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Affinity Photo for Beginners: Glitch Effect Tutorial

February 10, 2020

Hey there everyone, this is Dave coming at
you with another tutorial, and today we’re going to do a quick “glitch” effect
in Affinity Photo. So we’re starting with a stock photo here from Averie Woodard, and what we’re going to do is we’re gonna kind of break it up a little bit with
some math to give it sort of a a glitchy distorted look. We’re going to go to
Layer, Distort, Equations, and I’m gonna paste in this equation. Actually, first
let me move some sliders around just a little bit, a little like this. Anyway, so I’m going to apply this equation, and as you can see, we’ve gotten kind of like a fun
glitch effect here. And as you move these sliders, the effect kind of slides around,
so you can tweak this to taste. Maybe I’ll move it a little bit like that. Cool.
And then, the other thing I’m going to do is alter the colors, so that we can get a
bit of distortion there as well. So if you go to Channels, I’m going to essentially
turn off Write-ability on everything but Red, and then I’m gonna select everything
in the Red Channel. Then I’m gonna rotate it a little bit, maybe around that
much, kinda arbitrarily. And then, maybe shift it a little in the Channel layer. And then I’m gonna go ahead and deselect that, reset this to turn on write-ability of
all the channels. So now we’ve got the image broken up a little, we’ve got this
cool color shift, and what I’m gonna do is add another effect here. So let me
duplicate this layer, and we’re going to go once again and grab an
equation here. So this will give us kind of like a tape distortion effect. So we’ll go to
Filter / Distort / Equations, and I’m going to paste this in… And as you move this slider, you’ll see
you’ll get different different effects that sort of look like a tape “read/write
error” kind of a thing, so I’ll just slide this around until there’s
something interesting going on, and now maybe something like… something like this. Click on Apply. Go ahead and set the Opacity to 50%,
and maybe the Add mode, or perhaps we’ll pick Luminosity for now. Cool, so this gives us kind of like a tape distortion effect. And now, we’re gonna add some scan lines. So we’ve got two things going on, we’re
gonna have a third one here. So I’ve got some “scan line equation code” right here,
copy this to the clipboard. And this is actually a Color effect. So we go to
Filters… Actually, I’m gonna make this a Real-Time effect. So we go New Live
Filter, Colors, Procedural Texture, and actually, I might even have this as a preset somewhere. So yeah, we’ll go with scan lines, and this gives us the scan line effect. And then
we’re going to change this to Multiply, and the percentage down to, I don’t know,
something around there, something around 14%, maybe a little bit lower. I’m gonna
kick it up around 10%. Cool. So, no scan lines, and then a subtle scan
line effect. Cool, so we’ve got a pretty good looking effect going, on I’m gonna
go ahead and throw a little text on here just for fun.
Let me throw something down here, and we will call this Glitch Wear, as if this were some kind
of cool style ad or something, and we’ll use the Neon effect, and we’ll give this
a little bit of rotation. And we’ll change its size a little bit. And maybe position
this over here, and then, cool, there you go! So that is a fast glitch effect in
Affinity Photo. As always, if you like this video, feel free to LIKE and
SUBSCRIBE, and I will catch you guys next time. All right, talk to you later…

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