouse out
to the right, left click and we have an outline of our car. Hopefully that tutorial has been
helpful for you, another thing you can do as well is turn off your car layer if you
want to see what�s going on, you can also go back to Image window IM and select the
image, right click on it and say unload, it will turn it off, it is still there, so you
can reload it, if you want to get rid of it you can just detach it or erase it, I think
best method is to just detach it if you want to get rid of it because if we just delete
it like so, it�s just becomes unreferenced, so it�s still in there so in the window
so detaching it is the way to go. so hopefully you have found that helpful, and stay tuned
for more.


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