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Adobe Premiere Pro Update (10.3) – Adobe Stock Library

October 24, 2019

Hey everyone! Uri from
and in this episode I want to investigate a
new feature in adobe premiere pro 10.3 so let’s get started and this feature is
the new Adobe libraries so if you don’t see the libraries here you can go to
window and then go to libraries which is all the way here and now you have this
small window and by the way you can also click here which will sync your
libraries and if it’s not being allowed the syncing is not being allowed it
will kind of open up a pop-up window and we’ll ask you for the permission to get
the sync so these libraries they have all the
vectors that you can take pictures from your cameras or whatever application it
has all the looks that you can create or the color themes that you can download
from the Adobe color option but it also kind of sports a new feature which is a
search adobe stock so let’s say and this video is about actually some kind of a
performance and enhancing your performance regarding sports
so let’s say I want to kind of push that and I want to show someone who’s
like shredded and ripped so let’s try ripped
let’s go ripped let’s see what we get in this search
well I didn’t really get it so let’s go shredded
or you know what let’s go with model even better so now you will see that
this will actually search a adobe stock and kind of give you all the picture of
models which is again super cool because what you need to do now if you wanna
grab any of those pictures so let’s say we want to get this picture
which is really nice and she looks really hot
what we need to actually do is go over to the picture and then we have the
option to license and save to my library and this will actually the option this
is actually the option to buy it or we have the option to save preview to my
library so just not to be called a sexist let’s grab this guy over here so
let’s say I want to use this picture what I can do is click on that and that
will automatically and bring that into the downloads here and if I squeeze this
like that and maybe just put it here I can now grab this picture and use it in
the timeline and you’ll see that it has adobe stock it because I didn’t
actually a license it and I also have the number to search it which is again
very very nice because instead of going into the web browser and going into
other websites to search for the media that I’m looking for
I can actually just do everything from within
Premiere so again a very nice option to to search and import all the picture by
the way it also does the same for videos adobe stock is kind of knew I think
only half a year but it’s getting better and better and very nice images that
they have here you can just purchase it from within premier and I think that’s a
huge improvement and you don’t have to go to any external places to get your
footage or pictures or photos you can just do it from within premiere pro so
basically that was it I hope you like the video if you liked it give us a
thumbs up and subscribe to a channel and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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