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Adobe Photoshop cc 2018 basics tutorial for beginners | How to use photoshop | Layer Alignment

October 17, 2019

In today’s lesson we’re going to be going over the layers alignment and Photoshop 2018 So as you can see I’ll be working on the alignment PSD file which you can find on the link below To work along with me So here’s appears your options bar you can see How you can align each one of these so notice that there’s Nothing Highlighted basically, I can’t really choose any of these so you have to have more than one layer selected And then they’ll start showing up And And you notice that each have a circle Paint and each one of my layers Okay, if you had two circles on one layer You you would not be able to use this alignment tool. You only can align Different layers and the paint that’s in the layer So Notice back here to each one of these checkerboard object or checkerboard squares right over here those Indicate that. It’s a transparent background so all your layers Basically are transparent except for the paint and them okay, and Of course your background is not transparent But you can turn this into a layer by unlocking it and renaming it So That’s Has nothing to do as and why that but just wanted to let you know that some stuff I want to throw out there as we go through is for shortcuts and stuff Speaking of which sometimes I like to work on just one layer Let’s say number four and I’d like to come over here and get rid of each one of these So I said there That’s a little bit tedious to turn these back on one out of time especially if you have a Hundred different layers that you’re working on So you can actually come up to three hold down the button and go all the way down Same thing put them back go back. Yeah, that’s a little bit quicker, but There is a better way to do it because what if what if you wanted layer two and You only wanted to see later to do so though now you have to go up And then you got to go down which is still faster than clicking each one But if you go over to this hide the show Hold down the alt button or the option on the Mac click There you go get it back back then Again go to four Hold it down And turn everything back on so that’s just something a little bit quicker to do All right, so let’s get back into the alignment stuff here, so If you notice we have two selected so we can move to Can’t can’t do that three you have to go over here hit that and then go through Well you can go up here hit auto-select layer Then click on anything You want like that so but there is also another way, so you don’t because sometimes you know you get on top and You select something and it basically doesn’t select so you can hold down the ctrl key and click So move then go back to three control key down see how it Now this is in 2018 remember, so this doesn’t do this and other ones Sorry got this auto select you need to turn that off That’s ridiculous alright, so Now it’s a lot easier to do this than the Auto Select. I think you have more control basically You won’t forget like I just did and hold that up there It’s a little bit more convenient. You don’t have to keep up going over here and selecting All right, so let’s go ahead and select four Then We got up here. We have a line to the top Which will do that? everyone do Now the top means the topmost object it’s gonna line with the topmost layer Shouldn’t say object again. I want to say object. That’s in Adobe Illustrator. These are layers Center it’ll go between the center line from the top here the here Edit undo We’re gonna go through there and let’s say You want to evenly spaced now when you when you distribute it. It’s going to go Basically from this paint to this paint evenly distributed Nice tool to have again remember each eye Each of the paint’s that you want to align has to be in its own layer Okay, one other thing over here. We have at the end right here. It’s your panoramic button So it says Auto align layers, but what’s nice about this one I’ll flip over to my pictures here real quick So this here I stood in a spot one spot, and then I just did like a 180 So I went from the Cosmopolitan right here All in front of the Bellagio, and then ended up over here looking at Caesar’s Palace So We highlight all these And We hit this So we have the different ones that we can select just go ahead and hit auto To get the best-looking one Because you want to flat panoramic Without it being Fisheye basically on the corners there So and then you end up with a decent panoramic then and My heart is good like this just for This isn’t in this lesson, but I’m gonna show you Load that water you can do real quick And then you can go in and touch up the background so all your clues are the same and you do Auto if you just want to start playing without going into the other tools right now, but So, that’s that’s a quick way to get a nice panoramic There’s other ways we’ll be going through later on but this one here It was fairly easy to do And So that’s how we do that You can play with that have fun with those next lesson we’re going to be looking at different layer options and also how to group the layers and work within the groups and layers Alright everyone Thank you and Remember to subscribe and like the video if you liked it, thank you Oh

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