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#adobephotoshop#graphicdesign#tutorials# Adobe Photoshop Tutorial -The Basics for Beginners

February 20, 2020

-hello there guys what’s up? Kawan Williams here .As I’m really interested in different softwares and actually mess
around with softwares tons of software on my laptop so I just wanted to
actually do what I’m passionate about and having a youtube channel around
varieties of softwares or programs and I wanted to get this started with my one
of the favorite of one of my favorite softwares which is Photoshop and I’m
actually using it on daily basis so I said what would be the best and better
than Photoshop to start or nothing that’s why I wanted to start my channel
with Photoshop and a series of Photoshop tutorial tutorial for you guys as I’m enjoying
myself hopefully you can enjoy and actually
learn Photoshop and its tricks and how you can do your tasks about graphical
design your photos your thumbnails if you have YouTube channels possibly most
of you guys have so it’s super super beneficial for you guys so let’s start
you just want to go through things as detailed as possible later on but for
this one which is a starting is kind of giving you a brief overview of Photoshop
and it’s not really hard to understand and then hard to get on with and using
it and actually working with, so guys just wanted to show you the interface so
my version of Photoshop I think is 2018 so obviously we got 2020 out and it really
doesn’t matter it’s not that it hasn’t got that many change in it, I’m
okay with this version and then I’m doing
I might update it to the new version anyway ,so interface wise we’ve
got like a photo of PS standing for Photoshop over there as kind of you know logo
let’s say logo whatever you will call I don’t know whatever you call
it guys over here so sort of square where there so we got file we’ve got
edit we’ve got image got layer what type select filters 3d View window help and
so this is a very top kind of bar we’ve got and then we’ve got a kind of
another bar underneath our main bar and then we’ve got a left vertical bar which
we’ve got moving object moving kind of option over there selection we’ve
got so this is rectangle Marquee tool we’ve got fully polygonal
lasso tool I’ve got magic wand tool we’ve got frog tool but eyedropper tool
we’ve got brushes we’ve got clone stamp tool and so on razor but paint bucket
tool that smooth tool got burn tool and pen pen tool they’ve got takes
we’ve got path selection tool we’ve got rectangle tool and so on guys
so just wanted to just go ahead and do some stuff and I’ll show you how we’re
gonna work with the photos and features and then options we have and then how we
can use them to get the best the best state of photo or kind of mixture of
let’s say if we want to do a logo or we’ve got a thumbnail YouTube thumbnail
you want to create photo for or a facebook fanpage cover or youtube banner
the stuff like this that’s where that these were the most let’s say objects
and projects I’m using Photoshop for this all for correction correcting a
photo you already have I don’t know you want to write a letter you want to write
text on top of it to some sort of color correction or do some stuff so it’s just
whatever you want to do with photo actually Photoshop does so I try to make
it as simple as possible just chose this kind of if I call it wave and kind of
stuff but I’m gonna go and then choose another photo because it’s just wanted
to open the Photoshop I’ll show you the interface so in in file we’re gonna go
to just show the file so in file we’ve got new open brows in bridge openers
close close I’ll save save as export when we finished we’re gonna kind of
export and get it out of the Photoshop and save it as PNG or as our ideal
format our photo which can be JPEG or but most of time I go with PNG
because it’s the fastest and it does the job I would want ,generate image
assist a share you can share it you can place embedded it you can place link you
can automate!you got so many more options but for this one which is
starting I just want to go to new I do new so in at this stage we’re gonna
choose or the size you want but most most of time as I said is for YouTube
thumbnail so let’s say we don’t know what size
our YouTube thumbnails so we’re gonna we’re gonna do hold window +D so it’s gonna
hide it and bring it back hide it bring it back so I’m gonna do D and then we’re
gonna open Google and then from this point on we’re gonna check let’s say
YouTube thumbnail size so we don’t know we’re actually new and that’s what I’m
that’s how I try to put my feet in your shoes as absolutely newbie or if
you know a bit of Photoshop or you absolutely kind of were not keen to
Photoshop that’s what I’m trying to help you guys over there as much as I can
we’re gonna see optimize your own family so it’s gonna give a give us an idea
under to 1280 pixel by 720 pixels so 1280 and 720 so we’re gonna come here
1280 720 let’s check if it was right yeah and then resolution doesn’t really
matter but you can choose whatever you want so I’m going to change it from 72
to 300 and then because I just want to design my thumbnail however I want
I most of time leave the background to transparent you can choose white black
you can give a color to it so you can pick a color if you want we
can pick a color let’s say let’s say I do like this color okay so let’s say I’m
happy with this color because you got to give
sort of color to your background otherwise it will be transparent like
this as you see over here that’s why we need to give a source of color to our
background we need to get it to live otherwise it will just empty and nothing
