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Android Video Editing: Cyberlink PowerDirector Tutorial on Android

August 14, 2019

– Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video. Recently we did a video talking about the best video editing apps on Android. Now, video editing apps on Android have come along incredibly fast and you can now get some
really good results right from the devices that you typically
might carry with you, your phone or your tablet. After testing a huge range of apps, my recommendations were
CyberLink PowerDirector and KineMaster. In this video, we’re gonna dive deeper into CyberLink PowerDirector on Android and we’re gonna run through
exactly how to edit your videos and get great results using the app. Now, this video isn’t a full review and it’s also not gonna
run through every feature and every tool that’s
available in the app. We’re gonna be running
through a full editing process end to end, covering
everything you need to know to get editing fast with great results using your Android device. We’ll have a similar video coming up soon for KineMaster on Android and I’ll put a link in the cards. Okay before we jump in, we’re gonna be following
through the Primal Video method, which is the most
efficient editing process to eliminate any rework or wasted time while you’re editing your videos. We did a video on this awhile back, but if you haven’t seen it,
you can download the PDF here to help you with your videos. (mellow electronic music) Okay, so in PowerDirector
the first thing to do is to click the big button in the middle, create a new project. Then give your project a name. So straight out, it takes you
to the import video screen. So we’ll just hit the back
button to get back out of that. So this is the overall interface for CyberLink PowerDirector. We’ve obviously got our
timeline at the bottom. On the right-hand side,
we’ve got our settings, our share and our play button. There’s also the undo button there as well and on the left we’ve got
our main feature buttons. So we’ve got our import
audio and video button, we’ve got our layers button, which is where we can
import audio, video, text on a separate layer to
our primary video layer, and we’ve got some
effects in there as well. Okay so to start off, we’ll
import our main video footage. So we’ll select the import media button. Make sure we’ve got
video selected at the top and navigate through
to find the video files that you want to import. It’s just a matter of selecting them and hitting the plus to drop
it down to your timeline. Now at this point, we’re only
importing our primary footage, not any additional
graphics or B-roll footage. We’ll get to that in a minute. Then you just need to back back out back to the timeline,
hitting the back button. So now that our footage
is down in the timeline, the first step is to actually do a scan or a first pass of your
footage and remove anything that you absolutely don’t want
to have in your end video. So to remove all the extra
footage at the start of our clip, we just tap on the clip and we get a green handle that pops up. It’s just a matter of clicking
and dragging that handle to the right so that our video
file starts where we want it. It’s just a matter of
moving it back and forth to get it in the right spot. And then we’ll do exactly the
same at the end of the clip. We’ll remove all the extra stuff beyond where we want the video to finish. So we just tap on the clip and we slide that green
handle or green marker back to where we want the video to finish. So while we’re still in this first step of refining all of this video footage down to just the footage that
we want in our end product, then you may need to remove
sections of your video where you might have made a mistake. So to do that you just find the area that you want to remove,
select the video clip and then click on the little
knife or the little blade to cut the clip at that point. So you can see there we’ve
got two separate clips now. So if we come across a bit
further, we can add another cut. Maybe we want the clip to start again and we again select the clip, click on the little
knife or the little blade and we split the clip
at that point as well. So now we’ve got three
clips in our timeline. So if you wanted to remove that section, you can just select that center clip now and then press the delete
button, which is the trashcan. We’ll just undo that now. The other thing you can do is this clip is exactly
the same as the others. If we select it, you’ll get the handles appear on that as well. So you can actually get
full control over your video and really refine your editing here by sliding these handles in and out in order to really refine
your cuts in your video. You also have the ability to pick up and move the clips around in your timeline to where you want them. It’s just a matter of tapping
and holding on the clip that you want to move and then moving it either to the left or right
and it will snap into place before or after the clips
as you move them around. To navigate around the timeline, you can just pinch to
zoom on that timeline, which will zoom in and out, or you can just tap and
slide left and right and you’ll slide left and
right across your timeline. Now if you’ve got any additional footage or any B-roll that you want to add in, you just come across and
hit the layers button on the left-hand side and select video. From there, navigate
through to the video file that you want to add in as B-roll and hit the plus button to
drop it down to the timeline. Then hit the back button a few times to get back to the primary editing screen. So you can see that the B-roll
footage we’ve just added has appeared on its own layer
above our primary video layer and it’s actually in a smaller box or a picture-in-picture effect that we can just pick up and move around and scale to how we want it to look, which is really powerful. We also have the ability as we
do with normal video footage to split the clips. We get the handles that appear as well. So we can really refine
how much of the video clip we’re actually wanting to use. We can pick up the
clips by tapping on them and sliding them left and right. So really you get a lot of control over your editing in this app. The next step is to add in any audio. So that could be music or
sound effects into your edit. To do that, you just click
on the import media button, select music at the top and
then find the music tracks that you want to import. So for us, we’re gonna
add in full_golden-skies. So we select the track
and hit the plus button and just drop down into our timeline. Once again, we hit the back
