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Adobe Premiere Pro Update (10.3) – Proxies

November 11, 2019

Hi everyone Uri from make your media and in
this video I want to show you some of the new updates in Premiere Pro so let’s
get started first off I am in premiere pro version 10.3 I’m going to press
escape to get out of that and let me show you the first thing that I really
really like so first off you go to file and then
project settings you see the past we used to have general and scratch disk and now
we have also injest settings so let me show you
and you know this the general settings and the scratch disk this is where
everything is saved capture video capture audio and so forth I usually
keep that – same as project because I usually work on on the drive and I take
it with me and I want all the files to be with me now
the new thing is the option to have and the injest settings basically how you
import the footage into your project so let’s say you are working on a
server and you want to copy the files to your maybe your macbook pro because
you’re on the go and you want to edit something and this new feature
it gives you the option to work with proxies so if you click on ingest you
can see that you have different options basically ingest is getting the
footage into your system so you have different options first is copy then
transcode then create proxies and then copy and create proxies
so let’s say all your footage is on a server or on a big hard drive and you
want to copy that into your system to be able to edit that on the go maybe you
have to flight the to go on sometimes I take my footage on flights
and I can work and what you can do is create proxies or you can just transcode
if you’re working on a group and everyone decides to work on the same
file format so if you just click on copy to copy the file but
over here you have created proxies now to create proxies you can also use these
different presets so if I’m working on 4k 5k 6k 8k
footage I can create proxy that will be a 1080p or whatever other format that I
want and I can add in just presets just by directing my system to where I have
them and I can actually choose whatever size or file I want so maybe I want my
proxy to be a 720p so that’s HD but it’s not the 4k and I can ingest the
files like that and then I can edit them on the 720p and then when I
decided to render I will render and the cool thing about this is that once you
render even if you are working on proxies once you render it will render
from the the bigger format it won’t render the proxies
but that means you have to connect the original media to the computer
so the cool thing about it is that now if we go into the media browser lets a
make that bigger so here I have 4k footage and let’s say
I want to ingest that I can grab the settings and I’m back at the project
setting and I can say okay I want to ingest that what I want to do is I want
to create proxies for that and I can create proxies so maybe I’m going to
choose the lower format and I’m going to click ok so now if you right click go to
import you’ll see that now you suddenly you have your media encoder opens up and
it’s basically rendering a smaller format of the video I’m going to click out of
that because I don’t actually need that and again that’s super cool because
right now it will render in the background it will render a smaller
format where I will actually be able to work with that format but then when I
want to render it will look for the original files and again if I go back
here you can see that I can right click here and it will go into a proxy create
proxies attached proxies or reconnect full resolution media so if I want to
see the full resolution media I can just go reconnect full resolution media
and basically that or I can go proxy create proxies let’s say I just
want to create proxy from the project panel so I can right click and go create
proxy let’s go down create proxy or I can
attach already existing proxies or if I am working on the proxies
I can go to proxy and then reconnect full resolution media
so this is one thing that I really really like about the new Premiere Pro
because it does give you the option to really speed up your work and you don’t
have to carry all these huge humongous filed with you can work on full HD
and then reconnect that to 4k if you’re doing anything that you actually need 4k 5k
6k for so basically that is it and
I’m going to upload more videos like this regarding the new features in
premier pro and I’ll see you guys later

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