so we’re gonna work on as unit well I’m happy with and actually got used to use
pixel you can guys go with inches and centimetres millimeters points or picas which I never known what that means!!!!:) believe or not guys I’ve just been using
pixels since I remember Photoshop just it down to you guys if you want to use
inches absolutely down to you so pixel pixel and then as we’re sure what we’re
gonna do is exactly what we would need to use for my for our YouTube channel on
YouTube thumbnails and stuff like this so we’re gonna create it this is the
right size we know guys now for our YouTube videos a thumbnail then as you
see guys if you come to the other right size of your interface you’re gonna see
and of words like saying background and a lock next to it that means if you want
to do some I don’t know it gives us the current selected layer is the background
there you cannot move a background layer or change is stacking order blending
mode or party so it says literally you cannot do anything why because it’s locked
guys okay so how we can unlock it just click on it that’s it so now if I move
it around so I couldn’t move where they move direction or move to but now if I hold
control+ Z or ctrl + alt +Z it’s gonna get it to its absolutely initial state how it
was so it’s going to take it back to its place and what else we can do so in term of I’m gonna start from very top to
left because we’ve got some sort of object we’re going to learn about how to
mess around with it like what we can do so in terms of moving around what we
can do so in terms of moving moving so it says group or layer so because
it’s just on its own we’re gonna leave this but for now and then scale it
down so that this is how we scaling it down with messing with its proportion as
well you see guys it’s just freely moving it around scaling it down or
scaling it up so if I do hold ctrl + Z it’s gonna take it back to how it was
but if I hold shift and then try to scaling it down it’s kind of you see
guys is kind of keeping its proportion like let’s say height wise and length wise
so it’s not gonna just mess around while I did so I’m not holding shift and then
I’m gonna try to drag it around and then you see we’re gonna see changes in both
dimensions height and height and length yeah so that’s plus what’s
another word what else we can do so if I do hold alt + ctrl + z offset it’s gonna take it
to if so first of all you need to apply and of giving the comment to photoshop
yeah you want to just release it that’s that’s a signal to show photoshop
yes release the object and let me to do the other comments so the other comment
is getting it back to getting the selection area to this stage which was
covering the whole canvas this is the actual size we would need to have
you know workplace and whatever you want to design you know whatever we want to
move over here any change we want must take place in this area what else so if
I wanted to show you how to rotate things that’s what I’m gonna just make
this smaller so we can see the actions so if I would want to rotate this to the
sides or to right or two left how I can do it so one is with cruiser with mouse
using your mouse as you see if I if I just go slightly out of the shape see
you guys the arrow the cruiser turns to this kind of two sides of arrow which is
in corner like the saying yeah you have two direction moving down or moving out
down side or left side to this side so if I just try to click left click and
then drag it to down I’m gonna move it move it to the sides this side the
opposite side clockwise anti-clockwise this is like kind of manually using the
mouse itself if I would want I can go there and then put a number over there
so let’s say let’s say – 70 or zero or I can mess around with height over here or
let’s say by this number so you can mess around with them as you see height and
this one gonna be width ya that’s how you gotta mess around with the dimension of
your shape or object guys then what else I can talk about as introduction to the
whole Photoshop thing! I really love photoshop because it’s just fun you know
working with graphical stuff with shapes and photos you know it just is
fun it’s fun so the other thing is I can say because remember guys I try to
actually go through things over time and I’m not gonna overwhelm you you guys
because I’ve been to that’s where you were actually because whether I’m right
or not but most of you guys are kind of interested in Photoshop that’s why
you’re watching my videos that’s why so I was in at that stage where I was
really kind of you know confused Wow Photoshop so many options so many
features what I’m gonna do how they work I’m gonna just put them together and
then actually get what I wanna see nice having a nice thumbnail for my let’s say
we use or a nice photo I would want for my photo facebook cover and stuff like
this so I was thinking oh I was so hard it’s just I’m consuming stuff like this
but over time you learn things and then you see oh it wasn’t that hard and it’s
actually fun doing it well in seconds so if I would want to
mess around with some so again we need to give the signal to Photoshop we’re
absolutely okay at this stage so release release the object and
actually let us to do the other step whatever you want to do next so we’re
gonna do apply or don’t apply and then it’s gonna be going back so I want to go
to again make it smaller because I want to show you guys how it will be looking
if I would want to give a bit of let’s say mess around on this object itself
let’s say a bit of effects and stuff for that I’m gonna do so I’m gonna do say
apply I want this at the stage this stage I do we want to by the way guys
