Amazing Frequency Separation without Photoshop!!!

December 5, 2019

Let’s take a look at portraits, or more
specifically skin and the amazing things you can achieve with Picktorial. Picktorial’s Smooth tool is based on the
sophisticated frequency separation technology and has all the other features we’ve seen
for a local adjustment. Before we start I‘ll just bring up the exposure
a bit – in the light module. Now let’s begin with the default settings
and with brushing in the cheeks. I’ll just size by brush and start brushing
along the cheekbones. You can immediately see the subtle yet effective
influence it has on the skin, even as I move to the chin. I can adjust the sliders to choose the amount
of details I’d like to preserve at any moment. This is very unique because the frequency
separation technique was popularized in recent years and is now the state-of-the-art approach
to achieve a natural, but glamour-looking skin smoothed portrait. I won’t go into details on how it works
behind the scenes, but it involves separating the image into two layers with a separation
radius. When I do this in photoshop I have to set
the blur radius before I brush in the effect, and I can’t change it afterwards. But with Picktorial I can get a real-time
view of the effect while I’m brushing, and I can adjust the separation slider at any
time without going through the whole process again. Just look at the before and after. This saves me a ton time in trial and error
in getting the exact amount I need from the effect. Crazy amount of control and precision I haven’t
seen before. Thank you for taking a look at Picktorial. Check out our other videos to learn about the
uniqueness of Picktorial 3

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