Adobe Lightroom Tips & Tricks – Import Brushes (English Subtitles)

September 26, 2019

In this short video we are going to import some adjustment brushes, downloaded from the internet You can buy premium brushes online, or download free from websites such as In order to import brushes on PC or Mac we go to Edit>Preferences>Presets>Show Lightroom Presets Folder We then navigate to Lightroom>Local Adjustments Presets Here we can paste in our brushes we downloaded earlier The process is the same on both PC and Mac Now we have our brushes in the right folder we need to restart Adobe Lightroom Either click Restart Lightroom in the bottom corner of the Preferences box or close normally Once Adobe Lightroom has restarted it will have loaded your new brushes Click the Adjustment Brush tool Click the Effect menu and you will see your new brushes have been loaded at the bottom of the list That was a really quick look at importing brushes into Adobe Lightroom Don’t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe. Leave a comment with what you would like a video on next

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