this is layer so it’s just whatever you do have better to have it in different
layers or later on let’s say you have kind of
layers which are similar to each other they have something in common you want
to keep them in a group so you would then make them a
group then whatever you do let’s say you want to move them all together let’s say
you have three objects together you want to move them together to the side you
want to put them in group which I will be going through in later videos
guys. I remember this is a first one then I would want to make another layer
and then go to selection I want to do rectangle choose
the whole background I chose it I do go to paint bucket tool I choose a
background color let’s say white yeah let’s choose right and then unless you
guys I chose that one because as I said it’s layer on top of layer so it’s you
know just straightforward the that the highest layer you have is kind of more
most obvious one that will be because it’s bigger than the other one the other
one was kind of the small green square I meant! underneath that’s why it’s not
appearing but what I can do to make the other one appearing either actually
moving this one on top of the background one and then kind of force that white
this white screen to be my background that’s way as you see the other one is
appearing now on top of it and then if I do hold ctrl + D I’m gonna unselect the
background and then I want to have the green squares selected this way so I
select the other one which is the green square and then as I was saying
either I could just actually moving in top of the other one and then make it
appearing on top of the background which is white kind of rectangle or I could
take it back let’s say I’m gonna take it back and then make a disappeared
what I can do now I can do play with its opacity , like making it a bit
transparent guys as a I am decreasing opacity of it the
more I do the more underneath layer which is this small green square is
appearing now yeah so it’s zero now is absolutely transparent and I can see
this one and I am not feeling or not seeing any of the actual
white kind of background rectangle but I’m gonna take it back because that’s
the right way to do it and then just want to have that green one appearing
which is my object my actual object separating it from the background so the
best way is just taking it all the way up on top of the other one simple as
that guys now what I can do is going to effects and then just mess around with
around outline inside giving shadows stuff just effects so you see what I
mean by effects guys so I’m gonna select it now I’m gonna go effects and then I’m
gonna I’m gonna choose one and then it gives you a window full of selection
what you can and then what it does as effects
so as bevel and emboss is selected so I’ll select them select them again and
then see how it works so its inner bevel so it comes actually in to what
in this shape so if we so it’s inner level smooth okay yeah as I chose chisel
hard that’s that’s kind of the smooth level and the edges how you want to
define the edges of your shape look so it’s kind of give you
and give your object a 3d kind of look so actually this looks nice
chisel hard and chisel soft this is soft and this is , I actually couldn’t
feel any difference between the hard and soft one but definitely smooth is just
everything is really smooth so you couldn’t see the sharp edges over here
when you do the other one when you do smooth let’s keep it this way and then
let’s play with this depth and this is how you can play with it and
I’ve messed around with it and this is inner so is towards in if I do alter
that’s how it will be looking weird we don’t want that we’re gonna keep it
either in or let’s check out the other ones emboss this is the emboss this is a
pillow and this is the stroke which is not doing really anything does it
so let’s keep it on inner and then we have the software actually soften this
edges so actually you see there is no sharp edges over here if you keep it as
it was like maybe three or all the way to zero so it’s absolutely sharp edges
we got another size can be messed around with so I’m really making a pyramid if I
call it a pyramid sort of things yeah all the way to maybe this size okay
so just messing around guys with the ability we got four effects what we can
do for effects so that was bevel emboss you can define however you want to do on
too dark en and you wanted multiple multiply you want I don’t know
difference this kind of difference just playing with it and then contour what we
can do is contour is actually giving that kind of dark shade on the outside on
outline of that kind of extrude have extrude look we have for the
object texture so it’s gonna put a texture a pattern on top of your shape
let’s say this is not really going with this kind of shape we have does it guys
but still just wanted to show you how you can kind of edit it is so we’re gonna
scale it down we’re gonna scale it up you’re gonna make it bigger you’re gonna
make a smaller you’re gonna give a depth how deep yeah so just looking corrupt!!!!!! to
be honest just wanted to show you again guys so we’re gonna unselect the texture
and then we’re gonna unselect the contour because I didn’t like it how it
was looking and then for this bit I’m gonna check the normal one because I
don’t like this kind of blueish stuff over there so I’m
gonna uncheck that one so what will struck so struck kind of gives a kind of
thickness around like outline after your shape let’s see how it does so if you do
stroke that’s how it is so we’re gonna choose it and then as we see it’s a bit
