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October 12, 2019

[Music] we are not Island we are not people just out there making things on our own and I was someone that worked on my own for many many years but i always had amazing collaborators that i was working with rejection isn’t failure in design we work in a subjective world people will look at things sometimes our level of metric of success it depended on did the client like it the hard position to be in we’re going to have time for clients don’t like our work it does not mean you are not a good designer some of the best career advice I’ve ever seed was to be patient to really spend time listening that listening is your best skill as a designer I had a chance to work with this band called school I remember making this piece of artwork and sending it to the guitarist Adam Jones and remember asking him like what do you think and he says a play guitar in a band like you’re the artist if you love it we love it and so that really made me think about the type of work you make is the type of work that you’ll get hired to do be unusual you know be weird and trust me somebody is going to appreciate and enjoy you make sure you show up as yourself be small you know it’s not all about a big job in the big logo or the big album cover you can do it in the mock it’s okay raise your rate work picked up like by twofold I raising my rates crackers I now I don’t work the best advice I would give it to make art to serve others because that would ultimately make you happier it’s not about going to just for you you’re doing it to like reach out and grab other people do your best with what you have so wishing it was better or wishing you had a better tool or wishing someone gave you something in a better state doesn’t help you have to do the best of what you have and just produce produce produce the best you can you

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