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Aravind 2 Telugu Full Movie | Srinivas, Sri Reddy, Madhavilatha | Sri Balaji Video

November 1, 2019

One minute jasmine, I”ll be back soon What’s the story of this film, sir? It’s a brand new love story. What does that mean, sir? No such film is ever made in history. What’s the story, sir? It took six years to write the story. Why can’t he simply tell the name of CD? Generally, people say that your film
is a copy of a Hollywood movie. Copy is different and inspiration is different. What’s the difference? If u take photo of a beautiful girl, it’s a copy, But
if u make a painting of her, then its inspiration sir…. Please don’t get into details,
see the movie. Next question? Ya sir, Ya, Who’s that? Sir, Everyone thinks that hero Rishi
has recommended heroine anushka. Who recommended is not important,
Who has finalized it is important. Is there an affair between Rishi and Anushka? If that is true, then it’s good news
for onscreen chemistry. Isn’t it? Where is the shooting done? What? Where is the shooting done, Sir? In Goa and Dandeli forest area. Sir, It seems location is finalized by hero? It’s not who finalized is important,
Who approved it is important. You told it’s a brand new love story,
but didn’t reveal the story. What’s the name of the film? Aravind, Jailer has called you. I’ll talk to you later. Six friends went to forest for camping.
Five are missing, but nothing happened to you. And you say that you don’t know anything. Since two months you were asking same
thing, and I’ve been telling same thing. Tell me truth this time. That night, I boozed a lot, misbehaved with Jasmine. At that time, Joseph and I
quarrelled about that. I killed Joseph out of anger. I killed everyone as there
shouldn’t be any witne sn’t it sir, what you are expecting from me? I’m not expecting, I believe that this is the truth. Your belief is not true. What’s this Sudarshan, what is he talking? Do you want me tell what happened that day? You roamed the forest that day and got
tired, Went to bed and slept well. When you woke up in the morning,
none of your friends are available. Since you couldn’t find your friends
after a long search, you called us. You expect that if you tell this
way that we’ll believe you. i’m not expecting sir,
because that is the truth. How are we looking to you? Has a
rabbit eaten all the five of them? Why are you talking like that, sir? Then, how do you want me to talk, ha. How do you want me to talk? You killed five people and act like kamal
haasan,as if you don’t know anything. See, stop acting and tell what you
did to them. Did you kill them? I’m human, not an animal. Now a days, humans are animals. See, as per our records, there is no
friendship between Joseph and you. Then, how could Joseph be your friend? Joseph is a facebook friend
of our friend Nikhil. We all thought of meeting
on December 31st night. We went to camp together. That’s it Police and forest department couldn’t get single
clue, even after searching entire forest. Do you actually know who Joseph is? Mayor’s son.
Think about our pressure if he is your side. See, You have only two options. Option 1: Accept that you killed them.
Option 2: Tell us where you hide them. This is ridiculous, sir. How could you expect me to accept
a crime that I didn’t commit. Hmm…..
Looks like an exercised body! I think that you adopted for jail food. You got out of last coating so soon. See sudarshan; beat him so bad unless
he accepts the truth. Thank you, sir. Sir could you tell me who gave me bail? I’m asking you, who gave me bail. Are you the one who gave me bail? Yes Why did you get me bail? I believe that you are innocent How did you trust me? How? That day when you went to camp, my daughter Priya is,one of the missing. Are you Priya’s father? I’m not only her father,
best friend too. She won’t share anything with her friends
and won’t hide anything from me. She would take any decision,
after thinking ten times. That kind of a girl spoke about you. That day, she spoke on phone. Even the phone signals were not
clear, I understood her. Yes, she liked you a lot. She loves you. She told that she’d propose
to Aravind, tomorrow. I wished her all the best too, that
was the last time I heard her voice. You asked me the reason for getting bail for you, it’s the trust that I have on my daughter’s choice. Not only that, I believe as an
officer that what you told is true Thank you sir, thank you very much. Think, what happened that day. When did you see Priya for last time? That day night, she asked me to wish her, as tomorrow is
going to be an important day in her life. I wished her. She told good night and went to camp. Did she spoke about me? In the past one and half years since I
know her, she spoke about you every day. In her view, You are the world’s best dad ever. Aravind hey aravind hey aravind aravind hey yourself. How are you so relaxed. Mayor’s men
are looking for you. Go somewhere. You know something, Priya loved me. She went missing when she thought
of proposing me the next day. She didn’t go
missing, she’s dead. Police and mayor’s people searched. If you get caught, mayor’s people will kill you. Please go somewhere. I have to know what happened to Priya. Hey, wait. Give him a chance to speak.