bigger than how it should be in my way actually there is no standard let’s say
it’s bigger or just absolutely go down to your creativity and your preference how
you would want to your shape your photo look like to me this is a bit you know
too much so let’s keep it down I don’t know five I see five yeah 5 and then as
it defines by default to the outside of your shape is an outside if you want to
get it inside in your shape it comes inside which looks nice now and then
again you got opacity so that opacity will be defined for most of
your let’s say effects whether is great in overlay whether it is shade shadow
whether there is anything so they got the range so you got to define how
obvious you want the effect takes on your object or photo art stuff like this
how deep you want how you want the effects take place and appear and
disappear and work on be on your object or photo so we’re gonna play with that
one as well so it’s going to be less obvious indeed
but we’re going to keep it as hundred as it was or we can choose with a color
gradient or pattern so if we do gradient this is kind of breathing as you see
it’s kind of black underneath and white on top and a kind of blending as it goes
up to white and kind of greyish in the middle stuff like this we can
choose that as well to presets we have got over here so we’ve got this process
we’ve got these presets so let’s make this a bit thicker so you guys gene you
would know if I do outside as well you would notice it better now so if you
choose it in different colors that’s how it would look so we can even change
these presets a bit messing around with this or let’s see we got to change this
build yes you guys we’re gonna we messing around with these colors as well
the amount of these colors and how they blend
yeah so we gotta mess around with that yeah so this is about it guys we
gotta mess its things guys, just again goes on your preference on how you want to make
your object look we’ve got some drop shadow over here so we’re gonna have some
shadow if I click on the a kind of is actual icon let’s say or field we’re
gonna land on this one which actually could be more option to work on how you
want your shade or shadow look around your around or in your shape or your
object so this is darken now so I can put it on normal actually there is no
difference between normal and the other one but there is the other options
subtract this is subtract this is a bit cooler to me and then opacity again how
obvious you want that shade less obvious absolutely zero and more obvious as
subtract we can play around with the angle of the shadow you want to affect
your shape this is how you can mess around with it and then distance
it gives it distance from your actual shape out outward you want to take it
back how are you it was or how are you one guy so again these elements can be
changed upon your own preferences guys so there is no wrong or right for it
it’s just a matter of your your justification where you feel justified
and then happy it can be as far as that point ,so size you can play around with
size you can play around with quality and color on how you want the corner of
the shadows look like you want to have it a
bit wrong you want to have it straight the other funny ways you want to have
them they showing the shown over here and that if you want to do an overlay
color so we got to do let’s say this is gradient overlay so we’re gonna do
gradient overlay then we can play with that as well let’s say this color or
this color this was nice yeah so I’m gonna keep it on this one so this is it
guys so it’s again about you how you want to get your shape your photo looking
like ! how you want your photo be looking like! how you want your project
look like! that’s down to you absolutely so if I would want to move
this around I can move it around whatever you want wherever I was so I’m
gonna keep it here and then what else I can say that was about effects and then
if I would want to bring a photo in so there is two ways one is like placing a
photo placing a photo so place embed this is a way so I’m gonna place let’s
say let’s say let’s say this a let’s say this guy here I’m gonna place it here so
obviously you have to be careful where you’re gonna get your photos and images
because of you know copyright you should and all those of you guys there for
video so you got to be kind of careful about that so this was so happy with
where my object is now so if I would want to absolutely get another photo in
so absolutely different photo in I have to go because I will I’m I would want to
get it open get it work on separately different you
know we knew I have to go on then say open from here and then I would choose
another one so for sake of those I’m gonna do it I’m gonna say this one you
see guys so it opened it in another kind of let’s say project because I
individually can come and then create other stuff create liars and I work on
it differently separately we’re here but I don’t want to do that because of sake
of this video and actually a very first video of my kind of software YouTube
channel which I said initially again reminder I will wanted to start it with
Photoshop series because I’m really in love with Photoshop for years I’ve been
messing around with Photoshop because I just love Photoshop!!! so that’s why
I don’t mean to just make this video well, I wanted to kind of
introduce you the approach I got to Photoshop it might be different it might
be just looking a bit silly but that’s how I would want to give you to give you
the impression the easy impression you got to have to work Photoshop not making
it absolutely overwhelmed and complicated it’s not it’s just really
