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Adobe’s Scott Belsky on AR, AI & the Future of Design | Adobe Creative Cloud

September 5, 2019

[Music] [Music] she’s got welcome to our London office Thanks forever be here excellent so we are in the middle of a future of design tour I know you’ve been to Paris you’ve been to Hamburg later on you’re speaking somewhere in one of the buildings behind us in London yes could you talk a little bit about what a dhobi is doing to build the future of design yes sure I mean this tour is really about a few things it’s about making sure that we connect with our customers in in Europe and and make sure that we really get the feedback and always you know share where we’re going and and it’s also about talking about where design is going and so there a number of topics that are coming up throughout this tour there’s the topic of augmented reality and what we’re doing with project arrow to allow creatives and any of our tools like Photoshop and illustrator and others to take their take their creations make them three-dimensional bring them into this new medium that everyone’s so excited about there’s a topic of artificial intelligence how is it going to make us more productive and the work that we do when we look at how a customer spends his or her time every day there’s so much work that is just redundant mundane repetitive labor that can be sped up dramatically yeah through technology like AI we’re talking about voice as a new modern interface that customers are going to want and designers are going to be asked by their customers by their internal or external clients to to help them to help make a voice experience for an application and so we’re talking about that as a new area that we have to explore and outfit creatives to succeed in as well and another topic that’s coming up quite a bit is is the notion of ethics and design and what is it just like doctors have a Hippocratic oath where at the end of the day the patient’s health is is ultimately what they’re serving similarly I think designers have the opportunity and the responsibility to keep their end consumers interests always in mind and to take that into practice in their field and so that’s another conversation that’s pretty common in the store right recently you we heard you say that you believe that XD could be as big as Photoshop that’s a big statement to make what makes you believe that it’s a big statement but but if you about it everything in life every brand every place we go there is an experience that is being designed intentionally and whether it’s our experience of that brand or place on our mobile device on the web in augmented reality in the space with a graphic design and illustration there is a drive and need for consistency and for control and making a very very wonderful and engaging experience and we think that this deserves its own vertical now of course there is always been web design done in Photoshop there’s always been illustration to illustrator and there’s experience is designed throughout all Creative Cloud products experience designs specifically an XD in particular is focus on UI UX design screen design and and making sure that designers can can design across many different formats at once so this notion of content velocity if you have to design for both a mobile app and a web experience and something else how do you do it all and how do you do it fast and with high fidelity and performance that’s what Adobe XD is all about you spoke about mobile do you feel that the mobile platform has the potential to deliver the same experience as desktop as a creative in my creative process it must I mean if you think about it creativity is largely still constrained to the desktop in some ways we’re changed to the desktop as we create yet we know that creativity happens everywhere you know creativity strikes us whenever we become inspired and so with early products like Adobe capture for example where a lot of people still haven’t discovered this product and those who use it love it you can capture colors and shapes and brushes and textures and everything you capture comes into this Creative Cloud libraries in your products and it comes with Creative Cloud that was one of those first examples of what connected creativity really means and an extending creativity beyond the desktop but we have to do a lot better we have to think about how a product like Photoshop can be used well beyond the desktop and and across all of our products we have to be thinking about them less as products and more systems and so you’re going to see a lot more from our teams over the here in regards to creativity being mobile next great you founded behance back in 2005-2006 and I believe you you wanted to build this community of creative professionals of the world and bringing together what are some of the things that Adobe is doing to make its product more accessible well in behance it was was founded to help the creative world showcase and discover creative work and and it has been always a sort of a surprise in terms of how many people actually come to discover the work and also how many different types of people contribute it’s not just creative professionals it’s really broken that barrier at this point and I very much hope that we do the same thing with our products and Creative Cloud because creativity is a form of literacy these days it’s it’s just like we learn penmanship and how to write on a word processor in school we should be learning how to design in school it’s a way of visually representing our ideas of of communicating in a more compelling way standing out at work standing out on social media I mean the design is a core skill set that we need to make available to everyone so how are we doing that a few different ways first of all we’re making Adobe XD free that’s a good way to get started and we’re also starting to think about other mobile products and having a level of a freemium experience so everyone can kind of come in and do work and if you start doing commercial work and you start working with teams and whatever and and that’s a that’s a paid a paid level of use that’s fine well let’s make sure that our tools are actually accessible to everyone to start to learn how to create without paying anything and and I think we’re in the in the early innings still with the spark products those are being widely used by students around the world and it’s so exciting to see what’s happening in those products Lightroom Lightroom CC has become a more accessible multi device photography solution that lives in the cloud and we’re seeing a lot of hobbyist photographers start to use Lightroom and take their photography to the next level so it’s exciting to see these products and creativity as a whole become more democratized so with currently one of the startup capitals of the world and over the years you’ve given a lot of advice different startups and young entrepreneurs what would be your best piece of advice to up-and-coming artists and designers when when I meet emerging artists and designers a few things I often talk to them about one is very much realizing that the the impact of their ideas is as much about their creativity as it is about their organization of the ideas that they’ve already got and oftentimes there’s this desire to only focus on the creative stuff not about the management but in order to scale as a creative professional and build a studio or build the team you have to also become a manager yet learn how to hire and to let people go and to optimize the the tools that people are using and the processes and that sort of thing so I think that that’s it’s part of it and the other the other piece of advice especially for entrepreneurs and designers that are solving problems is that there’s a tendency to to get very passionate about a solution that you have and skip the empathy that you need to actually solve the problem and oftentimes seeking more empathy with the customer you’re trying to serve is more important than becoming extremely passionate about the solution which can sometimes actually lead you astray from what the customer really needs there’s a lot of hype around AI they’ll talk about AI and does it really have the power to define creativity yeah it’s it’s AI is exciting and it’s also scary it’s like what is this gonna really do what does this mean and I think it’s really vertical by vertical and and that’s how you have to think about it I think about AI in the context of creativity and and I think about it in the sense of how can we make creatives more productive with their time and in some ways how can we allow them to be more creative by having a lot of the mundane repetitive work done for them so whether it’s itemizing things adding tags across images finally masking a piece of hair you know in an image things like that that you can spend so much time doing if we develop algorithms to help make that faster then you can spend your time on making creative decisions on being more of the creative director of your work as well and and and and trying and experimenting more things versus consuming all your time with this repetitive labor yeah if you could sum up the future of design in just three words what would they be it’d probably be accessible engaging and responsible and accessible in the sense that design needs to be more accessible to everyone and schools need to be more accessible training needs to be more widespread and design many ways needs to be democratized because it’s such a big part of our future engaging in the sense that I do believe that we ultimately understand the world around us find our way through engaging experiences I think that a big part of the future of design is about enhancing engagement in every way we can imagine and then responsible responsible responsibility designers being responsible for their careers for the design that they put out there for the consumers the customers that they’re serving there audience I think there’s a big part of the future of design is all about responsibility right thank you so accessible engaging and responsible thank you very much Scott for your time we’ve really enjoyed the conversation thanks for having me you [Music] you


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    if you really want to help me give me Photoshop and after effects for free lol

  • Reply Henry TheGreatAmerican August 31, 2018 at 6:17 am

    So how far away is this Project Aero from public release? I was tempted to dive into augmented reality modeling months ago but held off until the "tools" are standardized and more simplified.

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