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Adobe Lightroom Tutorial – How To Use Keywords

September 29, 2019

In the last video I showed you how to use
the quick develop option which I really really like and if you’re working on a
lot of pictures that really comes in handy and in this video i just wanted to
show you a little bit about keywording and you can see that over here we have
this a key wording option and then down here we have this keywords or the
keyword list and you can see that i have all sorts of names and stuff over here
so skateboard it’s his name and so on so the first thing you need to know is how
to create a keyword what you need to do is just click over here and i can create
a keyword Germany and i can also create another keyword which is going to be
2016 so what I’m going to do is I’m going to assign different keywords to
different pictures again if i’m working on hundreds of pictures it really is
really helpful to be able to have keywords and like that i can later on
search for specific picture I remember I was in the picture i remember it was
taken in Germany and i remember it was shot in 2016 and just like that I can
narrow my search really really fast so now that i created this picture what i
can do is if i select this picture for instance which has my brother mother and
sister and then my son and my brother’s son i can really really fast go to the
key wording and you can see that if i select this it says keyword set recent
keywords if I select that I can really really fast kind of play around with the
keyword so let’s do that lets says this guy
my son is named Ben I can hit that and automatically this keyword is being
assigned if i push it back up you can see that under keyword tag you
can see that Ben is there so I’m going to also named let’s go
I don’t see any other keywords over here but I can really really fast assign
another keyword . so just like that I assigned a keyword for Ben and later on
if I search this picture i’ll be able to recognize him or the search will now all
the results two pictures that have the keyword of Ban in them
now if i want to assign more keywords i can automatically
go in here and may be assigned a my brother Adi and I can also assign my
wall Germany differently i can also assign the year 2016 and then I can also
assign let’s go with my mom and I can also assign Tom which is over here and i
can assign my father which I don’t really see here but the cool thing about
this is now if we go back here you can see that all these keywords have been
assigned to this picture and again you can do that with multiple picture or you
can do that just with one picture and by the way you can also sync them and move
them to all the other picture so basically that is it for keywords we are
going to go back and revisit this later on as we move on because we do have some
more keywords and faces option facial recognition option within lightroom but
i just wanted to show that is a quick tip another one last important thing
that i want to show you before you move on is how to just export all your
pictures just from the library module and without even moving into the
development module and i’m going to show you that in the next video.

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