fun so I’m gonna close this one down no I don’t want to do anything yeah I’m
happy with this over here so I got this guy but I can’t do it this guy just just got
him and we’re here and I can give him I don’t know some some shadow maybe so
I did choose it looks great guys doesn’t it so if I had to increase the
size and then if I choose this one to 0 or 90 because I want it to straight up
yeah I wanted have the best look I can give and then what else I can do here so
I’m going to drag this down because I don’t want to
just keep it as a square so I’m gonna keep it(proportion)
however I will keep it here and then just drag it over here I’m
gonna say yes I’m happy with the state of shape I have now and then what
else I can do I can go back to whatever I had over here remember guys so the
order of your layer is defining whether your object is gonna show or not and
then how it shows so how many layers we have got over here one which is your
background a kind of whitish background second was this initial square then we
mess around with this you know outline and then gave kind of that 3d look and
it’s you know look and gradient overlay and stuff like this then we added this
guy over here so because three layers over here so let’s say let’s say
let’s say let’s say I didn’t like or I think his right you
know finger should be kind of erased so if I
would want to raise that oh how am I gonna do it so first of all we need to
we need to make sure this guy is selected so you see guys it’s kind of
selected so we know now it’s selected so we now and we’re not gonna mess around
with let’s say with the background or what the other photo or object so I’m
gonna just mess around with his finger tiny bit I would want to erase it or do
something about it so let’s see if we can do something about it so I’m gonna
just zoom in a bit and then I say oh I would want to erase this bit a face
finger or her finger his it doesn’t look like a girl does he so eraser while this
one it shows yeah yeah it looks funny now then you can
obviously play with so play with oh you want to again I will be explaining
everything in detail more to you guys I just wanted to show what you can do with
Photoshop so if I take this back the whole photo looks like this guy has just
lost his right finger wow so bad! what so if we want to get it
back yeah that’s it either hold Ctrl + Z or if it was more than one step back so
you’re gonna do hold ctrl +alt +Z however you call it guys so that was about
that and then we me to I don’t know make maybe put some text some text so
remember guys so many features over here but absolutely fun doing them not hard
at all just know what they are for where they are for and then when you can use
them in future tutorial videos I’m gonna go through them all guys! don’t worry
so as last one for this video today I’m gonna just add some text because to be
honest I need to go somewhere and then I don’t want to make it way longer guys so
I choose that T so T stands for obviously text and then once you chose
it , the better way is just looking at your kind of
layer order so you know this guy is chosen as the topest one and highest
one so then if if I would want to or even this one is the second high and the
background is the first one anyway its initial one so if I would want to
just choose some area to write or having the text on I just
left click and drag to make this kind of rectangle kind
of area allowing me to have my writing on as you notice guys
it actually created a layer on top of every other layer so
on top of this one as well because I would want to have this embed or on top
of let’s say this kind of 3d square or whatever you call it guys so this is how
I’m gonna remember get this appeared on top of all the other layers guys so
color wise we want to have it up here so we chose the area we want the text on
and then we want to have it in different color because we want to see how it
looks what we’re writing so we chose this one this kind of orangish ish color
so if i write down whatever hi there how you doing? yeah so we wrote this one just
to say how I love you guys and then how great you are
stuff like this guys!! 🙂 so what we can do play with it is about the size obviously
so it’s 7.17 PT and actually size of it (PT) points stands for points so we’re
gonna do eight it wouldn’t be that big anyway and then sometimes I tend to have
a cheat because I see ok if I would want to go a bit let’s say so we see it’s big
but still I have you see guys so I have a place to have kind of space to get my
let’s say wording or text to expand to let’s say so I’ve got a bit of space
here and a bit of if I make it a bit bigger so you would see where I’m
talking about guys so sometimes if I change the let’s play around with! I always want to play around with effects so I’m gonna give
some stroke because I wanted to differentiate it from or separate it
from a the kind of background it has so this square would be background for our
text isn’t it guys so we’re gonna use a little less let’s say two nice bit more
obvious and then what we can do what I would do most of times so I would say
okay that’s what I was trying to get you guys to you know know about it here so
if I would want to choose it again so this is how we’re gonna choose it so
we’re gonna while this layer of text is chosen you’re gonna choose at all wait
left click and then drag it all the way to the end of the text and now you want
to let’s say you want to nine this is nine it’s how it looks I don’t want that
look I don’t want to you know have a bit of my text a second line or third line
or whatever I want to keep it as it was so what it was was eight wasn’t it so
