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Adobe Photoshop Job Targets Add-On

October 2, 2019

The Photoshop script for replacing smart
layers on export now has a new add-on. The add-on is called “Job Targets” Job Targets adds more automation to the
smart layer replace script by targeting replacement jobs to more than one
Photoshop file. Each target PSD file will output its own set of exported images
with your design files applied to each one. If you have made a batch of designs and
want to apply it to several Photoshop files Job Targets makes it possible in one go.
Now you can focus more on your design work and let Job Targets be the mock-up
factory for generating the final images fast. What might take you hours to
complete can now be done in minutes. Changes to your design can be applied
quickly to all your Photoshop mock-up files. Here is a basic demonstration.
Aside from the starting Photoshop file, this cap mock-up will be the second target. The
third Photoshop target file will be this mug mock-up.
We can either leave our target files open or closed. We can watch what the
script is doing by showing the history panel. To run the script, let’s click on
File>Export, then Smart Layer Replace… Let’s browse for our design files that
we want the script to replace our smart layers with. Let’s set the designs to fit
the space taken by each smart layer. When we’re ready, let’s queue this as a
single job. In the Job Queue interface, Job Targets is right at the Targets tab.
Let’s set Job Targets to target what available smart layers are in the target
files. This is a time lapse of Smart Layer Replace doing all the
replacement work for us. It completes all the replacements for a
target Photoshop file before proceeding to the next target file. All layer
effects are applied to each smart layer replacement. Later on, we will take a
closer look at each exported image. To process files fast, make sure optimum
resolution is used. The higher the resolution, the longer it will take. After about 12 minutes of processing 21
input files multiplied into 3 Photoshop files, we can now check for output
quality. As you can see, any effects applied to the smart layer were faithfully
applied to our input files. Job Targets has saved us the time and effort of
separately running the Smart Layer Replaced script in each of all 3
Photoshop files. It allowed us to leave our computers while we do something else–
like taking the time out to relax and enjoy the day. Earn for yourself a lot
of valuable time. Purchase Job Targets now. For purchase details, read the
description of this video.

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