Why are you so excited? Where is Aravind? I don’t know. I don’t know. See, I’m not a villain,
first get fixed to that. My boss asked to kill Aravind,
I will kill him. Unnecessarily, why do you want to get
killed? Is it because of friendship? He won’t tell you if you ask him like this,
Beat him. Wait, do you want to kill him? Kill him.
If he’s dead, can we get the truth. If bullet is pierced,
then truth comes out. Where do you want to pierce it,
here, here or here? Is the tattoo looking good? Where did he go? North Goa…North Goa. Our attire might look
as we are from Goa. But, we are from Vizianagaram,
settled in Goa. God…. Customer you are trying to reach
is out of coverage area. Hello! Sir, this is Aravind speaking. Ya…tell me. Mayor’s men are trying to kill me. Court
would believe that I’m innocent, someday. But, how could I prove it to mayor’s men. Simple, accept that you killed them before
Judge or get killed by mayor’s men.That’s it. Sir…Sir…shit. Go..Go..Go .Sorry, for being late. Why did you call me? I don’t like you being very close to Ajay. Don’t like means… It means I don’t like. Our love story is public now. But, we’re just good friends. Good friends, hhaa…
good friends won’t move so close. Shake hand to Hug, Hug to peck,
peck to kiss, then touching. You call this as friendship? Shit. Did you sleep with Ajay? What? Didn’t you understand?
Did you sleep with Ajay? What are you saying? Is there
any meaning in your statement? Swear on our love,
didn’t you sleep with Ajay? Yes, I slept with him. Tell cut please, who wrote these dialogues. Kirti, get me next scene dialogues copy. Give me some water. Why did she answer this way? Her character in the movie will never lie. Even then, how could love between us will run. Platonic love. Means? They do as they wish, there
won’t be any restriction. Couldn’t understand. Brand new love story. Not getting it. Simple, you got frustrated because
Ajay slept with your girlfriend. So, you slept with Ajay’s girlfriend. Two days, fresh love. You couple roamed
in forest behind trees and bushes. Your girlfriend felt that
Ajay is not worthy enough. Similarly Ajay’s girlfriend didn’t match you. So, finally after knowing the truth,
you go to beach with heroine. Ajay went to pub with his girlfriend.
Cinema finish. How would I show love in my cinema is…. Hello….there is no
love here, only sex. Love is not be visible, but overdose
of sex will be a hit in box-office. You have clarity, right? Damn clarity. I become
director without clapping? O K, where is Ajay’s figure, sorry
who is doing the lover character? Kirti….Kirti Meghna, sir. Meghna. Hi, Meghna. I’m not doing this cinema. Why? I might forget acting to act so close
to a beautiful girl like you. Hey come on, I would remind you. Thanks. By the way, I’m the heroine
of your next movie! Hey vamsi, Sir Did you enquire whether the shot is ready? I’ll enquire about it sir. Sir, in another 15 minutes. Shit….shit. Sir, once…sir Bhaskar, what do you say? Light failure. Shit I don’t think he will leave us. Sir..sir…my shot sir Break Oh! excellent. Ok….thanks Hey, do you know palm reading? Are you
reading my palm or feeling my hand? By the way, if you become director,
would you keep me as hair dresser. This is heroine’s hand. What, heroine. I don’t like to commit. Who am I? Director Who are you? Heroine. Then, what’s the problem? Still, I don’t like commitments. OK, we’ll do one thing. Tell me Why can’t you commit before becoming heroine. Ya, this is good. That…. Are you feeling shy? Shot ready Bhaskar… Sir When she comes out of sea water, camera should point from leg to top
where her face would be revealed. In face..
