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Ant-Man and The Wasp – Official Trailer 2 Breakdown in Hindi | SuperSuper

November 4, 2019

[ SUPERSUPER INTRO MUSIC ] After Infinity War , the main question is WHERE ARE HAKWEYE AND ANT-MAN? Only we are not asking this question , the Avengers are themselves asking the same question. So , a new trailer of Ant-man and The Wasp has been uploaded. In which we came to know about few more things , but we’ll talk about them later. Now , 2018 is going to be an awesome year for MCU . Where Black Panther is not stopping after collecting $1.3 Billion and there is Infinity War collected $640 Billion in its opening weekend only. Now , Ant-man and The Wasp are going to be profitable for MARVEL’s pocket. So guys , I am Aman Sinha and Today, we’re going to do breakdown of Ant-man and The Wasp’s new trailer. In this video , we’ll talk about Infinity War alongwith discussing the new trailer of Ant-man and The Wasp. Which means if you haven’t seen Infinity War , first see it and then watch this video. With taking care of spoilers , let’s start. So basically , this movie’s event are after Captain America : Civil War’s event as per talks. And Black Widow in Infinity War told that due to not following Sokovia Accords , Scott’s and Clint’s family had to face a lot. And they are now ” House – Arrest “. But before this house-arrest , a new villain has surfaced upon Whose name is ” Ghost ” So now, lets take a look on the shots of this movie. And see what this Ghost wants. The trailer starts with Cassie telling her father , Scott , that if she could also fight against bad people like her father . We saw this fact in comics How Cassie takes place of her father after Ant-man’s death And become a part of “Young Avengers” . So this is possible that Cassie Lang fullfills her this dream in MCU. Emma Furrhman has been casted as teenage Cassie Lang in Avengers 4 untitled movie . Which means we can see a time jump in Avengers 4 . However , it is still confirmed that Ant-man and Wasp are going to be a part of Avengers in the Avengers untitled movie. Then we see this shot where Ant-man has come to take this building from Walton Goggins who is playing the role of Sonny Burch. And taking the advantage of his size , he may take it from him. Then we see Luis to whom Hank Pym has come to ask for help. However , the setup shows that Luis has opened his own security company. Whose name is ‘ X con’ with the members of his first Ant-man movie. He is telling here that Hank Pym has opened the Quantum Realm due to which Ghost got her powers. However , Hank Pym opened this realm to find his wife , Janet Van Dyne. But Ghost is now the main problem. After looking at Ghost , it is looking that Ghost uses the Quantum Realm as her source of powers. Just like the concept that we saw in Doctor Strange Where the Ancient One and other sorcerers draw their powers from other dimensions And changing the reality of the Earth. Plus , in background , Luis is saying that the Ghost want to rule the world. In the next shot , we can see Ghost hitting a powerful kick to Ant-man. Which is telling how powerful is Ghost. It seems that she wants Hank Pym’s lab. Because in whole trailer we can see everyone fleeing with this lab . In the next shot , this building gets big in a Parking lot. Most probably , this will the place where we’ll see the final fight. In next shot , we can see this old setup where due to failure of an experiment led to this explosion. Later we see the same shot which we saw in first trailer. Here , FBI has surrounded Hank Pym and his daughter , Hope. This is most probably due to Sokovia Accords. However , finding these guys and arresting these guys are both different talks. Most probably again , Hank Pym will take out a tank from his pocket and flee the area. In next scene , we see the teamup of Ant-man and Wasp. Plus , the actions of Wasp are awesome. However , we saw Hope was more capable to don the Ant-man’s suit in the first movie. Now , we can see her skills here. But in next shot , we can see Wasp a little bit sad. Which means only one thing that Hope’s mother Janet has returned. However , Janet Van Dyne wasn’t shown in the trailer But she is in movie Michelle Pfeiffer will be seen as her role in the movie. Her names was included in the recently launched poster. Next we see is an ant playing drums. He may be the same ant which escaped during the final fight scene from the first movie. Plus , a seagull is going to eat scott’s another anthony . Most probably , Scott turns into Giant-man in this scene. But we’ll talk about this later on. In next shot , we see Qauntum Realm In which Scott came back there again But he is not alone If we see here carefully , we can see something passing by him This may be original Wasp , Janet Van Dyne or other Quantum Realm’s creature. Which is going to fight against Scott. In next scene , we can see Scott and Hope teaming against Ghost. After which , Wasp is juicing Ghost. Judging the background of this scene , we can assume this is Hank Pym’s lab. This may be the time when Ghost got ger powers. Next we see this shot which may be a flasback. Because the suits of Ant-man and Wasp are retro-styled. So , it may be a flashback of an old S.H.I.E.L.D. mission where Hank Pym and his wife went together. Next , we can see Luis frightening. Because after getting shrinked you are obviously afraid of getting crushed by anything . And Luis ,” who may be a resourceful man ” , when something happens strange , he runs away. However , we are sure that Luis has an important role in this movie. In fact , we can see him carrying this building. Next we can see , Scott talking to Laurence Fishburne’s Goliath. Where Goliath aka Bill Foster is telling him and Hope that He with Hank Pym worked on project “Goliath”. Here , this project means Bill Foster became Goliath aka Giant-man by using Pym particle. However , he could only achieve a height of 21 feet . Though Scott is boasting that he achieved 65 feet. Extrading the ‘SIZE’ topic , the main topic is why did Hank shut down the Goliath Project. This topic aslo arises the question that why did not Hank don the Ant-man’s suit in the first movie. The reason could be that changing the body size may have an effect on the subject’s body. This is why old Hank Pym can’t use the Ant-man’s suit. Alongside this is why Goliath couldn’t achieve more than 21 feet. After this , the trailer ends with Scott turning into the Giant-man where he has come to take this building from Sonny Burch. Plus , he is making the same noise which he hooted in Captain America : Civil War when he turned into Giant-man. After seeing this scene , it is clear that this movie is going to be awesome. According to the directors of Avengers : Infinity War , The Russo Brothers , Ant-man and the Wasp is most related movie to Infinity War . So , it now to see whether this connection is in whole movie or at the end. So , guys this was the breakdown of the new trailer of Ant-man and the Wasp. If I missed some details or you have a new fact related about this movie , then do tell us in the comment section. Alongside , tell us whether Hawkeye will be in this movie or not. And for latest superhero news and for awesome superhero facts , don’t forget to follow us at Facebook , Tweeter , Instagram and Google+. WE ARE EVERYWHERE. So guys , you want to see Hank Pym in comics , I’ll recommend you to see our Civil War comic series. Alongside , if you like this video , don’t forget to hit like and share it. For more super content , subscribe our channel. THANK U GUYS !! THIS IS AMAN SIHNA!!! AND YOU ARE SUPERSUPER!! PEACE!!


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