Adobe premiere elements green screen effect tutorial!

November 7, 2019

in this video I’ll be showing how to use
the video merge effect in Adobe Premiere Elements 2018, first you get your video
that has a green screen in it and drag it to video 2 audio 2, then you’ll see
this message pop up and then you can select yes and then it will attempt to
do the effect, you can then click on the effects panel right here and then click
this checkbox this is select color and click this
dropper and then select the background and you can change the tolerance or
presets which is like how soft or sharp the edges are around the subject and to
put a background where the green screen is you can go to here had this photo me
use first to add the photo or video when you want
in the background then you can drag it down here below the video right below
the video and drag it to video 1 then drag it to where it reaches all the way
under the video and then as you can see it replaces it to where the green-screen
was and that’s how you use a green screen effect in Adobe Premiere Elements
2018 thanks for watching

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