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Adobe Lightroom Tutorial – How To Import Pictures

October 19, 2019

Hey everyone welcome to the first
tutorial in this Light Room crash course and let’s get started real fast what I
want to do first thing is to plug my SD card into the computer and you don’t see
it on the screen right now that’s because i have ScreenFlow turned
on and then over here I have the show desktop icon turned off so if I turn
this back on you can see that i have two things i have the untitled SD card
that i’m using and then i also have an external hard drive that i’m just going
to show you how to use with lightroom i’m going to turn this back off so we don’t
see all the mess that I have on my desktop and let’s turn lightroom on i’m
going to go to the spotlight search and just write
lightroom and then hit enter and then lightroom will open up
so once you open up lightroom the first thing you want to do is to actually
import your pictures in to lightroom and start working on them now you have two
options you can actually import the pictures into your computer or you can
import the pictures into the external hard drive depending on how you like to
do i’m going to show you how to import them into the computer but i’m also
going to show you how to import them into the external hard drive so let’s
get going you have to be on the library module
first and then go to import which is all the way down here and click import and
what you’re going to see is you’re going to see your pictures now I have 512
pictures and they weigh about 30 gigabytes now if you don’t have enough
space on your computer or if you’re like me and you work a lot you should other
pictures you would want to have an external hard drive in my case I think
this hard drive that I’m using is a SATA 3
it’s a solid state drive and I think it’s a well this one is 480 gigabytes
it’s actually a camera card that i’m using which is super fast now you can
see all the way down here it’s untitled 1 and you can see that i have my
untitled card over here this it says actually untitled if i go into my finder
you’ll see the same thing you’ll see the untitled card and then you’ll see this
one card it has all sorts of videos on it so now what
you want to do is you want to make sure that you import the pictures into the
correct place now if you go all the way over here to find handling and you’ll
see that under destination you have two options you have the option to choose
which destination you want to import the pictures to. and you can see that i can
go instead of choosing my computer I can go into one and then maybe just create a
new folder and if i go up’ you can see that under destination it says organized
by date and this is the date format now what’s gonna happen if i click import
now it’s actually going to import all the pictures into this hard drive and
it’s going to create a folder and you can see it’s going to create the 2016
folder and then it’s going to create this file and this file in each and you
can see actually which pictures or how many pictures is going to import what
destination so that’s one way to do it the other way to do it is to just import
them into your hard drive and you can see that my hard drive has about 500
gigabytes and I have 163 so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to my
pictures and then i’m going to choose 2016 i already have some folders in it
and i’m going to choose 2016 again if you want to import them directly into
your hard drive the hard drive that used to have pictures on you can do that i’m
actually going to import that into my computer and then work on the computer
and then later on once I’m finished I’m going to move everything to my hardware
that’s the way I like to do it and now what we’re going to do is just select
the pictures 2016 make sure make sure that you have them organized by date
that’s how I like to do that and then you can play around with the date how
the data is written that really depends on how you like to do that i’m going to
just leave it like that and then i’m going to click import and i’m going to
let lightroom do its thing and you can see over here it’s actually importing my
pictures and once the import is going to be finished
we’re going to continue you to the next lesson and move on so
make sure you subscribe to the channel and then let’s move on.

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