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Apple Photos Tutorial – Basic Editing

August 9, 2019

Hey everybody, this tutorial comes to me as
a suggestion from a subscriber… OK, the subscriber is my dad, but he’s still a subscriber.
I was over at my parent’s house the other night and naturally, travel photos came up,
and my dad takes thousands of travel photos a year and his question to me was, “How do
I use the software that I already have to make these photos look the best that they
possibly can?” So we looked at what he’s using. He’s an Apple user. He has an iPhone, an iPad
and a Mac Mini. My suggestion to him was, let’s look at Apple Photos and see what kind
of post-processing we can do within that program. What I’m going to take you through today,
is the basics of editing and adjustments in Apple Photos to pull the best you possibly
can out of those photos that you’re taking. So, here we are, we’re inside Apple Photos.
I’ve loaded it up and I’ve imported a photograph that I took of my dog Maggie. Here we are
in that “last import” album. I’m just going to double click on the photo and load it up
here. What you’ll notice is, in the upper right hand corner we’re gonna get this little
“Edit” button, and I’m going to click that so we can edit the photo. The interface goes
dark like this and gives us all of these tools. Let me go ahead and maximize this window,
so I’m going to go ahead and go full screen. Click the green button there. There we go.
Now, we’re not going to go over everything in detail. We’re really, going to focus on
the things right here under “Adjust”. So, First off what we have here at the top is
the “Enhance”. Now, this is just going to automatically look at the photograph and say,
“Ok, what can we do to improve it,” and it’s just going to try to do it automatically.
I’m going to go ahead and hit it and see what it does, and you’ll actually already see that
for this image it went ahead and made all these colors a little more saturated and gave
us a little more contrast in the image. So it’s actually pretty nice. Sometimes you won’t
see a lot happen if you hit enhance, no big deal. Underneath that you have “Rotate”, so
say this image wasn’t rotated correctly we could spin it around underneath that we have
the crop function, We might want to crop this image a little bit. And so, we can go ahead
and click on that, and it’s going to bring up these edges here, and this little radial
dial so we can rotate the image, if we thought that the image wasn’t quite level. What we
can do, is we can grab these corners and move this around, and adust the size of our image.
Now, we can use this rule of thirds guide, you see those little crosshairs that pop up
to sort of properly compose our image. Not going to go into the rules of thirds, but
I’m going to use them as little to kind of place them on pieces of interest in my photograph,
one of them being Maggie. So I’m i’ll just go ahead and let go right there. And then
if we just move off of the image it’ll go ahead and crop that for us. Looking pretty
good. So now that we’ve got our crop taken care of, we can look below that. We see “Filters”,
We’re not going to go over the filters, but below that we have “Adjust” and that’s what
I really want to take a look at for the rest of this tutorial. So we’re going to go ahead
and click that and we’ll see what comes up. By default, if you’ve never used this before,
this is probably how it’s going to look. You’re going to have “Light”, “Color” and “Black
and White”. Pretty simple. Under “Light” just grab this little slider and move it around
we can notice that the brightness changes. If we go below that, we have “Color”. This
is really just the amount of saturation that we have in the image. And then, underneath
that, we have “Black and White”. If we wanted to make this a black and white image we could
click on it here and we could start adjusting the slider here to get some different effects
in our black and white image. I’m going to uncheck that blue check right there and it’ll
go back to being color. Doesn’t look like we have a lot of options here, but look when
we hover over, we have these little… down arrows here. If we click that, it’ll actually
open up and show us a lot more things under each one of these functions here, so we can
look as we open color and even “Black and White” we have a lot more things we can start
adjusting, so if we want to adjust the exposure, say, of the overall image but wanted to adjust
just the exposure of the shadows in the image, we can now do that by twirling this down.
So, play with these and you have a lot more functions. A lot more like a pro level post
processing application would have. But that’s not all. Now we’ve got all of these, but see
this blue “Add” button up here? If we click that we have even more things we can add in
and we can start playing with. We’ve got the histogram which I’m not going to go into what
it does, but it’s very handy once you know. We’ll do a tutorial on that at some point.
But we also have sharpen, definition, noise reduction, you can add a vignette. White balance
and levels are advanced functions and we won’t worry that, but all you have to do is click
one and it’ll add it down here. And again under each one of those you have several different
options and so you can adjust the sharpness of the image but also, you know, how it’s
effecting the different sharp edges within your image there. I’m not gonna get into exactly
what each one of those things does, that’s for you to play around with and we can go
into a lot more detail in a different tutorial. But, you can see that within Apple Photos
there is quite a number of things you can tweak to improve the quality of your image.
If we feel like we’re done with this image, and we say “hmmmm, I don’t really like it”,
at any point in time you can always revert back to the original and start over. I hope you learned something about Apple Photos
and the adjustments. I will be doing a tutorial where we go into a lot more detail and sort
of my process for how I would use all of those particular, intricate functions to treat a
photo in Apple Photos. So, please subscribe and I hope to see you
again soon.


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    Cool please do more!

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  • Reply billy holly April 29, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    I've never had an Apple. Is this a program that comes standard on most of their computers, like the Air? I'm considering buying one.

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    Friend single0,
    Sir, should you find yourself inclined, please continue instructions on using all the tools of Apple Photo. I should be most grateful and willing to pay for such. I thank you for your works thus far, pierre from New Mexico

  • Reply Loopsrainforest January 6, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    Apple Photos sucks! Bring back Aperture!!!

  • Reply Freddie Causey February 21, 2018 at 11:05 pm

    👍👍. Thanks for the video.

  • Reply Shaila Hattangadi July 4, 2018 at 9:01 am

    I've lost the super eraser tool in my IMAC photos app. Please help.

  • Reply Grace Brown July 19, 2018 at 12:34 pm

    How can I dlete text I have added to an image in preview. Iv'e saved it to another folder under another name but preview has added the text to all.

  • Reply Thomas Curry January 14, 2019 at 5:24 am

    In iPhoto I could crop to a picture size, usually 4X6. I didn't see that feature in "Photos" when you demonstrated the crop feature. Is there a way to crop to a specific size in Photos?

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