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Adobe Lightroom Tutorial – How To Move Pictures and Folders

October 23, 2019

so now that Lightroom just finished
inputting all My picture you can see them over here now we can start and working
with the pictures and then also working on with a folder structure and do some
cool stuff now before we move on I just wanted you to know that light Room by
default just ejected your SD card or whatever card you using so now you can
take it out the computer and put it back into the camera if you want to and now
we can get going so before we get going i just wanted to show you something more
about the library if we go to the view option you can see that we have these
two options they are called greed and loop so if i press G on the keyboard or
if i go to grid you can see that now we can see the grid and we can see the
pictures like that now if I press E on the keyboard i can just select one
picture and then just look at it like that it’s very useful to have another
very important thing by the way is let’s say that under the year 2016 i have
several trips and I want to get all the pictures of this whatever Germany or
Switzerland trip i want to get them into one folder so what I want to do is
select the top folder right click and then create folder inside 2016 and now i
can write Germany trip and hit enter and now you can see that i have this Germany
trip all the way here now i can select all these folders and i can put them
inside the Germany trip and now Lightroom actually asks is asking me
moving files on disk this will cause the corresponding file on this to be moved
if you proceed neither this move nor any change you’ve
made prior to this can be undone I’m just going to hit OK and now all
these pictures are inside the Germany trip which is inside the folder called
2016 alright so that’s usually very efficient or if I like doing it like
that because later on I can just drag the whole thing onto an external hard
drive from this panel over here and nothing gets lost so now that we
have that let’s get going and start working on our picture in the develop

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