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Adobe Lightroom Tips & Tricks – Dehaze (English Subtitles)

October 27, 2019

This is a short video looking at the Dehaze tool found in Adobe Lightroom CC To begin we need to correct the exposure. This image is a little over exposed so we need to drop the exposure. Now we are going to crunch our highlights and shadows. Normally you wouldn’t go as far as this however this is just to demonstrate the power of the dehaze tool. Notice the image now looks a little low on contrast. We will now move to the Effects Panel, and onto Dehaze. Dehaze takes areas of low contrast and seperates them, similar to the Contrast tool however only where the algorithm detects low contrast, not the entire image. Too much and you end up with unusual colours appearing so it is best to not overdo it With the right amount of Dehaze you can add a strong ‘wet look’ to paintwork You can now adjust your highlights, shadows, black and whitepoint to a more reasonable level The Before/After comparison really shows the difference the Dehaze tool can make You can then use the Clarity tool to add some extra contrast and sharpness to the midtones to further enhance the image That is a really quick look at the Dehaze tool in Adobe Lightroom CC Remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe. Leave a comment with which tool you would like tips on next.

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