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Adobe Photoshop cc 2018 basics tutorial for Beginners | How to Use Layer Masks in Photoshop CC 2018

October 26, 2019

hello everyone today’s lesson is going
to be on Photoshop 2018 and we’re gonna be going over a layer mask now if you
haven’t watched the other videos on the foundation basically learning at the
interface and the panels in your workspace I kind of recommend that they
are a little bit boring but it’s trust me you’ll actually enjoy not being
frustrated when you don’t know which basically it can do so you can be
working on something and then you don’t know where to find something and or you
don’t know how to do something those those do help out a little bit so
today let’s see I went ahead and this is one of the images I’m gonna use so I did
a little bit of touch-up stuff real quick work I just wanted to get rid of
the building here what it did look like is I’ll open up this one just to show
you what it looked like um had the building right here on the side straight
up I really don’t like all this building in here I kind of like more of the sky
of these buildings back here so I went ahead and just did a little
bit of touch-up just real quick we’re gonna go ahead and cancel that and we’re
gonna pull in another image here from this hair in here now when you pull it
in and drop it right on the other one what we’ll do we’ll create a another
layer for you so that’s what we need you can go in and make some color
adjustments right here right now this one’s fine don’t want to
too much contrast I want some contrast but when we start stripping out that the
building actually that’ll be fine see the separate between the black and
the brown right there we’re gonna have a little bit of problem right there but
that’s okay we’ll be able to handle it so what I want to do is I want to bring
those two images together oh is when you’re first bringing in you gives you
this X and you can go in and you can hit the shift key if you wanted to resize
this and keep the the ratio the same just like that that’s so doesn’t lose
this ratio basically on the – with but I don’t know leave it right there
well we have to do is we have to place it just hitting the enter key that that
places it and allows us to start working on it so there’s a couple ways that we
want to do what I want to do is I basically want to strip out all these
and basically get rid of the black background
and one of our in our final is going to be this photo here looks a lot better
than the original which is right here we get rid of all this garbage up front
and then we replace it with this building here so there’s two ways you
can do so here if you hold down this key you have the magic wand which is okay it
takes out and gets pretty close so there’s a little bit here I’d probably
want and Tops will go back and fix those a little bit and right here actually
that really doesn’t look too awful bad maybe we’ll go back to that one but um
there’s also this quick select tool so we can go in here for this quick select
tool and it basically almost does the same but we have to manually get some
stuff okay but this one actually allows you to go in when you hold down the Alt
key and you do the left click you can actually push it and it’ll it’ll find
what you’re looking for basically and then it’s old so we’re gonna go ahead and hit the wand
that’ll that’ll get most of the selection in here don’t worry about the
little detail we can we can change or fix that with the layer mask so once you
have it selected we want to select the inverse so you can do that with control
I and that’ll show you okay that’s not what we need but so we’ll go ahead and
do this we can go select verse that’ll do that now the select
inverse would have worked if we did that on the on the layer mask if we hit it
there now that creates the layer mask okay so you can see how it actually did
it pretty well there’s some stuff that’s uh let’s see what we need all right so
what we’ll do is now when you create the layer mask see that all the white
anything that’s a white it lets it through and then anything black it
blocks it out so you want to use white and black as your colors that you’re
gonna be working with so we’ll go through with white first if you
right-click you get and you can do this this here or you can or you can hit the
Alt key and the right click and move your mouse side to side and then up and
down this for how hard side to side is bigger or smaller okay that’s holding
the Alt key moving up and down gives you the hardness of your brush so right now
we want we’ll just start off with a little bit of hardness and this and
we’ll go 50% so that we can actually see and all I’m doing is left clicking on
this and trying to find basically we’re to be okay don’t want to do too much
some of us down here I will fix that when we put the other building in fact
we can turn that on just so we could see what’s going on that balance looks good so this here so
what we’ll do is we’ll switch this back make the brush a little bit harder I’ll
tell you why in a second here if you go a little bit harder than you can get it so you can get close if you have it soft
and you can’t get too close get out of here a little bit so you just go through and you just try
to clean up as much as you can and what’s nice about it is is it’s
non-destructive okay always if you use a layer mask and you do a lot of your work
like this you’re not going to destroy the picture at all all you’re doing is
allowing the image through basically and I’m gonna do go crazy on the detail but
then or you can zoom in and more if you hit the spacebar they’ll turn to give
you your hand tool so you can move it around get back so I can know that I messed up I think if you hit the X it will switch
back and forth so you don’t have to keep going back over there yes I know there’s some over here all the nice little detail work here is
going to make it just look more real basically now see how this black here so when we
see this it looks it looks fake so what you can do is we want to bring this
bigger and let’s go with like this and then that way it’s a softer and the kind
of like pull it takes out some of the darkness and there’s another way you can like not take so much but if you keep it
towards the end see how it it’s softened the edge now that you can so now see how
you can actually see behind there before it was like this right here so we’ll go
bang out not too much edit update on that one because we don’t want that just
a little bit on the edges here just a soft knit a little bit this one maybe
make it a little bit smaller a little bit okay so that doesn’t look bad at all it just makes it a little you can use
the picture that I liked back here this part now you’re not gonna find this on
the strip but it actually looks decent and it makes for a good photo so this
one I spent more time on did the colors a little bit nicer did a better job on
the touch-up I extended this building here down by using the the clone tool
and I just took a piece and started going down just to change it up a little
bit make it a little bit more believable what else you just did the really fine
work on the tower right here which we didn’t do too awful bad on this look bring out some of us here see how that changes so if we fix that
part right there makes this water come up and then let’s just okay that and
then we’ll go back over here and switch this nope it’s the one we wanted it’s this one that there we go so there you go I think I think that
didn’t turn out too bad for a couple minutes 10 minutes and that there is
layer mask what you can do here is if let’s say you can turn off the mask by
hitting shift click on the mask if you hit alt or click on this and hit alt
then you can see and you can actually go in and fix some of this stuff like this
so up here you can get rid of the marks here you can get rid of these shadows
these are all going to be shadows this is how you clean up the picture
basically let’s see what else so that’s just again if you click on it and hit
the Alt key and that takes it away so you can see right here we could
probably take that away so when that comes back you see more building and you
basically just just sit there you make sure that the lines this one’s not too
bad because it’s dark so you can’t see these contrasts that much and you can
take down the contrast also but your but the next lesson I’m gonna I’m gonna do
it’s gonna be another layer mask but it’s gonna be like cutting out a person
with with hair and I’ll show you a different method it’s by adding another
layer up above this one and doing a clipping mask this one here create a
clipping mask and what that will do is what I will be able to show you how it
goes through and you can hit the details and make sure that the that hair does
come through but nothing else so alright guys that that’s the end of that and if
you have any questions please ask below in the comments and if you have anything
that you want to figure out how to do just again leave it in the comments I’ll
take it into consideration for future tutorials alright thanks very much for
your time and have a good evening again remember to subscribe and like down
below thank you

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