button a couple of times to get back to our main editing interface. So you can see there that our music track has been dropped in the timeline right below our video footage. Now just the same as with
the other clips we’ve added, you actually get the
same amount of control with your music or audio tracks as well. Just by tapping on the music track, you can see that straightaway
we get the handles, in this case they’re purple, and we can adjust the start
and endpoints of the clip, we can split the clip in
two, we can pick up the clip and we can move it around in our timeline. You really get a great level
of control in this app. The next step is to add in any titles, text or graphics into your videos. So if we come back up to the start now, we can add titles to our video by pressing the layers
button and then title. Now, in here there’s a
heap of different templates to choose from. We’re just gonna pick
the default with fade. So that’s just a basic title
that we can control and adjust, but it’s automatically
got a fade built in. So to edit the text, it’s
just a matter of tapping on the text and replacing
it with whatever you like. To get more control over your titles if you really want to tweak
them and play around with them, click the edit button and
then click Title Designer. In there, you can change
things like color, the opacity, you can change the font, you can change whether your
title is left, centered, or right justified, you can apply bold and italics filters. This app allows you to get
pretty creative with your titles. You also have the
ability to easily resize, reposition and recolor,
three R’s, your titles. So if you want to move your title around, it’s just a matter of clicking on it and dragging it into
the position you want. So we’re gonna add a second title here. We’ll call one Justin Brown and the next one will be Primal Video. So let’s set it up as
a normal, lower-third, super title would be
for a start of a video. So now we’ll go to our first title. We’re just gonna duplicate that and you’ll see that it
appears next to our title. We can then drag that down
onto a second video layer, which is underneath our first title. To edit the text, we just tap on the text, we’ll type in Primal Video, and we’ll scale it down
and move it into position. So now that your video’s
close to being finished, the next step is to
color grade your video. So just click on an individual clip, hit the edit button and
then pick Color Adjustment. In there, you get three simple settings for your color correction, brightness, contrast, and saturation and really between the three of these you should be able to get
some pretty good effects. So it’s just a matter of tweaking these until you get the look that you’re after. I’ll just show you a quick
comparison of the clip before, which is unedited, and the one that we’ve
just color corrected. Now, as PowerDirector only lets you apply color effects to individual
clips, if you think you’re gonna do lots of
cuts or edits in your video, then it might be worth
color correcting your videos first up at the start of
your editing in one hit instead of at this point in the process. This is something that I
normally advise against because it’s gonna make
your editing process slower because every time you make any changes then to your timeline,
it’s gonna have to rerender and reprocess those color effects that you’ve added to your timeline and something else just to
show you in here as well is you do have the ability to add effects to your video files as well. So if you just select a video clip and hit the effects button on the left and there’s a heap of little
effects that you can add or looks that you can add
onto your video files. Now you can think of these like filters that you’d find in
something like Instagram. They’re probably okay for
anything consumer grade, but if you want any professional looks, then I would suggest
sticking to the color tools, which were the brightness, the
saturation, and the contrast. The next step is to
adjust your audio levels. So select settings and then Audio Mixing. This screen lets you
adjust all your volumes from a track level. You don’t have to get
in and edit the volume of each individual clip. You can actually do it
on the entire track, which is awesome. So for example, by lowering
the volume on the music tracks, any music or songs that you’ve
got that are on that track they’ll all be now set
to this new volume level. You also have the ability
to adjust the volume levels on a clip-by-clip basis as well. So if you’ve only got one or two clips that are two quiet or too loud and you only want to adjust those, then you can do that as well. So it’s just a matter
of selecting the clip that you want to adjust the volume for, clicking the edit button
and then selecting Volume. So the other thing that
you could probably do with your videos is to
fade your music track in at the start of your video and fade it out at the end of your video. So to do that, you just
select your music track, press edit and then choose Volume and then on this Audio Configuration page, you’ve got the ability to
enable the fade in and fade out for that music track. So now that we’re finished
editing our video, you can press the export
button in the top right corner. It gives you two options. You have the ability to save your project, which I’d highly recommend that you do, and then you can press it
again and select Produce Video. CyberLink PowerDirector gives
you a heap of output options. You can save it direct to
your gallery or to your phone, you can share it on
Facebook, share on YouTube. You can also save your project
to the CyberLink Cloud, which means if you’re using
CyberLink or PowerDirector on your PC for video editing as well, then you can send your project
and share your projects between your Android
device and your Windows PC. So that’s pretty cool. You also get more output options if you want some more advanced
control over your export and that gives you the option
to export in full HD, HD or SD and save the file direct to your device. If you found this video helpful, I would really appreciate
a share, a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit
that big Subscribe button. If you haven’t downloaded
it yet, make sure you grab our free guide running
through the most efficient step-by-step process
for editing your videos. It’s the ultimate process for
creating your videos faster without all the unnecessary
rework and double handling that I’ve seen chew up a
ton of time for my clients and students over the years. Just hit the link inside this video or below in the description
and download it now. We’ll see you next time.


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