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Adobe Lightroom Tips & Tricks – Adjustment Brush (English Subtitles)

October 31, 2019

In this video we are going to take a brief look at the Adjustment Brush tool You can use your mouse wheel to quickly change the size of your brush Zooming in (pressing Z) to the subject to want to make your adjustments to can make things easier This works in a similar way to the Radial and Gradient Filter tools, however you paint your adjustment mask If Auto Mask is ticked Lightroom will only apply the mask to areas of a similar colour to the middle of your cursor, this helps when painting edges Click and drag around the edge of your subject, we can fill in the subject with a larger brush later The coloured area is our mask, this is the only area where adjustments will be applied You can release your mouse click and click again to continue adding to the same mask, no need to do it all in once go Don’t worry too much if you miss part of your subject or include something you don’t want, we can edit the mask later Notice with Auto-Mask ticked you may have to go over an edge multiple times (it uses the colour in the middle of your cursor to help define an edge) Once you have your edge you can turn Auto Mask off. This will allow us to fill the area quickly with a larger brush The outer line is the edge of your brush with the inner line being the feathering – you can adjust this with the sliders on the right if needed The outermost ring is the click indicator on my mouse for recording You can remove areas from your mask by holding ALT and then clicking When you are happy with your mask you can begin to make your adjustments You can turn the mask overlay on/off by going to Tools>Adjustment Mask Overlay>Show/Hide Overlay Hiding the overlay will allow you to see your adjustments better In this case we are going to add a little extra pop to the bird without affecting the rest of the image If you want to make further targeted adjustments you could draw an additional mask, even over the top of a pre existing mask When you are done with the Adjustment Brush tool click Done Before and after shows the difference we have made to the bird without affecting the rest of the image If you want to make further adjustments to a mask, click the Adjustment Brush tool and then click on the grey marker for the mask you want to edit Hovering over the grey marker will highlight the mask to make it easier to choose the correct one That is a really quick look at the Adjustment Brush tool in Adobe Lightroom Remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe. Leave a comment with which tool you would like tips on next

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