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Anime Photography Editing Tutorial

August 4, 2019

So welcome to another anime style photography tutorial and today I’m going to teach you how I shoot or actually how I edit my anime style pictures When I first started this style of photography, I think it’s about three or four years ago I had the Fuji X100 I would walk out and take a picture of anything and as you can see My pictures were like really bright really colorful Not much contrast but over time my style has changed And now these days I edit more of a Makoto Shinkai style of anime As you can see today, I will be teaching you how I edit this style of picture so we’ll be doing this photo and For all of you out there, I always get some question about settings. I Have my settings right here, but to be honest it doesn’t actually matter because when I shot this picture I shot an auto and Yeah, that’s all I really have to say about that When you shoot this kind of photography You should focus much less on the gear and much more on the art of this So first thing we’re gonna do is gonna set this up, right and First things first, it’s a little dark. We’re gonna increase the exposure Let’s see That’s fine. And We’re gonna go down to the highlights. We’re gonna reduce them all the way We’re also going to increase the blacks all the way. So we have higher dynamic range and We’re going to play around with the shadows until we get it however, we want it to look so this is looking I Know it’s looking a little bit washed up, but we’re actually gonna come back to this later And we’re gonna increase the whites on still until you start seeing These this red all over your screen You don’t want too much of it. Just you just want a little bit just a little bit Okay, now I’m gonna start adding a little bit of contrast back into the picture Until it looks how I wanted to look so I’m doing this all by eye there is no magic formula you just you do this Until it looks the way you want it to look. I guess that’ll be fine for now Okay. Now the fun part we can actually Start messing with some colors But first I’m gonna reduce the clarity now when I first started I used to reduce the clarity all the way and I like that but now my style has changed. I still reduce the clarity but not too much maybe minus 10 Just enough and We’re going to reduce the saturation Usually I go around negative 40 and then I’m going to give some back by increasing the vibrance Okay Now When it comes to anime, these are the colors I usually prefer I like to change the Reds and For the oranges, I like to leave it let’s kind of boost the oranges up Something like that for the yellows Kind of moving more towards a greener greener side. So we’re already starting to get the colors that we want Now she gets a little bit too red. I’m gonna reduce the saturation Something something like this and the too bright They go back to the oranges Okay, there there we go the oranges are popping which something I like My yellows are fine. So I usually just change these three colors, but we also want to change the color in the sky We want a more kind of turquoise Looking color, so we’re going to go Negative Until it looks best for you I Guess that’s fine. That’s a little bit too bright. So I’m actually gonna unload with that negative 33 36 negative 36 And we have a little bit more white showing up. So what we’re going to do is we’re gonna go reduce some whites again just know There you go, so some of you guys might think I’m done but actually I’m not We’re gonna come to a total curve and you know, when you watch the animation the blacks are not completely black So we’re just gonna bump this up just a little bit just like 1% or 2% Not much pointing. Yeah, that works. That’s just a little touch. I like to do And make sure all the blacks are not completely black and now we’re gonna come to the split tones And I’m gonna add kind of a reddish tone to my highlights and that’s just this is up to you However, you like your colors to be so Come here And You guys got trust me on this. I know it does not look good right now, but Wait until the end results It’s okay. So we got some nice kind of Color for the Sun and for the shadows. I’m gonna go for something a little bit more purple so something like And I’m gonna reduce The temperature maybe around 3,500 And since it’s still a little too purple There we go and just like that we have kind of an anime style picture The vibrance saturation is a few guys. I kind of like it a little bit kind of washed out but not too much and Yeah, it’s looking pretty good anyways, if you guys are interested in the night-time style anime editing I Have a video right here and thanks to you guys. It is number one. So it’s an older video but It’s more of a night time style anime tutorial And yeah with that being said, thanks so much for watching this video, please be sure to like and comment because it really helps me out and This is my 70th upload and also 5,000 subscribers today, so Thank you very much. And Please be sure to share this with others Now see you around


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