eight point let’s say size was eight then what I do I say okay I choose like
I click on the move tool and what I do cheat on?! I come and then actually to
decide I try to the dots I have or square small squares laugh I try to drag
them to the side and actually expand them manually expand my words
and whatever my writing manually you see guys I said all about
creativity so you need to know just be creative and then and just use
whatever option Photoshop allows you and then have provided you to work with this
is kind of you know better state of that word I would say compared to if I would
want to go with whatever is defined by just putting the normal size and you
still be saying all it can be it could be be more expanded to the sides or to I
don’t know to the two different directions but manually you can do it
this way that’s how I do my things to be honest this is how it looks to me which
is fine and fab indeed so I’m gonna take it back now and then see see it’s from a
bit far and then this is how our photo look and then as last thing I wanted to
show you what I would do once I’ve kind of was happy with the result and the
photo I have and then I would want to export it like export like getting
getting saved on the way the format I would want which most of time I go with
PNG because that’s the fastest and the best for what I would want is mostly you
know creating YouTube video thumbnails and covers and banners and stuff like
this and they this PNG works the best so let’s say we are happy with what we
did over here either we’re gonna save it first we can save, I don’t know on
desktop or whatever you want you’re gonna save it because you would want to
have it as templates for later on projects or you want to save it and then
I don’t know have a shower and then go do your other stuff or have
a cup of tea or whatever and then go back to the later on and then try to
amend it edit it however you call it guys change it the way you want that’s why
we’re gonna save it so you have to save it if you want to really have an archive
and you know storage of your projects you don’t you don’t want to just okay
what if power just cut so you gotta be missing your project so you spent I don’t know how long we have been working? like half an hour 30 minutes
40 minutes whatever so it’s worth to save it so you’re gonna save it save
somewhere so save or save as up to you guys once you saved it so we’re gonna go
to export quick export as PNG so we’re going to do that wanna show you how it
looks so we’re gonna finish it just gonna save it on my
desktop and then I want to show you how it looks so it’s not yeah it’s kind of
exported now I will show you how it looks guys this is the kind of very kind
of simple and rapidly kind of design and made how are you call it guys photo just
to show you guys how great Photoshop is how do you think about this photo guys
how bad or how crap or how nice this photo looks like if I find
Call it photo because the size is for a YouTube thumbnail so this actually can
be used as template for my or if you want your youtube thumbnails if you
want so absolutely how I say over here!:) you can put your I don’t know aspect and
topic or title of your videos that’s that can go absolutely great
so guys very nice to have you guys on my youtube channel and again this was kind
of intro to my software channel which I’m gonna get through as many software
and program I would have on my laptop because I really love working with
different softwares and then I use quite a lot of them mostly Photoshop
and similar you know softwares and the other softwares as well but again
Photoshop has been one of the most favorite softwares for me so I’m gonna
start and actually start with that so later on I will be having more tutorial
videos about things with Photoshop how to kind of dominante Photoshop and
actually beat it and I say I’m gonna command you however I want you to give
me what I want so don’t be afraid and don’t be freaked out by Photoshop
because really that was how I was feeling at first of photoshop, who’s
gonna learn it ,who is gonna do that ?! so you see it’s just
about how creative you are how you want things to be done so obviously will be
absolutely dedicated way the way you think and the way you see things and the
way you say no it’s gonna match that way it’s gonna match this way so as let’s
see so I said at this point this guy looks great looks well real by
the kind of shade around it and that kind of background looks great this is
kind of having a 3d look colors great gradient is great everything matches and
then I’m happy with it so it’s sake of justification how justified you would
be what you would be justified with and happy that’s it guys so
very nice to talk to you guys just remember if you’re not subscribed to my
channel don’t forget about subscribing to my
channel if you want to see more tutorials about variety of softwares
because I’m not gonna stick with Photoshop it’s gonna be much more on my
channel and then tutorials about them how they work what they do how they
can be beneficial for you guys because everything is just digital and you know
working with computers and software programs that’s why I really want to get
as many software tutorials on my youtube channel as possible so that make sure
you subscribed to my channel so you wouldn’t miss my further videos on my
channel like my videos on my channel ,if you think my video was just not
really that good I would want to have your opinion or idea over my videos the
way I deliver my videos on points ready be appreciated with all that said stay
safe and then I will see you in the next one bye! 🙂

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