If we stop camera at navel for 2 seconds… Good, it’s a commercial point. Has your work finished? Not finished, because of you. By the way, did Kiran who is
doing Ajay’s character come? He should join us
from day after tomorrow. There is some communication problem. Why, is the phone’s not working here. No, It’s not that communication problem mean kiran and producer are
concerned about remuneration. Where is producer? He’s there. I’ll give round figure of Rs 35000. It’s not that sir. Come on sir, we are small producers,
we don’t have big budget. How could Rs 35000 be round figure, sir? No sir, at least 50000…. No discussion, call me in the
evening, I’m already in roaming. What, are you in roaming?
You told shooting is in Goa. Is hero your relation? Yes sir. That’s why he could have kept you as manager. Thank you sir. OK, I’ll call you in the evening. OK, sir. Hello, director. We thought of Kiran as second hero character Ya Where is he? He’s not agreeing upon
the remuneration. Actually, I’m making this
cinema by selling property. Who’s property? Of course, mine. What’s difference between figure
we said and figure he’s demanding. Sir, there won’t be any issue with figure. Figure means not this girl, money. That, Rs 50000. Just for Rs 50000, do you want to let
an artist like Kiran go? No…do one thing. No…do one thing. Tell me. Put buttons and do yourself. Sir, Give me your hand,
if you encourage me like this then I’ll prove myself. No need to prove,
I don’t think we’ll improve. If artist don’t come,
then you have to sell you property in reality. Will you do 3 films on contract. Why 3, I’ll do 30,
until you have mood. Ajay…. same look. Am I hero, I can’t do it. I trust myself more than you. I can do a film with dog as a hero. There was a director named Vitalacharya,
have you heard that name? If he’s angry about any artist, then
he would change them to a dog or cat. They would be changed again to their
character, only if they well behave. Those Movies were super hits.
I’m also from same batch. I see an original artist in you.
I’m fixed. Sir, I have a different problem. What is this, Do you know how many
are waiting outside for this offer. Don’t miss a golden opportunity. A minute ago, you stood
there to see the shooting. But now, you are sitting
in front of a director. Beautiful heroine, timely food, juice and
security, shooting in beautiful Dandeli forest. Tomorrow, after film’s release, there would be press meet,
autographs, photographs, MMS and much more. Why are you hesitating? Where did you say the location is? In Dandeli forest. In Dandeli, Ok I’ll come. That’s what I’m saying, come on. There’s signal problem. Meghna is just doing song sequence. He asked for Ajay,
but finalized a new artist. I can’t understand this director.
But no option. Hello Uncle, this is Aravind. Hello Aravind, How are you? Fine uncle. Your phone was switched
off when I called you last time. I wasn’t feeling well there. How are you feeling now? I’m okay now. Anything important? Mayor’s men of Goa are chasing me,
I don’t understand anything. I didn’t do anything wrong to Priya. I know. I’m in my trials in
knowing whereabouts of Priya. My colleague joined hands with mayor,
that is the reason for your problems. Listen, go somewhere very long.
