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Arty photo app Prisma lets users create their own styles

August 23, 2019

– Prisma is a popular photo editing app. Basically if you’ve seen a photo online that’s been overlaid with
an arty-looking filter, there’s a good chance it
was created on Prisma. Now there’s a new update that allows users to
create their own styles, and it introduces a store
for different styles. Since it’s called a store, it might be that Prisma
is trying to make money by selling you content. That doesn’t appear to be the case yet. Instead, it’s a way to
see when styles get added, download the ones you want, and delete the ones you don’t. It’s all free for now. As for the new style creation tool, it’s only been released what Prisma says are the most active users
and only on desktop. The idea is to allow you to upload a photo that becomes the starting point, then you adjust sliders that
represent content weight and style weight resulting
in a unique style that you can apply to any photo. Apparently this is a pretty
slow process at the moment so make sure you leave plenty of time for uploading and processing. The Prisma app, including
the new style store, is available for both iOS and Android.

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    Good job Prisma

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