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Adobe Lightroom Tips & Tricks – Sharpening Mask (English Subtitles)

October 31, 2019

In this video we are going to take a quick look at the Sharpening Mask tool I want to sharpen the lines on the wall and help define features such as the zip We’ll do this by adding some additional sharpening to the image Holding ALT whilst you click and drag the slider will show a black and white preview. This can make spotting the sharpening a little easier The problem we have by simply adding sharpening is we are affecting areas that do not need it, like smooth skin We can address this by using the Masking tool ALT clicking and dragging will now show black and white lines. White indicates an area where the sharpening will be applied Increase the Masking until we are only affecting the edges of objects, this ensures smooth surfaces are not affected Zooming out and ALT clicking and dragging the Masking slider can help to make sure we have adjusted correctly To demonstrate that only the edges are now being affected we’ll add the maximum sharpening available We have over-sharpened massively, however we can now adjust to a level we are happy with We want to retain the smooth lines of the knee area but add enough sharpening that it pops from the out of focus area behind Notice how sharp the corner of the wall now looks also without adding sharpening to the flat surfaces Before and after shows the effect of adding a little extra sharpening to the edges has made. Post processing can be subtle with great effect This is a really quick look at the Sharpening Mask tool in Adobe Lightroom Remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe. Leave a comment with which tool you would like tips on next

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