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Adobe MAX 2019: Day 2 Highlights | Adobe Creative Cloud

November 8, 2019

(light electronic music) – Love, for any artist, I
think it’s your greatest muse. – The weirdness is where
all our strength is. And that’s what you press
the button on, right on that. – [Man] Weird is good. – [M. Night] (laughs) Yeah. – Well I wanna create
something that’s gonna just take people away and make
them dream like music does. – It’s all things that
happen when we speak, and when I say speak I
mean drawing, or whatever, or designing, and some of them
is a desire to be accepted. And a lot of that clouds us. – (laughs) I wanna know what
it looks like in his brain. – I know. – For real.
(laughs) – I think his brain looks
like what he’s wearing. – You have to make people care for you, by caring for yourself first. (audience applauds)

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