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Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Tutorial – Introduction of Adobe Photoshop .

September 3, 2019

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop is a easiest image editing and graphics software Adobe Photoshop has so many version, Now we will discuss about adobe Photoshop Version 7 Using Photoshop we can alter the image quality, background and can improved get a better image Photoshop is neutralized namely in digital photo editing nowadays Photoshop is the world
leading graphics software first click the icon by the Photoshop 7 which is displaying on the desktop select the Start menu, goto the
program and click on the adobe Photoshop 7 wait for other window yes now the software is appeared. Firstly the upper part is know as title bar Below the title bar there is another bar which is name as a menu bar. Below the menu bar you are getting another bar which is called the option bar. Below the option bar on the window left hand side tool bar We are getting another bar which is called as status bar the right hand side we are getting a another bar which is called the pelletes. In the software title bar we are getting three options one is minimize one is maximize and restore and close now we are going once again to the
Photoshop now In the menu bar select a file click on the new one window is appeared In the window you’re getting the name option We are giving the name Here the name is mentioned what is the
filename this is called the menu bar of the file window The same option is appeared as the menu bar of the software window, minimize button restore and maximize button and the close button


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