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Adobe Moves Toward the Cloud

September 21, 2019

(Image Source: Adobe) BY NICHOLE CARTMELL Adobe appears to have aimed for the stars
and landed in “the cloud.” It’s discontinuing its boxed version of Creative Suite, opting
for what will be known as the Creative Cloud. This is a subscription-based model, which
means products like Photoshop and Illustrator will be available with monthly fees — though
users who opt out of the cloud can still use CS6. The move was announced at Adobe’s annual
Max conference Monday. (Via YouTube /  Adobe Creative Cloud) For Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen, the change
is about transforming the current digital landscape. He told Mashable not only will engineers and
the product team be able to crank out updates faster, but it will let users share their
portfolios and monetize their skill sets. But, how will this affect your wallet? New customers will pay $49.99 monthly. But
those who have recently bought Creative Suite products will catch a break and only have
to pay $29.99. That discounted price is also the same for students and teachers. Before
— the boxed software sold anywhere from $600-$1,100 depending on how products were
bundled. (Via USA Today) The Wall Street Journal says this marks a
change in consumer culture. “People are buying fewer boxes of software
— just as they aren’t buying as many CDs, movies and books in stores—and turning to
Internet-based cloud services.” But Forbes explains there are still some limitations
to the product. “Government agencies and schools that are
limited…on how much they can use cloud services will continue to download desktop apps…
even the Creative Cloud involves downloading software onto desktops or laptops simply because
bandwidth limitations would limit performance…” Other companies have already moved toward
this business model. Microsoft has introduced Office 365, which is a subscription version
for its Office programs. (Via YouTube / MicrosoftOffice365) Users can expect new editions of Photoshop,
InDesign, Premiere and many others June 17.

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