Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Live Developing アドビ ライトルーム現像生中継

October 2, 2019

Hello ! It’s Lightroom CC developing video. This video is going to be over 15 minutes, please enjoy till the end. I’ve been showing you my JPEG pictures so far. or just get trimming or EV level changing. haven’t done any big editing. but thought I should use Lightroom or Photoshop when I took my self portrait. So, I got them and I’m learning them now. I started using Lightroom first. and, now, it’s my favorite software. So , I thought I should make a video for lightroom. this is the RAW file photo which I’m going to develop now. I went to Saga prefecture last week and took this RAW file photo. let’s see the developing. OK, let’s start. starting from Basic. bring the highlits all the way down. and, bring the Shadow all the way up. and, next, Whites, press Alt key and bring the Whites slowly up little bit. stop when those white dots appear on the screen. Next, Blacks. Press Alt Key and bring it down little bit I think it’s ok here. next, Exposure up a little bit. only a little bit. ok, here is ok. get Contrast up a little bit. only a little bit. and… next…, look at the sky part. there is noise. let’s get noise reduction. Press Detail and bring Noise Reduction up to the middle. mmm, I can bring it up more. I have to be careful, Noise reduction make the photo look coloring. next, the Sharp, bring it up a little bit. I still want to do noise reduction, but keep it here now. and, next, get zoom out. get haze reduction. because this picture looks little haze. press Effects and find haze reduction. bring it up a little bit. you can see the haze is going away. let’s stop here. and, this picture is not straight. let’s get straighten. I think this is fine. and I want to make the space above the mountain shorter. so, let’s trim it. here is OK. I think the composition got better. and, next… Look at the leaves. it was too early to see red leaves. they were still green. I want to change the colors into red. Take HSL and let’s change the colors. Starting from Red. I have no idea how it’s turning. I just want to make it more autumn looking. Get red down. I don’t see any change of red down. Next, Orange. mm, it’s red, not orange… let’s bring it up. this is not good. so, bring Orange down a little bit. Next, yellow. wow, it looks autumn. and, next, green. Do I need Greem more ?? Oh, it looks better. next, aqua. any effect of aqua ?? not much difference. leave it here. next, blue. mm, sky turned to be purple. how about down ? mmm, different sky color…, Idon’t like it. mmm, should I choose purple or navy on the sky ?? I prefer purple. next, purple. bring it up… mmm, and down… mmm, I take purplish. and, next, magenta bring it down. no big difference. leave it here. I’d like to have more autumn colors. let’s take Orange again. OK, it’s good. next, hello again. I brought it all the way down. let’s get Green down. I think it looks autumn more now. OK, let’s compare before and after. there is big difference ! What should I do next ?? I can clean up dust, but I don’t find many, so, let me omit it now, but I’m sure there are many little dust. and, next, let’s increase the exposure of the lights. take Brush, I don’t need this big brush now, let it get small. get to be lamp size. select the area, bring the exposure up. see, the light got brighter. let’s do other lamps. I can change the brush size any time. I thinks these front lights are all right. let’s do those back lights. I think I should have less exposure than the front ones. Take new brush, and, click, increase exposure a little bit now. and do it on the other lamps. here and here…. and, see the bottom of the lights, lights must be reflecting on the water reflection. so, let’s increase the exposure here and there, too. OK, all the lights got emphasis. next, the purple sky is bit too bright. let’s get darker sky. select gradation, and, reduct the exposure. and, get Temp down or up… and Tint as well… I don’t like this purple.. it’s too much. maybe here is fine. well, I think it’ s mostly done. I can do it for forever… but stop here, otherwise my video will be too long 😛 OK, let’s see Camera Calibration to finish it. just see how the photo change with all the Camera Calibration effects. there are Camera Landscape, monochrome, neutral, portrait, standard and vivid. let’s try each of them. Camera flat. I don’t like it. next, landscape. This is not my favorite, too. I don’t need monochrome now. let’s get neutral. This is not bad. next, portrait. it’s good. and, Standard. this is good, too. and, vivid. I don’t like it. So, I prefer portrait, standard, and neutral. ( selecting the affect) oh, no, I can’t choose… OK, stay with neutral now. And, I have to do one more thing. look at the little hut. I’d like to increase the light up. Take a new brush and select the hut window. bring the exposure up. OK, let’s finish it. I actually wanted to do more.but I had to omit because it takes more time. this is the final look. I made 2 more different final looks. there they are. I know each person have each taste, and color preference. I personally like this one. I’ve been learning camera maneuvering more in this year. so, I didn’t care post production that much. but I realized I have to learn editing. combination of photo shooting and editing make photography more fun. I like looking at they are very good at editing, I guess their original photo must be nice, too. but I thought Developing and editing is also very important. I learned how to use Lightroom at Anthony Morganti channel on Youtube. the tutorial is excellent. I put his channel link on the description box. I’m going to learn Photoshop, too. 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