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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 | How to create CAPTIONS and SUBTITLES for your videos in

October 31, 2019

how do add captions in Premiere Pro hey
what’s up guys welcome to my youtube channel digital creations and today in
this video tutorial we are going to learn how to add open or closed captions
to video in Premiere Pro so let’s get started I already create a sequence and
I have got a why so let’s have a listen voiceover the London Underground is a
public rapid transit system serving London other parts of the Agyei our
first I’m gonna start by creating open option now guys open our project in
Premiere Pro and just I select the new item menu at the bottom of the project
panel and select captions after this at our new dialog boxes open there select
your settings preference in the pop-up in the dialog box that select the open
caption and simply as this I drag and drop this caption and our video track
and align with our voiceover so after this go to windows captions to enter tax
and adjust style settings the colors the position after this if we can add more captions
we can extend our caption item by clicking and dragging
we can add new alt captions then move to the correct place by adjusting the
timecode or simply click and drag we can easily change the color the font the
background color the indicating star the music track
that’s child the font style font size and I just a little bit I change the
opacity of this background color and I change select tax color so I just I’m
going to change the tax color of the caption subtitle this is very easy there
are tears they are just like a graphic option available here captions are always he always be just
always visible in the screen and in our case the closed captions which is people
can enable or disable on their screens there there is a big difference now guys
after this we are going to delete this open caption and we are we create just
delete it from the project panel to and we are just going to create closed
captions so just select the CEA 7:08 which is the standard for HD videos and
again if you see here that under the setting you just check this option is
enabled CES 7:08 you see if we select the cea-608 it will not show in on the
screen so we just changed to see 7:08 which is standard for HD videos so same
like the closed captions so guys this is the open and closed caption titles and
how to add captions in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 guys if you liked my video
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my channel digital creations thanks for watching digital creations


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