Forget Priya. I started to think of Priya
now, I can’t forget her. Aravind, I’m telling what
is best for you. Do it. OK, thank you uncle. Thank you. You are welcome. Where are you going? To the new hero. You are so lucky. Came to see
shooting, now became hero.Lucky. Thank you. Tanishka Aravind What do you do? I’m an actor. Before that. I’m a tattooist. Wow, I love tattoos. In Goa, it’s a good
business to have tattoo shop. Ya Since you have become an actor now,
who’s running your business now? It’s closed now. Rajnikanth also started his life as a
conductor who became a superstar. That’s different thing, he’s an exception. Same way, Aravind also might be an exception. You can’t compare everyone with him. But, history also tells one more thing. Many people come to cinema to become superstar
like rajnikanth, but ended as conductors. Some has become beggars and no money to eat food. History tells one more thing, Last
two films of a hero are flop. If the third one becomes a flop, then
there won’t be any fans, cut outs. Just sitting at home and watching
other people’s movies. Excuse me. Whose truck is that?
Where is that driver? Rishi, don’t….rishi.
Stop him….rishi.Rishi. Come out of the truck, come out. Just think. Why should I think of him? I was hurt. Why are so short tempered? I’ll kill him. Just forget about that incident. Why should I? Rishi, calm down. Come out, where are you hiding? ishi…. It’s life, not cinema. Not only in cinema,
I’m hero in real life too. Hey rishi, stop. Leave me. Why are you over excited? First, let us leave this place.
We can start as soon as possible. Oh rishi, what is this wound. Leave it. Hey Rishi….stop Bastard Rishi…please stop We came close to guest house, Road is
not good from here, have to walk. Dawood, your owner send this kind
of a bus for artists, can’t he send an AC bus. OK sir, we’ll get a different vehicle. Where’s my bag? Here it is. So fresh. I think we walked more than a mile. We’ve arrived….yes, no more walking.
Aravind, come let’s go. Ya Don’t you think in Goa youth means
evening chill, love with girl. Isn’t it. Come on; tell me about
your love story. Priya Who’s Priya? Interesting, tell me Manager..! Yes Keys OK, my luggage is outside,
is there any boy to get it? It’s self system. At least after fresh up, do
you send a boy for snacks? Self cooking, self service. What is this? Are you unsatisfied? You can leave. What? This resort will be open for six months
and closed for six months. You came in unseason. Hence, no manpower. Nowhere to go. Good, I don’t think you would take risk.
Take the keys please. what’s the logic between open for six
months and My responsibility is just to hand over the keys. close for six months? My responsibility is just to hand over the keys. Guys, guys, guys…good evening everybody. Hi It’ll take another one and half day for our
Goa unit to arrive here, so no shooting. Good news Everyone, enjoy and have fun to the fullest. This is forest, at least be social here.
No hypocrisy, OK. OK, sir. No rules, no boundaries. No one
would stop or question you. No need to feel that my money is being wasted. Superb In case if someone is going to question
you, then that would be myself. Five girls, five
boys…party…party Party Bhaskar, do you booze? Are you kidding?
What did I do all this time? I mean, regularly… I’ll booze to the fullest
if it’s not my money. But, a good company like you
would be like icing on cake. Thank you, thank you.
By the way, are you married? Ya, got married five years back. Can I tell you an interesting matter, bhaskar? Interesting matter, what is that? There is a similarity between forest and wife. What similarity? Wife will be beautiful while sleeping,
forest will be beautiful when awake. Nice experience. Can I tell you something. Wife will threaten you when awake but
forest will threaten you are asleep. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar..Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Bhaskar.. Hey Aravind, where
are you going? I’m going out on a small work,
will be back soon. May I come? Hey rishi, are you okay? We’ll take care of him. Okay, bye. Take care. Bye Just for fun….Jealous Madam, have you seen the
people in this photo? We came for camping two months back,
these five members went missing. No one goes missing here, only dies What’s that? If you didn’t see! Then tell that you didn’t see, but
don’t say that they are dead. I told because you asked me. Don’t waste your time in searching them.
You too will die. Not that….madam…madam. Thanks Why thanks? I’ve been trying for you since
two years, you accepted now. I accepted because you sincerely tried for me. Don’t get emotional and go till marriage,
because I already have a boy friend. It’s Okay, I too have a lover. Is it? What does she do? Software engineer,
Rs 75000 salary. Good, you chose a right girl. It’s okay if I’m successful here. If not,
then I have to take care of my security. Not only life, you also made me
to have an affair with you. Prasad… Prasad… What happened?Tell me Prasad. Prasad Sir, my name is Aravind, I came
here for a cinema shooting. What happened? Just now, two of my men
were killed in front of me. My lover Priya went missing in
this forest two months ago. I lost hope of finding her,
he would’ve killed her. Please come, sir. Is that so, okay come. Thank you sir. It’s here sir. It should be here. I saw with my own eyes. Here only sir, it’s true. Promise sir.
It has to be here. I saw with my eyes, please sir. It’s real blood, where’s the body? The dead body should be here. Okay, come to station and give a complaint. By the Way, where are you staying? Dandeli guest house. Okay, there were many missing cases prior
to this, but none of them were solved. If there’s a relation between this
blood and your missing complaint. Then I’ll make sure none of
your men would be dead. I guarantee for your life. Okay sir. Let’s go. Lift please. I don’t know
where other’s gone. All of them boozed to the fullest. Need lift till Cheppalidaga, thank you. Nothing sir, I want to know whether
Goa unit has started or not? But phone signals are
so weak to get connected. By the way, why are you wearing
mask in this hot summer? Madam, open the door! Madam, I have to tell you an important news. Please, open the door! He’s killing everyone in front of my eyes. He’s a monster. Madam,
please. Madam, he’s killing I told you that day itself that
no one would be spared. Come in. Be relaxed, I’m old, what
can I do for you, tell me. When I came here before, you told no
one would go missing but will die. Now, it’s happening.
Which means, you should know him? What can you do after knowing? I couldn’t save Priya, at least let
me save people who came with me. No one will be spared, everyone will die. Once the death door opens,
no one could escape from it. I heard a story about him.
Few years back, a couple used to stay in
an old house in forest. Husband is a butcher. His wife is pregnant. The foetus started to grow in an environment
of blood and the sound of butching. Two days before her delivery,
there was thunderous rain. Environment has become so dreadful as
if a demon is about to be born. She delivered on the day of lunar eclipse. The baby’s face was very dreadful. Father feared by looking at his physique. He
shouted as it’s not his son, it’s a demon. He used to torture his wife
thinking because of her illegal affair, the baby
was born in that way. Husband’s suspicion about his wife
grew along with the age of his son. The boy’s childhood started in an environment
of buffalo’s corpse and knives. One day, the boy’s mother was stabbed to death by his father
in front of his eyes. So, the boy killed his father. If you want to survive in this world,
then you have to kill. The boy decided to live in forest, instead
of living like a corpse with mankind. This is not a story, its truth. Because, I nursed her mother when she gave birth to him He’s like my son. He won’t let anyone to live who sees him. I won’t let you live who know truth about him. Sir, Where are we going now? where are we going now?
To see location. Okay sir. Beautiful location,
aren’t you thrilled? Yes sir, I have a small doubt sir. Our But this location suits a thriller cinema s is a love story. But this location suits
a thriller cinema In our cinema, Vijay will have an
affair with Ajay’s girlfriend! And Ajay will have affair with vijay’s girlfriend. Isn’t thrilling. It’s a love thriller….Yes Ya…sir By the way, you have a crush on our co-director No, but co-director has crush on me. Then, whom you have crush on? It’s…. Come on…tell me It’s…I don’t have crush on males. Everybody can have their own sexual preference. What’s this old bungalow in the forest,
interesting. Let’s go find out. Okay sir. Come on. Careful, sir. I think it’s a slaughterhouse, someone’s here. Kirti.. Kirti.. kirti.. kirti. Kirti…where are you? Kirti.. shit. Hey.. go and check. Hello..Why are you wearing mask? Is it because of Dust allergy? Did you see him? Hey Mr, I’m asking you only. What sir, I couldn’t see you since morning, where have you been? Kirti’s dead What, kirti’s dead. What is that blood sir? Are you okay? Someone killed kirti in front on my eyes. hat are you talking? Why would someone kill kirti out of no reason? He tried to kill me also, but I escaped. I missed my way in this forest
and finally could come now. Where are others? Come on, without any reason why
would a man kill other man. Why? Is he mad? Killer….yes, he’s a beast. He murdered co-director and hair
dresser in front of my eyes. He would’ve murdered others also. I have never heard of such
person in this forest That is forest. How much ever you search,
there would be some place left unsearched. That’s his strength. Till now,
he murdered only people who entered his area. But now he’s hunting out of his boundaries. I know every truth about him. I
can’t prove you more than this. If we delay, he’ll kill us,
Will kill everyone of us. No He won’t leave. What Aravind said is true,
he won’t leave anyone of us. Come, let us call police.
They should know about this. Police know only about people missing, but
they don’t know that he is the culprit. Hey, talk with sense. They
should be notified. Come on. Ya, let’s do something.
Let’s go. What happened? It’s not working. Shit No connection, Oh my god… Aravind was right What do we do? If we have to be safe,
then we have to leave this place right now. Where? Let’s go to the bus. Let’s go. Oh, god. He has come It’s all because of you. It can’t be just because I hit his truck.
What are you saying? Are we going to die? Hey, don’t talk rubbish. Do you think would kill us just
for breaking the glass. First think how to get out of this place. First let us contact police. Guys, let’s get back to the guest house.
That’s the only way to stay alive. Are you gone mad, how could we go
there after knowing that he came. Lets go to guest house,
only way to stay alive. Hey…run, run…run Rishi…come fast. Meghna…Where’s meghna? Didn’t meghna come?
Meghna…. Meghna… meghna… meghna.. Rishi, come on,
close the doors. Oh, no. Does the power has to go now? It’s because of him, this is his play. Tanu, don’t worry, we can’t do
anything out of fear. I have a gun. Gun? It’s a licensed gun. Where is it? In the room upstairs. Is there a torch? orch…I saw it here, one second. Quick…Quick
Did you find it? Yes, here it is. Thank god, give me. Come on…come on. Quick. Rishi…take care, Rishi, be careful. We have gun, don’t worry. Did he come? Nothing happened. What happened, rishi?
What happened? Are you okay? He’s come. He’s inside this building. I shot him, but he escaped.
I don’t know who’s next. Shall we go from backside,
please…please.. before he comes. No, we can’t go. Listen, if we go outside,
it becomes easy for him to kill us. Then, what to do? Let us be here,
that’s the only safety. Aravind is correct,
let us stay here. He’s a cop. You did a big mistake. I didn’t know. We killed the person,
who came to save us. I’m scared, I don’t think
that we can escape from him. Calm down, Our sounds,
shout shouldn’t be heard by him. We might escape because he’s hurt. Run…
Go,go…go Come on Run,run. This way, this way. That side. Come on…come on The doors closed. I think the cop could’ve have
come from that side, let’s go Break it open. Door opened He’s coming…he’s coming
Jump Where are others? How could I know? They came with you… I thought they came with you. Shit, what do we do now? What to do… let’s go. What about Tanishka? Leave them. First let us save ourselves, go. Tanishka, come on. Aravind….. Stop…! Stop the vehicle….please, stop. Hey, he’s coming there.
They’ll die if we won’t let them in. If we slow down, then he can reach us. Rishi…. Aravind…fast Stop… He’s chasing you…run fast Kanishka, get in get in….
you keep keep going He’s about to reach us…
kanishka, come on Come on, Aravind Stop Aravind..get in, get in Fast…kanishka, come fast,
you can do it. Kanishka, come on. Keep going, don’t stop. Oh, shit..shit..shit Stop…kanishka, get in get in.
Careful, careful. be safe Oh my god Oh, Shit. Why did he come here? How did he come here? Why are you slowing down? Do or die, go He might die, I can’t do it. If he doesn’t die,
then he’ll kill us. Go on, go on. No, what are you doing? Keep pressing the accelerator,
go on, go on Go What are you looking at? Go on Are they going to hit him? Go on, go on…hit him. No…please what are you doing? Go on, hit him What’s that sound? Oh no, he’s not yet dead. Aravind, What happened,
is she okay? Is there anyone inside, please save us.
please open the door. Please help us. Help, help….somebody help. Is there anyone inside,
please open the door. Please open the door fast, please.
Open the door fast, sir. Thank you sir, thank you sir. Aravind, are you okay? Who are you? We’re from Hyderabad. After Goa schedule… We came to forest for
shooting with our unit Where are they? Everyone is dead. Dead means? Someone killed them. Who? He, the killer. Psycho. He killed everyone,
will kill us also. Kanishka, calm down. Don’t panic. SShhhh…don’t cry,
you are in the safest place of this forest. Entire walls are electrically fenced. So, don’t worry,
you are safe with us. Go, clean yourself. There? Show me your hand Is it paining? It’s hurting as I couldn’t save Priya. How far can we run while
death is chasing us. Don’t know where we are headed to,
no hope of seeing tomorrow. I left my pregnant wife for
this cinema shooting. I like to see her and see my son,
who is yet to be born. We should have interest in life. My mother wanted to see me as a star. I became a big star! Bought a house for my
mother in my native, a car, a cellphone to talk. I last met her seven years back. I would like to see her. Help… Help… somebody
help me. Save me, please help me. Help me…save me, save me…. someone save me. Don’t worry, no need to feel tensed.
I’ll go and see. Kanishka, run… Fast Be careful, run…run Come this way, come this way Rishi…. Rishi.. Rishi.. what happened? Remove it, please remove it, slowly Bear for sometime He has come, he has come Hey Aravind…Aravind go,
Aravind you go Aravind…. Don’t talk rubbish, you’ll die. If you stay here,
then everyone of us will die. No, no, no rishi So please go…go go…go listen to me…go Come on, what are you looking for, come on. What are looking at, come on. Oh, shit, there’s only one bullet. Son of a bitch, why did you stop? Come on, What are you waiting for? Come on, come on. You killed everyone, come on. If you have guts to kill me,
then come on, go ahead. What are you looking at, come on. What happened you idiot,
why are turning back. Are you frightened of my gun? Come on, son of a bitch. Help, help me, is there anyone? Please save me. Aravind, can you hear something? help me. somebodyhelp Hello, please help Who’s that in this forest? Did you hear that? Help….! Aravind, where is
that sound from? There is somebody under the pit. help Is anyone there? Let us help them, please Aravind. Please help me… Let me check, I’ll go first, okay. Be careful.. What’s this place,
where are we now? I’m scared. Priya… .Priya Aravind.. Aravind Please get me
out of here…please It’s okay, I’m here Please take me out of here!
take me out! Guys, we have to leave now, he’s come. Let’s go… run This is the way we came in,Aravind. Priya, you go first Kanishka, fast… come on,
give me your hand. He has come come on… What is this place?
Where are we? It looks like an old factory. Aravind… leave him,
leave him, Aravind.. leave him Stop it… it’s enough. Why are you behaving like a monster. Just because some injustice
happened to you. Why are trying to kill
an innocent person like him! Listen to me, your pain has grown
along with you as a revenge. What you think is wrong,
please leave him. behaving like a beast. See, You are behaving like an animal
instead of a man, in anger. please Leave him I know, I know you don’t want to kill me, because you see your mother in me. I know, I know, you won’t kill me. leave him. Aravind,Leave Leave I know You can’t kill me,
you can’t kill me. know. You can’t kill me, you can’t kill me. You don’t want to hurt your mother! I know. You can’t kill me, You don’t want to hurt your mother! I know, I know you don’t want to kill me, you won’t kill me. It’s okay it’s over Aravind..


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    Worst worst movie🎥🎥
    Worst worst movie🎥🎥

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